Let Me Call You Sweetheart!

I've discovered over the last few days that a lot of my posts have been about beauty products, which is totally fine of course! But, I did have every intention of making this a fashion blog when I started this whole adventure!

I think being pregnant is making it hard because I can't wear the things I normally do! Branching out into beauty seems totally fitting for me though! Anything dealing with the fashion and beauty world has me hooked from the get go!

So anyway....I do like a good, vibrant, trendy nail polish color from time to time. BUT. I do find myself, even at the nail salon, gravitating towards the same. exact. color. I like to use it in between my bursts of I-need-a-bold-colored-nail-polish. Its timeless, classic, gorgeous, and I like to think it makes my nails look that much better and healthier!! Of course it could all be totally in my head, but just play along with me. For some reason though, I just think it helps make your whole look seem more put together and (totally no pun intended...ok maybe a little...) polished. Added bonus- when it starts to chip, it isn't as obvious as other colors :)

OPI Sweetheart. Love it. Obsessed with it. Have to have it at home all the time. I was first introduced to this by a college friends mother wwwwaaaayyyyy back in the early 2000's (wow I feel old). Since then, I am a total fan.

OPI, Sweetheart, $8.50 (Target)
 (You can also find it on Amazon.com for way cheaper)

Of course I did some shopping and found similar colors for various prices.

I found a few Essie colors which were comparable in color to OPI Sweetheart and slightly less expensive. Essie is a great brand and I would definitely recommend it.

I found these Essie colors at Target for $7.79. Don't even bother going to Essie's website because its more expensive there.

Essie Limo-Scene and Essie Adore-A-Ball

   Essie Ballet Slippers

The last comparable color I found was also at Target (can you tell how much I love Target?)
Revlon for only $4.99!!

Revlon, Sheer Petal
Also found at Wal-Mart for $3.97

Enjoy!! Try out the color- I swear you will not be disappointed! Whats YOUR absolute, all time favorite, go-to nail polish???? Share with me! 


31 Things While I am 31

Ok so I am about halfway through the wonderful age of 30...I will be 31 in January, so I am going to do 31. Lets be honest....it gives me a waaayyyy longer amount of time to accomplish all of this!

Link up over at Living in Yellow!! Also check out her awesome blog!

In no particular order

1. Finish decorating my bedroom. I mean, I've only lived in this house for a little over 2 years. Why not finish it now???

2. Create something I found on Pinterest, other than a super duper easy recipe.

3. Grow my blog to about 500 followers....rrriiiiigggghhhhttttt. Currently at 28. hahahahaha. This makes me laugh. I think I can, I think I can!

4. Start going to church on a regular basis, not just here and there.

5. Master the art of teasing....hair, that is!. I love a good tease!!!

6. I don't consider myself a rude person by an means...maybe sarcastic is a good word! I would like to try and be a lot, a little less sarcastic. I say a little because everyone needs a little sarcasm in their life!

7. Pre baby weight here I come! After delivering this bundle at the end of September, my ass is getting in gear!!!!

8.  Go green! I don't think I am going to drastically change my life around or anything to make my footprint smaller, but I would like to do little things. I mean hey- little things add up, right?

9.  Limit myself to soda to one or two days a week instead of every day! I am addicted to fountain Diet Pepsi. I will choose that over anything, anytime of the day! I'd drink that in the am rather than coffee.

10.  Get my daughter to eat more! She is 4  years old and eats next to nothing and will try NOTHING new! Is she really my daughter????

11.  Explore more in the town I live! I know there has got to be a ton more to do in this place than I actually know it. I'm going to get right on that....soon....

12.  Have more date nights with my husband. Even if they are at home, wait till the kids go to bed to cook dinner type date night.

13.  Become a more adventerous/better cook. Right now we have about a handful of meals we rotate through each week!

14. Organize my closet.

15. Actually put my laundry away when its done instead of getting what I need, as I need it out of the clean clothes laundry basket.

