Style Q & A with Mommy in Heels

Super quick post today as I am sitting here sweating my a** off from a fever...darn kids give you everything including their sickness. I'll tell you what though, my 5 year old sure knows how to take care of me. God love her and her "mommy" instinct.

Anyway, I was saving this for next week, but figured since its already done, I would just post it!!  I have been getting messages on facebook, emails, etc. with just general style questions, as I am sure most fashion bloggers do. Here is your chance to pick my brain, ask me anything style related, from how to revamp your wardrobe, how to style a peplum top, anything you want! I am calling this.....

I know-original, right?!? So go ahead, email me (that is under my 'Contact Me' page), tweet me questions, @mommyinheels, or just simply comment below with your questions! I will take a day next week to post the answers!!

So go ahead...ask away!

Have a good weekend!



  1. How do you like to stylishly carry around all the supplies you need for life with young children?

  2. My brother is getting married in West Texas in November and having a post wedding party in December in Vermont....what to wear???? I was thinking of getting some great riding boots (maybe Frye) and leggings and a tunic and maybe even making an excuse to buy a great new winter jacket.....thoughts?? Any and all ideas for the event and additions to my fall/winter wardrobe are welcome!