Double Duty Arm Candy

I recently had the opportunity to try Goody Double Wear hair accessories. They are fabulous for several reasons. They are hair accessories AND they double as gorgeous arm candy.

Looks like your average, every day, gorgeous jewelry, right?

Take a closer look at each...

I am in LOVE with these. I am always looking for jewelry to add to my collection, but this is just even more awesome because its waaaaayyy cuter than walking around with one of my daughter's purple hair gummies (yep, I call them hair gummies). You can actually make it apart of your outfit. What is better than that?

They are $4.99 each and there are plenty more at Target and even more colors.

So go- go snatch up a bunch of these. $4.99 isn't a bad starting price for something that serves double duty!!


  1. oh my gosh! That's crazy! I would never have known they are hair ties!

  2. I have those hair ties too and they are great and cleverly disguise themselves as bracelets! xo


  3. Ummm that's the most fabulous thing I've seen in awhile! Thank you!

  4. I would have NEVER thought those were hairbands!

  5. Wow, those are awesome!! I would wear those as arm candy all the time! :)