16.  Understand how the hell to work/use Twitter. I know how to tweet. Thats all.

17.  Be more patient. Period.

18.  Maybe get my own laptop for all of my blogging, so I am not hogging the one I share with my husband. Oh and make it a pink one too :)

19. Be more patient. Oh wait...did I say that already? Yeah. I did. Thats how badly I need to work on it!

20.  Be more adventerous with my wardrobe. I tend to stick to the same styles, so why not branch out? 30 going on 31 is the perfect age!

21.  Visit Ithaca. Again. I've been there several times and would love to head back there. After I have the baby of course. What fun is visiting all the wineries if you can't sample?!!?!?!?!

22. Register and run/walk at least TWO, thats right TWO 5K's. Just thinking about it gets me pumped!

23.  Less time watching TV. But noooooooo!!! Watching awful reality tv makes me feel better about myself!!! Oh well. Guess I will just have to buck up (yes, thats right, buck up) and feel better about myself on. my. own. Boom.

24. Eat healthier. Enough said.

25. Eat less custard. At least not every day. This is hard because I own a custard shop with my husband. I don't need to have a serving or two of it every day.

26.  Build my Stella and Dot business. Just signed on to be a stylist and I hope it sort of takes off. I tried to seel Mary Kay way back in the early 2000's and I was awful. Bought all this makeup and it just sat. And sat. And sat. Husband was not too happy...ooops! I swear this will not be a waste of time and money like that was! Promise!

27. Less stress! Less stress! My husband is so good at not getting stressed. I could learn a thing or two from him.

28.  Be happier! I am, by no means a Debbie Downer or a depressing person. I think we could all add this to our list! Find joy in things you usually don't!

29.  Save more moola.

30.  Become a DIY-er. Now if I could just find the time......

31. Manage my time a little better! Maybe then  I will be able to become a DIY-er!!!


Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration
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Just a little outfit I threw together on Polyvore. Check out your closet...I am sure you have similar pieces you can throw together! Have a great Saturday!

30 x 30 Challenge Week 2

This week wasn't as fun as the first. I think the first week I was still high on the excitement of taking on this challenge. This week...not so much. I think I can sum it up to just about being done with the whole pregnancy thing. I just want my body back to myself and more importantly, I just want to meet this little bundle inside of me that won't stop moving!! :) Oh and I can't wait to get back to my non maternity wardrobe....SO much better!! I know...I sound like a broken record..

Anyway, I did three outfits. I used the same dress for all three outfits...yay for versatility!!! I was going to do four, but the pants I chose for this challenge I am pretty sure should not be worn anymore (might have to modify the pieces...cut me some slack- I'm getting bigger by the day!!)!

For brands of all of my pieces, check out my first post 30 x 30 Pieces.

Easy as adding a cardi over the dress for a different look. I know- SO creative :) I think my brown Jessica Simpson sandals would also look good!

Last look- topped off the dress with a navy tank and threw on some accessories! Not usually a fan of denim-type skirts, but you gotta work with what you got!

Next week I will post the next several outfits....fingers crossed my clothes still fit :)


High Five 4 Friday!

Linking up with Lauren again this Friday for my high five's!

1. Rocco. The best dog in the world. He's always in your face, laying in the way, loud as heck with EVERYTHING he does, but I wouldn't trade him for the world. He has had so many health problems over the last year and a half so I am so thankful he is still here. Besides, evertime I come home he greets me as though he hasn't seen me in years. Never thought I would be a dog person (didn't have one growing up) and never understood why people would get so upset when they would lose a pet. Now I understand. Definitely would be out of commission for several days if anything ever happened to him! Love him!

