Stars and Burgundy Forever

I had every intention of taking so many pics this weekend of my outfits then things just got in the way, like the weekend and maybe a little laziness.

Plus I spent the majority of Sunday bundled up at the Ravens game (to which my husband told me was NOT indeed a fashion show when I was deciding what to wear). Needless to say, a fashion blogger I was not! We thought it was going to be freezing so I just threw on whatever to be warm. We ended up being directly in the sun most of the game...SO HOT! So I had my jacket open revealing my awful outfit. I refused to actually take the jacket off though to cool off because what I was wearing looked ridiculous. Aaahhh!!

Anyway, I did get a few snaps while out and about Saturday. Just went out for a few errands (exciting life I lead!!).  I was really excited to get this shirt for Christmas from my parents, along with the shoes. I wasn't sure how to wear it to be honest and then one day I saw the shirt laying on my closet floor next to my pair of burgundy skinnies from Target (I would say the majority of my wardrobe is on the closet floor.) and a lightbulb went off. What a perfect pairing!

I love to mix patterns so I thought the leopard booties would look awesome. I was also tempted to throw on the trusy leopard flats, which is also a great option.

Outfit Deets:
Jacket: H & M (old)
Shirt: Gap
Skinnies: Target
Shoes: Old Navy
Watch: MK
Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Charlotte Russe (old)
Shades: Tory Burch
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  1. I have done the same thing before! I will be sweating bullets but refuse to take my jacket off because I've worn the wrong bra or something else silly. ugh! Hate when that happens!

    Love the navy with the burgundy. So pretty!

    1. hahaha so I am not alone then! I always say fashion before function. My husband thinks I am crazy!

  2. I giggled when I read your coat story! That is something that I would totally do!! That was a good game. I am puling for the Ravens to go all the way since my team is out! Cute outfit at the end. Love the animal print booties.

    1. Hahaahaha! It was a good game. I am not a Ravens fan (my husband is)...it was cool to be there for Ray Lewis' last home game though! And the booties are cute but so uncomfy!!

  3. Hi! I think we are instagram friends (I'm @meagan_rigney) and decided to head on over after seeing you on weekend update:)
    I would have done the same thing at the game! My husband always rags on me for dressing up too much for things. Oh well, that's me.

    1. Yeah its me :) I would rather be over dressed than under dressed!!!

  4. Cute outfit!!

    And lucky you going to a playoff game. I am a HUGE Saints fan and clearly we were not playoff quality this season :(

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks! It was fun going...we were 12 rows from the field and the tickets were free...bonus!!