30 x 30 Challenge

Ok, even though I am pregnant-very pregnant, I decided I am going to embark on the “30 x 30” challenge. Because, at this point, all I want to do is just keep buying new shirts, dresses, etc. I am getting tired of my maternity wardrobe! But lets be honest…we will have another mouth to feed in two short months so money shouldn’t be spent so freely at this point!

How it works, is choosing 30 articles of clothing from  your closet and making 30 outfits out of them. It forces you to get adventurous and creative with items in your closet. For me, I think it will be particularly challenging because my maternity wardrobe isn’t quite as extensive as my non-maternity closet! I just figure if I can do it preggers, it will be a breeze when I am not pregnant!!

Where did I find out about this awesome challenge? I had heard about things similar to it before but stumbled across it on this amazing blog: The Small Things Blog

I am making it a point tonight while finally putting my laundry away, to choose my 30 items….here goes nothing!


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