2. My husband's "I heart hot moms" t shirt. I bought it as a joke when I was pregnant with our 4 yr old. He still insists on wearing it, but he only wheres it when I am with him, which I think is a good thing! I think if I saw a grown man wearing this shirt by himself I would think he was some kind of pompous jerk! I think its kind of funny, and surprisingly he gets a lot of "I love your shirt, man!" when he wears it. What I also think is funny? Now when he wears it my large, pregnant behind is waddling behind him...so not hot! Hehehehehe. Anyway, it makes me laugh a little when he wear it. Especially because he is typically a pretty shy guy :)

3. Charlotte Adele's nursery is just about ready. We finally converted the toddler bed BACK to a crib and moved our daughter into her new room. Now we just have to wait!

4. My laugh for the week....a snot sucker you use with your mouth? Gross. All I could do was laugh when I saw this. Does anyone even use this?

5. Thunderstorms! We've had a good bit over the last few weeks here in PA and I love it! I love, love, love a good thunderstorm!!


Current Crush Thursday

Currently obsessing over this necklace. I ordered it in yellow...anxiously waiting for it to come in the mail!!

You can purchase this beauty on Etsy at Imperfectly Perfect. All of her pieces are absolutely beautiful. You should definitely check out her Etsy shop!

Linking up with Current Crush Thursday with lala Lists, Embracing the Everyday and Framed Frosting!

The Yellow Look for Less

So I have been searching for the perfect pair of yellow jeans for the fall. I don't know what my obsession is with yellow recently, but I love it. I am thinking ahead to post-baby, so I want to get a pair that will be inspiration for me to get back in gear! After some shopping around, I found several different options!

The first is a Nordstrom exclusive, Blue Essence. Purchase here.

                              Blue Essence, Nordstrom, $88.00

The next pair, pretty sure they are one of my faves because it is the perfect shade of yellow I am looking for.
Gap 1969 mid-weight legging jean, Purchase here. $69.95

Similar to the ones found at the Gap, Old Navy has a ton of colors.
Old Navy The Rockstar Super Skinny, Purchase here, $31.97-$34.95

I personally like the Old Navy as well, not just for the price, but for all of the vibrant colors they offer. I also purchased the Gestalt Green (pre-ordered, actually) and also the Tobiko Orange.

The Getalt Green, I am beyond excited to pair it with a beautiful gray cardi and either nude or brown flats...similar to this look I created on Polyvore!

The Tobiko Orange- a gorgeous Chambray shirt and leopard flats like this look I also created on Polyvore!

As you can see I am also a fan of Tory Burch. She is awesome and her designs, especially her shoes are fab.

If you do some research I am sure you could easily find other similar jeans to the ones I found above. Shop around! Don't be afraid to purchase and return if you found something you like better! Just be sure to check return policies before you buy!

Anyone can rock these brights. Take a risk....break out of the same old, ordinary denim jeans! Enjoy!


My Everyday Eye Shadow

Ok let me preface this by saying I am horrendous at taking a picture of myself and I felt like a HUGE tool trying to do it. I just can't seem to master it!

Anyway, I love makeup. Everything about it I love. I always think I should have gone into cosmetology, but I just never did! I did my own makeup for my wedding as well as several friend's and family members wedding day makeup over the last years! Its just something I love. I am not a really creative person so I guess you could say its my own version of a creative outlet.

With that said though, I typically wear the same eye makeup every day. Of course for special occasions I totally doll it up, but for every day, its my go-to eye makeup that I love. Its neutral, classic, but gives you a "put together" look. Thought I would share with you what I use and some less expensive alternatives!
My go-to eye shadow is Bare Minerals Queen Tiffany. $14.00
Can be purchased here

I apply Queen Tiffany all over my lid. Most of the time, I apply it a little heavier in the crease creating a natural looking dimension!

For the brow bone, as I call it, to create a sort of "lift" for the eye lid, I use Bare Minerals Queen Phyllis. $14.00
 Whats great about this, is days where I want to look very natural, I just do a quick sweep over my whole lid. Just enough shimmer to make me look awake and fresh, but not enough to make me look like I belong in the late 90's! Purchase it here

I did find some alternatives if the $14 isn't in your budget, if you want to try something different, or if you are brand particular!

