Current Crush: The Gray Sweatshirt

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So I scored the coolest gray crew sweatshirt the other day at none other than Target for only $17.99. I bought it to add to my post baby inspiration wardrobe.

I sit down last night to do some of my reading, aka the latest edition of Star magazine (don’t even judge) and I found this….

What perfect timing!! I love how versatile it can be, which is one of the main reasons I snagged it while I was at Target. I have the perfect pair of leather leggings (Lauren Conrad, Kohls, 2011), but you better believe I will be wearing it with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans and my Chuck Taylors, just like this….

Get the deets of my outfit here

Can’t wait to rock my sweatshirt…bring on the cold temps!



  1. Torie
    September 6, 2012 / 8:49 pm

    I want colder weather, too! I've got cute cardigans and colored jeans just begging for the temps to go down. Your sweatshirt is adorable. 🙂

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:00 am

      I am SO ready for the colder temps too…I can't take this heat anymore, plus I want to break out my fall wardrobe!!!

  2. Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style
    September 6, 2012 / 11:20 pm

    I will have to check this out. I love comfy, yet fashionable wardrobe pieces!

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:01 am

      Definitely check it out. If I remember correctly there were a few other colors of the sweatshirt too!!

  3. Jeans and a Teacup
    September 7, 2012 / 1:02 am

    A grey sweatshirt is on my list of things to get! It's just been too hot here to even think about sweaters so I haven't bought one yet!~Jessica

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:03 am

      I have been forcing myself to think fall! A lot of the stores make it easy though because they have all their fall pieces out already! Makes me even more anxious for cold weather!

  4. Dalayna Dillon
    September 7, 2012 / 5:59 am

    mmmhmmm, loving that gray sweater and with those boyfriend jeans, too cute! Great pick!

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:05 am

      Thanks!!! Now just waiting for it to be cold enough to wear it!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Jen
    September 7, 2012 / 1:30 pm

    Seeing Kim Kardashian makes me prouder of my curvy figure! I am also into gray sweaters. It's so comfy! Saying hi from CCT. I'm a new follower 😉

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:06 am

      Me too…I LOVE seeing curvy people in the media…makes me feel better about the fact that I will never been a twig 🙂 Thanks for following!!

  6. Holly
    September 7, 2012 / 8:44 pm

    I NEED that multi colored sweatshirt from H&M for the fall!

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:07 am

      Obsessed with H & M…so easy to spend so much money there!!

  7. Brittany
    September 8, 2012 / 1:34 pm

    Love this!! Thank you for posting a super cute outfit that's affordable! Newest follower from C.C. link-up!

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:08 am

      No prob…I'm all about affordability! I love an expensive piece every now and then but really, you get so much more for your money when you buy less expensive things!

  8. April
    September 8, 2012 / 8:23 pm

    I want one!!! And the look you put together is my favoritest. Love!!

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:09 am

      Target- go get one!! Can't pass it up at only $17!!!!

  9. Carly
    September 9, 2012 / 9:25 pm

    I read the same edition of STAR (gasp) and saw this feature and loved the mix of dressy leather with the casual feel of a sweatshirt…good mix of fabrics for day.Love that you found the "look" for 17.99 too!BestC

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 10, 2012 / 1:10 am

      Aaahhhh…..someone else who enjoys the magazines like me. They are seriously such easy reading its a nice way to just shut your brain down for a little and relax!

  10. Little Loves
    September 10, 2012 / 10:50 am

    Hi, stopping by from the Friday Chaos Blog Hop, i'm your newest follower and absolutely LOVE the blog. I'm new to blogging so would love a follow back? Thanks, Vikki xxx

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      September 17, 2012 / 12:51 pm

      Thanks for stopping by…headed over your way now! 🙂

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