Wear Plaid and Laugh at Yourself

So its Monday. And to boot its the day before my almost 7 week old starts day care. Boo. Not cool. So the solution? Put on a cute outfit and some makeup to give me a little extra kick in my step!

I really am a firm believer that if you feel crappy, just get all dolled up and you will feel better!!

Todays outfit includes the amazing military vest from Old Navy that I seem to see all over the blogging world. If you haven't gotten a chance to get it yet, do it! Its amazing and goes with everything. Love it! I would almost consider it a staple in my closet now!

Here is what I paired it with...

Even though there is a drawstring on the inside that allows you to cinch the waist, I love pairing a belt with it. Gives you a little more definition and makes it not so frumpy.

Let me tell you....I feel like a tool when my husband and I are outside and he is snapping away like I am some model (far from it). I feel even more like one when I am taking the pics of myself. You know what I feel like? A 17 year old girl that stands in front of the mirror, takes a pic of herself making a kissy face then posts it on facebook. Hahahahahaha.  Always good for a laugh :) You always have to be able to laugh at yourself...I sure do.  So on top of looking weird taking pics of myself outside, I am laughing out loud. My neighbors probably think I am cray cray.

Vest: Old Navy
Belt: Gap
Top: Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Flats: Target
Arm Candy: MK watch, Stella & Dot
Shades: Target
Happy Monday...and seriously, if you feel yucky, just add some makeup and a cute outfit and you'll feel better. Plus, laugh at yourself. I always laugh at myself. Always!!

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  1. Okay - I've seen that vest at Old Navy, definitely going to get it now. So cute! I got an email that they are doing 25% off everything today, so I need to order it :)

    1. You have to get it!! Its the best. I am obsessed with it!

  2. Totally cute outfit! I adore plaid (:

    1. Thanks...I am slowly starting to love plaid more and more!

  3. Love that Old Navy vest! Looks great with plaid too!

  4. Uuuummm, let's be best friends. You are so cute! I love, love that studded wrap bracelet. Stella & Dot is the best. I love that you own a custard shop (so delicious), and that you said in your "about" that you wish you were a makeup artist/personal shopper. I was thinking the EXACT same thing so now I'm taking makeup classes! Maybe personal shopping will be in my future, who knows. My goal is to always have a fun job ; ) Following you now! Found you from Living in Yellow!

    1. That is so awesome! Good for you...I just need to find the time and I would be all on it! I'd love to personal shop but in good old York, PA there really isn't a demand for it (just custard!)! Blah!

      And your blog is my new obsession (in a non creepy way!!)


  5. The good news is you look fabulous! I have been eyeing the plaid shirt at Old Navy and I think I'm definitely going to have to buy it now especially since I also have that ON vest :)



    1. Go get it! Its so comfy! And they have a bunch of different ones too!!

  6. New to your blog and I couldn't agree more. I am at stay at home mom to two boys and one of the few in dresses at the playgroud. I know it puts a little more spring into my step!

    1. I'd be right there with you at the playground. I am that mom that is overdressed for chasing my daughter around the playground! But hey- at least we have a kick in our step and look good while running around!! :)

      PS- you have an adorable family!