Sequins, Stripes and Leopard

Happy Wednesday! I hope those of you in the path of Sandy made it through ok. We made it through with minimal damage, thank God!

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I love this outfit. Everything about it! I wore it this weekend. I had a baby shower then went on to a birthday party at an orchard! Busy day! For the shower, I wore the wedges then changed into the flats. I am all about fashion before function, but honestly I couldn't see gallavanting around the orchard in these wedges!

 Love the navy and orange together. The leopard adds a cute, unexpected twist to the whole look! The booties are just awesome. I love pairing them with my skinnies, jeggings, and even cute dresses. They are perfect for the fall. Oh and the sequins on the tank...awesome!! Instant, effortless addition to any look.
Here are a few pics with the leopard flats...love!
Outfit Details:
Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Tank: Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Booties: Payless (similar)
Leopard flats: Gap (similar)
Bangles/Necklace: Stella and Dot: here, here, here, here,  here,  here
Watch: MK
Shades: Target


Rainy Day Reds

A few snippets of my outfit as we prepare for Hurricane Sandy here in Pennsylvania...my inspiration? The original Sandy, a la Grease. (Not really, I just realized after the fact that I am sporting red and black like she does in the end of the movie AND her name is Sandy, like the hurricane.) So anyway...

Photobombed by Ella!
Outfit Details:
Sweatshirt: F21
Red Gingham: Gap
White Tank: Target
Leggings: Old Navy
Bow Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Mesh Bangle: Tiffany and Co
Moto Boots: Charlotte Russe
If you are in the northeast, stay dry and stay safe!!


Weekend Inspiration: Polka Dots!

Just a quick outfit post for a little wardrobe inspiration!!

Comfy but cute. When you want to look put together but still be comfy, leggings are totally the way to go :)
Details shot. Love what a change to a look some accessories can make!
Outfit Detail:
Sweater: Target
Tank: Target
Leggings, Lauren Conrad Polka Dot leggings for Kohl's (here)
Flats: Target (old)
Shades: Target
Scarf: Old Navy
Necklace: Stella and Dot (here)
Bracelets: Stella and Dot (here and here)
Have a great weekend, ladies!! Stay fashionable.


In the Buff

As much as I love makeup, and wearing it every day, I do like to wear a minimal amount some days. Sometimes its because I am lazy....like really lazy. Some days, its because I just want to have a fresh-faced, natural look about me. Lets be honest though....99% of the time its because I am totally lazy.

Typically, I wear full makeup just about every day. That includes my Bare Minerals foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara. The works. You can even check out my post about My Everyday Eye Shadow.

But for today, lets talk au naturale. How can you get a natural look while still wearing makeup??

You've gotta prep your face. I start out with moisturizer and then primer. We all know how important primer is. In fact, I wrote about how awesome and important it is in a post a while ago! It evens out your skin tone even before applying foundation! I use Bare Minerals Primer

After the primer, apply your foundation, whatever it may be. I personally use Bare Minerals. Here is where the au naturale part comes in :) For me, instead of using my usual blush, eye shadow, etc. I change it up a bit.


You want to use a light colored blush. Remeber you want to look natural. Maybe like you just ran a few laps? If your complexion is...

Light: use a light pink
Medium: Peach
Dark: deeper pink or purple

OR....you could just pinch your cheeks :)

Left to Right: ELF Shy (light complexion), ELF Glow (medium complexion), ELF Blushing (dark complexion). All $2.00. Available at Target.
Bare Minerals Petal Pink is perfect for all complexions. It gives everyone the natural flushed look. Just be sure, based on your complexion to apply what is necessary!
Bare Minerals Queen Phyllis is also perfect for all complexions. On a typical day, I use this for a highlighter on my brow bones, but for a natural look, I very lightly dust this all over my lid. Gives just enough shimmer.
Bare Minerals Bare Skin is another great neutral. This is particularly great for those with a light or medium skin tone. Just like Queen Phyllis, dust all over the lid.
Bare Minerals Chic Nude is yet another option. Adds a perfect light shimmer.
ELF eyeshadow: Upper left: Wheat. Upper right: Ivory. Lower left: Driftwood. Wheat and Ivory is great for medium to darker complexions. Ivory good for lighter or medium complexions.