Top row, L-R: Bare Minerals Queen Tiffany, $14.00
MAC, Tempting, $15.00. Purchase here
L'Oreal HIP in Darling, $7.14. Target
Bottom row, L-R: Elf, Driftwood, $1.00, Target
Elf Wheat (for a lighter version), $1.00, Target (can't beat that!!)

Brow Bone alternatives, L-R
Bare Minerals Queen Phyllis, $14.00
L'Oreal HIP, Precious (color on the left), $7.14, Target
Elf Ivory, $1.00 (Target)

I even purchased the Elf compact for another $1.00 to put my Elf shades! Can't beat a whole new makeup look for $4.00!

Going back to what I said earlier, I am horrendous at taking pics of myself! Plus, this angle makes me look like I am making a fishface. I swear I am not! Consider it your laugh for the day :) But here is what Bare Minerals Queen Tiffany looks like on me!

My lashes I am SO particular about. I included this on my Must Haves page. I have been a faithful user for the last 7 years. I have tried, from time to time, other brands and ALWAYS go back to this!

Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black. Can't say enough great things about it and is perfect to polish off the look!

Enjoy! If you have any questions just let me know! Happy makeup shopping!!


Great Fashion Find Today

As I was in Target today I found this adorable chiffon dress ($19.99). I thought it was the absolute perfect dress to transition into fall.

I personally try and find pieces that I could wear through several seasons. Usually it's just a matter of changing sandals to boots and adding thick tights and a cardi!

This dress in particular I thought would look fab with a pair of brown sandals (and NOT a 31 wk preggo belly), and if it's chilly enough a denim jacket. I think throwing on a belt would be an awesome touch too.

For the fall...brown boots of course! My new mustard yellow cardigan with a nude or even brown belt around it would finish off the look!!

I just love those wardrobe pieces that easily transition from one season to another!!


Polyvore: Inspire your closet!

One of the greatest things I have found online recently is Polyvore. It is this awesome website that allows you to grab some inspiration for your closet. I'm sure some of you are familiar with the outfits that you are pinning away on pinterest. Ever wonder where/how they are created? That would be Polyvore! Granted, the majority of my closet inspiration comes from the streets (I think that makes me sound tough....not really though). But Polyvore is just an added bonus! I love that I can create an outfit in just a few short minutes! Especially when I know I can create that outfit at a much cheaper price OR I know I have those similar pieces in my closet! Here is how it works.... You can choose different clothing categories based on the look you want! I love that there is everything from accessories, to jewelry, to beauty. You can literally create your look from head to toe! From there... You simply click and drag the pieces you choose and create your collage! Did I also mention you can also choose your pieces based on color? For example, if you want red pants, simply click on the red color tab under "pants." The final result! Like I said before, whats awesome about Polyvore is you can create a look that includes items you already have! I think it gives you the chance to look at your closet from a whole new perspective! This outfit I created is something that I can easily put together today if I wanted to based on my own wardrobe! Look at Polyvore as your own personal stylist/shopping! Check out Polyvore to create your free account and to shop your wardrobe! www.polyvore.com


30 x 30 Week 1

So this was harder than I thought. I do think my maternity wardarobe is nice enough, but goodness its bland. Lots of solids, maybe a few stripes, but not nearly as fun as my non maternity wardrobe! BUT-I do know that maternity clothes are way cuter than they used to be, even from when I was pregnant with my 4 yr old! So that, I am thankful for. I am warning you, though. These outfits aren't over the top, super fun...but I am making it work and its making me excited to try it after I have this bundle and get my ass back in shape.

Black tank dress: Old Navy Maternity
Necklace: Francesca's
Sandals: Old Navy
Watch: Michael Kor's
Bracelets: Stella and Dot

Close up of accessories

Francesca's....love, love, love this store.

