Rainy Day Wellies

This extremely rainy day made me want.....I mean want another cute pair of wellies. I definitely have a pair (Missoni for Target), but they are at home. And they aren't new. Which makes me want a new pair. That's usually how it goes, right? I want NEW!

Rain boots don't have to be awful. I have seen so many women wear them in the most adorable ways either as a part of their outfit or thrown on while walking to/from work. Every wardrobe needs a pair of wellies!!

Here are a few of my favorite ones....

How beautiful are these?? The pop of color these would add to any outfit is just beautiful!! Love them! You can purchase them right here for $135. Yes, pricey, but the quality? Excellent.
Another pair of Hunter's. I am a sucker for snakeskin...they're so edgy. LOVE these ones. You can also get these online for $195.00
These are just plain fun. I don't think I need to say more! Purchase at Target online for only $29.99
Can't forget about my girl Tory. These are outrageous and super expensive.  A girl can dream, right?
Purchase here
The lesson for today is this: just because its rainy and you want to just throw on sweats doesn't mean you have to. Grab your jeggings or skinnies, and cute top and some fab wellies and you will be a stylish fashionista on an otherwise drab day!!
What are some things you like to do to dress up your rainy day look?


  1. love hunters! i have a pair of black ones and try to wear them whenever i can!

  2. Those are all super cute! I would love to get me a pair of wellies :D

  3. I am definitely falling for those tory burch fox boots! I wish it rained enough in my neck of the woods to justify spending money on those haha Great picks!

  4. I agree that a cute pair of rain boots can make for a very fashionable rainy day ensemble! I absolutely LOVE the snakeskin wellies; they would be perfect this fall! I have a pair of Coach leopard print rain boots I break out when it's raining. Great post girl!


  5. It's my dream to own a pair of Hunters...maybe one day soon

  6. Can't go wrong with Hunter's! I found a pair on sale when I was in Germany for only $60 but I didn't have enough room to bring them home so I couldn't buy them. Talk about a SAD story, ha ha! I hope you get those snakeskin boots, they are amazing! Love your blog :)

    xo, Megan
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