One thing to remember for your lips is to play them up a bit while keeping them natural looking! Try out shades like these...
L'Oreal Colour Juice in Raspberry Smash. This is perfect for medium-darker complexion. This gives your lips a "flushed" look
Bare Minerals Lip Gloss in
I adore this lip gloss. For those of you that want a completely natural lip with just a little gloss or shine, this is the gloss for you! And its so cheap! Find it at drug stores, Target, Wal Mart, etc.
 Lastly, I finish the look off with some mascara. I skip the eyeliner. A coat or two of mascara does the trick. Here is what I use and I SWEAR by it!
Here is a pic of me in my "natural" makeup look. And yes, I am wearing a hoodie and documented it on my fashion blog! Fashion bloggers have comfy days too :)
I am wearing.....
1. Queen Phyllis eye shadow
2. Petal Pink blush
3. L'Oreal Colour Juice in Raspberry Smash
4. Bare Minerals foundation


 To sum up, some things to remember to create your natural look:
1. Everyone's complexion is different. What works for one may not work for another! Play around with shades!
2. Remeber less is more when aiming for this look.
3.  Don't forget the primer.
4. Try some highlighter (I use Queen Phyllis) to highlight some of the darker areas of your face. It adds to the natural looking glow! Don't overdo it though- this isn't the year 1999 when putting glitter all over your face was hot!
Enjoy being in the buff...its a refreshing change!! 


The Perfect Match

My outfit today I love! The colors and patterns work so well together so I wanted to share it with you all!

You all know my love for military jackets- you can read about that here! Today, my military jacket was an accessory. Not sure what I mean? Ask my husband...he will school you on the subject :) I do that a lot with this jacket and with my denim jacket. Its a part of my whole look and sort of completes the outfit- totally not used to keep me any sort of warm!

Today though, I paired army green, magenta and leopard. Love. Love. Love.

Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Gap
Tank: Target (get them in every color. They are awesome)
Jacket: H & M
I don't think accessories need to be over the top with this outfit. The pop of pink and the leopard do the trick.
Here is a glimpse of my arm candy! Minimal but awesome!
Bracelet: Stella and Dot, here
Watch: MK, obviously.
And my necklace...
Stella and Dot, Wesley Pendant
One last look at this awesome color combo. A huge thanks to my dog for tracking in mud while I was trying to enjoy my cup of coffee...now I have to clean the floor. Crap.


Currently Lusting After

Loafers. I know I have mentioned them before in some of my posts, but seriously people, I am loving them. I don't think its any secret how much I adore them. I am lucky enough to own a few. There is just something about them that is so classic looking and gives a little twist to your average, every day ballet flats. Plus menswear is big this fall!

I am loving all of the tuxedo loafers at Target. They have a pretty good selection and they are cheap!

Check out the collection: Mossimo Vianca Smoking Flat

Gap also has some fab ones as well...Check them out!
I even did a post on awesome polka dot loafers from Gap and how amazing they are!!
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You could win this beauty....

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All That Glitters is Gold (Loafers)

Guys, I can't say this enough. I am having the hardest time finding cute clothes to wear in my closet. Those of you that have had a baby before know the weird, awkward, in between stage your body goes to after you have the baby but before you are back to your pre baby weight. I am there. And it blows. Nothing fits. Maternity clothes are too big, pre baby clothes are wwwwaaaayyyyyyy too small.

