Current Crush: Military Jackets

This week, I'm talking military jackets with all of the ladies over at Framed Frosting! Head on over there and link up!

I love military inspired jackets. They go with SO MUCH! Plus, they are so lightweight that they work with a lot of seasons. Light enough to not make you too hot, and heavy enough for those crisp fall days, and even cool summer nights. Here are a few I found that I love...

Check out some faves I found right here
Now you may be thinking...what could I wear this with? A LOT!!! Here is a list of a few things I think it would be paired well with...
1. Anything orange. A shirt, a scarf, cute flats.
2. Leopard- scarf, shoes (again I am thinking flats)
3. Bronze or gold accessories. A bold necklace, bangle, or earrings.
4. Slap on a fedora with this jacket and you will be good to go too!
5. Brown riding boots
Here is a simple outfit I put together at Polyvore a while ago....
I'm so inspired by this type of jacket I will throw together some outfits with a military jacket for you all, so check back next week for a post!!
Happy Thursday! 


  1. Oooh, I love military jackets! I have one in my closet that keeps calling my name...but it's still too hot outside :)

    Now following back!
    Modern Modest Beauty

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am dying to wear mine too...I am so ready for fall!

  2. Love them...my favorite was a grey jacket that they had girly-fied with a bit of organza lace...so awesome!

    1. That sounds gorgeous! Anything lace seriously wins me over :)

  3. I might just need to buy one! Your blog always has such cute outfit ideas! Thanks!