Well Rested? Yeah Right...

When I was teaching, my one assistant principal used to ask me all the time how I always look so well rested and refreshed. Each time I thought- jackpot! I’m getting my money’s worth of my little secret! Bare Minerals Well Rested Eye Brightener (bonus- it has SPF 20!!). I use it before I put my Bare Minerals foundation on and it apparently works wonders!

Each time my answer was the same- I was, in fact, not well rested but my makeup was! It’s something I have sworn by for the last several years…5 or 6 at the least. I’ve been blessed (total sarcasm) with the darkest of under eye circles so this is a must in my daily routine.

Its one of my all time favorite beauty finds that I can’t live without. You can get it anywhere from Sephora, Ulta or www.bareescentuals.com . Eighteen dollars for a .07 oz container is an excelltent price because it lasts a LONG time! Just a little dab’ll do ya for the day! I never have to reapply thoughout the day, or feel as though I need a touch up!

Its perfect for those that need an extra few hours of sleep but don’t have the time to actually sleep!


  1. So love this post. Heading to Ulta ASAP! What a great Blog!!!

    1. Thanks, Barb! It really does work wonders! I love it!! Thanks for stopping by :)