Black tank maxi dress: Old Navy
White T: Target
Denim Jacket: Gap
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Watch: MK
Wood Bangle: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Old Navy
Blue Clutch: Mini Lulu Clutch, www.blairritchey.com


White T
Yellow Cardigan: Express
Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Turquoise necklace and wood bangle: same as above


I sure do love my white t...
And jeans....
and Jessica Simpson shoes...
Scarf: Gap
Fedora: Target. And I must say, this fedora was one of my best purchases I've ever made! I wear it with just about everything and always get a compliment or two when I wear it! What a great purchase for only $12.99!!

Thats all for this week....now on to week 2 of the challenge! Have a great weekend everyone!

Check out the inspiration behind the challenge, http://www.frommygreydeskblog.com/


High Five for Friday!

This is my first time joining this weekly link up party over at Lauren's blog, From My Grey Desk.

This week,  I am excited about....

1. My manicure I actually just received from my 4 year old. Nothing like quality time over a mani at 7:00 in the morning :) 

2. My women's networking group. We meet the first and third Wednesday's of each month. They are great ladies, I've made some great connections AND I get the opportunity to promote my new business venture with Stella and Dot! Check out my website here!

3. A healthy baby. I had my 30 week appt on Tuesday. The heartbeat sounded amazing! I am measuring at 31 weeks though! The potential of a big baby scares me...yikes! My daughter was only 7 lbs so I am hoping this one isn't too much bigger!

4. My facebook page I started for this blog. The support has been pretty awesome. I had been on the fence for a while about doing this blog, and now I am SO glad I did it! I think I have found a new hobby to accompany my love for shopping and fashion! 

5. My husband. I am only a week into my 30 x 30 Challenge and I am sure he is already tired of hearing "will you take my picture now please?" How supportive he is :) Oh and speaking of the challenge....I will be posting later with my first few outfits so check back!


Sally Hansen Product Review

After I got home from work last night I couldn't fall asleep. I am thinking being 30 weeks pregnant has something to do with it! What better time to try out Sally Hansen's nail polish strips than at 12:00 am?!!?!

So on the bathroom floor I sat (its the only place I could sit well enough to reach my toes around my massive preggers belly!)

It took me about 20 minutes to do it, which isn't too bad at all. My second foot was easier than my first, and I was easily able to find strips to fit each of my toes!

The only thing that I think is a negative, is you can't save any unused strips for future touchups. I think I ended up throwing away about 5 polish strips.

Overall, I definitely recommend. For $8.50 and 20 minutes of  your time you can't beat it! Plus, I know it will last a long time!

It comes with directions, a nail file and a cuticle stick (is that even what its called?!?!)

The finished product!

That's Clutch

I was thrilled when my Mini Lulu clutch by Blair Ritchey came today. Thrilled!!! The color is so rich and vibrant and the quality is just absolutely amazing!!! Not to mention it was wrapped beautifully and even included a hand written thank you note from Blair! Can it get better than that?! I can't wait to start using it!!

Mini Lulu Clutch in Cobalt. www.blairritchey.com


Mustard Goes With Everything...except food

I LOVE the color mustard. I think mustard itself is so gross! Thanks goodness the color is so awesome. So, for the past year (literally), I have been in search for the perfect mustard yellow cardigan. I have searched high and low, far and wide and had yet to find the perfect one. Until today....

I had to stop at Target for razors and nail polish remover. Obviously those are located right in the middle of women's clothing. As I was looking (for the razors and nail polish remover of course), it was like a chorus started singing and a spotlight was shining directly on the most gorgeous mustard color ever!

Mossimo's Boyfriend cardigan to me is awesome because of the length (I have it in other colors).  Add that with the perfect color AND price ($19.99) and you have a match made in fashion heaven.

I really do think mustard goes with just about everything (browns, blues, grays). I especially love pairing it with navy blue! I am so looking forward to the fall and winter to wear it with jeggings and brown boots. Until then...it will just have to look great hanging in my closet until this awful heat goes away.

On a side note, I know I said in my 30 x 30 Challenge  post that I wasn't going to buy anything during the thirty days, but this is a total exception. Its been a year in the making! I couldn't pass it up...

