My Mama Style

A lot has changed since becoming a Mommy to Ella almost 5 years ago and then also Charlotte 4 months ago.

One of those things that sort of hasn't changed too, too much has been my style. I wouldn't say it has changed, just sort of modified and molded to this new lifestyle.

These are a few basics that I cannot live without in my closet and are a definitely must for my own mama style!

1. First off, a basic blazer. This is something that is a major staple in my closet...as you can see from my multiple posts!!



One of the main things I love about blazers is how they can change the look of any outfit. Just have a basic t shirt? Dress it up with a blazer. And they can be so comfy too. Something so versatile and so chic!!

2. Leggings or skinny jeans/jeggings. I need something I can move in, people!! Something I can wear to meetings or roll around on the floor playing with  my girls. Bonus for leggings? So comfy to lounge in!

3. Lastly, scarves are my best friend. As you can see from several of the outfits above and the one below, I love a good scarf. They, like blazers, can change the whole look of an outfit. Check out my post on my love of scarves. Not to mention, its an inexpensive piece to add to your closet! 

What are your favorite pieces in your closet? Ones you can't live without?

Linking up today with other fab mama's to share our personal style!



  1. You look great in all of the blazers! I only have a black one, but I'm looking to add a brightly colored one for Spring!

    1. Oh you should definitely get more! I have so many...I seriously think its becoming a problem!! haha!

  2. I LOVE that coral blazer! That's a hott mama look!

  3. Completely agree, those are 3 pieces that I can't do without.


  4. All great picks! A must have for every girl!

  5. Girl, I couldn't agree more!!! I am a self proclaimed scarf addict! It's getting out of control! Perfect three choices!

  6. Love all these looks

  7. Just found your blog - love it!
    I was wondering if you could give details on your fav legging jeans and leggings you love