Its a fashionista's nightmare! Anyway, I did manage to put together something semi decent looking today. My fave part?!?!?! My gold shoes. How can you possibly feel awful in these adorbs loafers??? :)

Once again, I enlisted my professional photographer for these pictures. And yes, I am wearing my shades...don't ask. :)

Shoes: Target, Mossimo Vianca Tuxedo Flat, $19.99
Jeans: Gap Legging Jean $69.95
Shirt: Target, $19.99
I love how the shirt is lower in the back. Covers my badonk nicely :)
Stella and Dot Wesley Pendant, $98
Stella and Dot Kalahari Bangle: $79
Gold Bangles: discontinued. Similar here
I think the important thing to remember or keep in mind when wearing shoes like these shiny tuxedo loafers is to not overdo it with other pieces of clothing in  your wardrobe. I chose the muted cream color to sort of offset the glitter-y-ness (yep, thats a word.).
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Yay! I have reached 100 GFC followers! How awesome is that! Who knew when I started this blog just three short months ago I'd be at 100 followers already! (I don't know if that is a lot or not, but to me it is!).

Thanks to all of you who are following and are daily readers!

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Vallen Pendant Necklace
Vallen Pendant Necklace: Other details here

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No Fail Outfits

Over the years I have come to find several different outfits or looks that I think are absolutely no fail. They are impossible to mess up and they are perfect for just about any occasion or event.

I like to think they are great for the occasions where you aren't quite sure what you should wear or what the attire is. No matter where you are headed, you can't go wrong with these three looks.

They are also, for me, my go to outfits for when I don't feel like taking the time to figure out what to wear, or when my wardrobe creativity is drawing a blank.

You can modify them to suit you, but this is how I usually wear them!!
I love this look. Its so casual, but so cute. My favorite part of it is how comfy it is. You can use any color of scarf, but I just love the pop of yellow. I've work this look everywhere from work, to running errands, to the salon!! Here are all of the outfit details: here
I can't say enough about this look. Like I have said before, everyone should have a basic black blazer in their closet. I wear mine all the time. All. The. Time. With everything. A blazer and jeans is so perfect for running errands, casual Friday at work or just going out to dinner with friends! It is SO versatile and is really a blank canvas. Here are the details of the blazer and jeans: here

Check out some of the different things I like to pair it with...everything from prints to solids!

I am particularly fond of the floral blouse. How gorgeous is it?!?!?
H & M Floral Blouse, $29.95

Another option...dressing it down with a graphic T and perhaps ankle biker boots? LOVE!!!
H & M Blondie Top: $14.95
Marc by Marc Jacobs Booties: here
Lastly, I also like pairing it with just a basic, solid T, and accessorize the crap out of it with awesome statement jewelry or even a gorgeous scarf. Obvi not all together, but here are some different options...check it out.
Check out all of the accessory details here
My last no fail outfit is your basic LBD. Every closet needs a little black dress, right? A lot of people don't realize that you can wear your LBD different ways! It can be casual!! Check out this one from H & M. I have one from there similar to this that I absolutely LOVE!
H & M, $34.95
Here are the accessory details!
Like I have said numerous times before (even here), I love, love, love a good denim jacket. Toss it on over your LBD, throw on a chic pair of flats and a scarf, and there you have it- a casual but cute look with your LBD! Who would have though it could be worn casually? Try it!
To make it dressier, I love to pair it with a pair of nude patent pumps. Classic. Love it.
What are some outfits you wear that you think are "no fail?"


What I Wore Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday, gals. Heading in to work for a bit then meeting a friend for lunch....LOVE having adult interaction to break up the day. I love talking to Charlotte, but being only 3 weeks, she doesn't quite talk back yet so my conversations tend to be a bit one sided. :)

I decided on comfy but chic, which seems to be my style of choice these days!! Enjoy the pics...I enlisted my professional photographer for these pics, obvi. :)

Shirt: Gap, Chambray Boyfriend. Love it because it even has pockets!! $59.95
Leggings: Old Navy Maternity
Flats: Target
Scarf: Target
Stella and Dot Arm Candy
Pyramid Double Wrap Bracelet in Cognac: $59.00
Harlow Bangle: $32.00
Vintage Twist Bracelet: $39.00
So what do you think? What are you wearing today??? Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!!
Have a fashionable day, gals!