Here are two pics of this awesomely inexpensive find. I know I said I like it with navy blue, but hello- I am pregnant and have a limited wardrobe, so my navy blue tank is in the laundry. I think the necklace I paired it with is a great accent.

Cardigan: Target, $19.99
Necklace: Stella and Dot Casablanca Bib Necklace, http://www.stelladot.com/sites/rebeccawattenschaidt
White Tank: Target, $9.99 (I think...maybe $8.99)

Close up of the cardigan. And excuse the weird face and pose. I have no clue how to do the whole "modeling clothing for a blog" pic.

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Sally Hansen is a Genius!

I've always been a fan of Sally Hansen, but REALLY love her Salon Effects nail polish strips. They are so great and really do last a long time. As I was at Target today, I spotted these:

 Sally now has nail polish strips for your toes. How awesome is that. I beelined it right for them. I may or may not have taken out an elderly woman and a stray toddler running around.

I've tried her regular nail polish strips in the past on my toes, and although they work, its so much easier to use them for what they were actually intended for- a manicure.

Anyway, there aren't a lot of different styles to choose from like the manicure set, but I settled on houndstooth. It was either that, a metallic snakeskin, or flowers. Like the kind of flowers my 4 year old daughter would love. Houndstooth it was!

I thought about not getting them, thinking "no, I shouldn't be spending money on something like this" when a lightbulb went off. "YES!! This is EXACTLY what I should be spending my money on!!!" I am in desperate need of a pedicure. So instead of paying over $30 for one, and then have to go back in another month to get it done again, and again, I could get these and save so much money!! How perfect is that?!?!?! Sold. And for $8.50...you can't go wrong!

I am so excited to try these out...I'll let you all know how it goes!!



Just started using Bloglovin recently...lovin' it so far.

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30 x 30 Pieces

I had a bit of a hard time choosing the pieces that  I wanted to use for this challenge. One of my main thoughts was "will I be able to wear it more than once and/or pair it with something else?"

Also, if you notice, some of the items I chose still have the price tag on them- another reason I am doing this challenge! I have so many articles of clothing in my closet that still have the tags on them yet I continue to shop because "I have nothing to wear!" This challenge is forcing me to make use of what I have and I love it!

Finally, a lot of my pieces are maternity, but I have seen so many similar items that aren't maternity so you can still find comparable pieces!

Starting from the left:

1. Dress, Motherhood Maternity (comes with a brown belt...added bonus!
2. Yellow Cardigan, Express
3. Tan short sleeve cardigan, Old Navy
4. Denim jacket, Gap
5. Black short sleeve cardigan, Old Navy
6. Navy maxi dress, Motherhood Maternity
7. Black striped dress, Motherhood
8. Black tank maxi dress, Old Navy

1. Coral pants, Gap Maternity
2. Green pants, Motherhood
3. Denim, Motherhood

1. White v neck, Target
2. Brownish/tan, Gap Maternity
3. Orange striped, Gap
4. Navy blue tank, Old Navy Maternity
5. Orange v neck, Target

One of my favorite parts to choose...accessories!

1. Fedora, Target
2. Scarf, Gap
3. Chain necklace, Stella and Dot
4. Coral necklace, Target
5. Watch, Michael Kors (I'm not counting this as I wear it every day!)
6. Gold necklace, Stella and Dot
7. Silver spike bracelet, Stella and Dot
8. Gold hoops, Stella and Dot
9. Silver bangles, Stella and Dot
10. Turquoise necklace, Francesca's (AMAZING store...visit if you haven't!)
11. Wood bangle, Charlotte Russe
12. Beaded bracelt set, Stella and Dot

Finally, shoes!

1. Black t-strap, Old Navy
2. Orange sandals, Target
3. Brown sandals, Jessica Simpson
4. Yellow sandals, Gap

All done! Looking back, I think I chose 31....math was never my best subject! Anyway...off to start my challenge!!