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Super excited to bring you my August post for Susquehanna Style magazine! The August issue is awesome as it shares all things York, PA!

If you are anything like me, you beat up your skin over the summer. I should confess though that I don’t always take the best care of my skin. I forget to add sunscreen (thankfully most moisturizers have some sort of SPF already in them), I don’t reapply, I fall asleep with my makeup on. It all happens, and all too often.

I hear women from time to time share their skincare secrets and a lot of them have one thing in common: their mother. I often hear comments like “my mother always taught me to take good care of my skin, to always do A, B and C every day.” Sorry Ella and Charlotte, you won’t get that from me. What you will get, is a mother who forgets to reapply her sunscreen (but always remembers for you, my loves), and who will, more often than not, greet you in the morning with yesterday’s makeup.That’s reality in my world, my dear friends! I am hoping it is for some of you too? Anyone?

Even though I don’t have the best skin care regime, I do like to give myself a little face lift from time to time. And I mean that figuratively, obviously! The end of the summer is one of those times. Come mid August my face just feels like it needs a little pick-me-up. From all of the sunscreen, sweat, sand, chlorine, saltwater, grimy/sweaty children hands, and sun rays, my face just feels blah.

I don’t need to do anything too over the top, and I try to do it all myself, as opposed to spending money at a spa (although if anyone offered, I would not decline!).

I rounded up a few awesome products that really rejuvenate the skin and just give you that “aaahhhhh” feeling. On top of that, they are easy on the wallet too.

My lips have always been an on/off thing with me, especially in the summer. I like them because they aren’t pencil thin, but they are quick to get chapped and sun burnt. Not to mention, I am always biting my lips. Always. Ever since I moved out of my parents house I don’t have my mom to yell at me to stop, so I am constantly biting. Add that to sun exposure and you have some lips that are in need of attention.

Carmina Cristina has this amazing Vitamin C Lip Treatment. Not only does it repair any dryness or aging you  may have, its also great for chapped lips. Bonus- it has SPF 15! I can slowly see an addiction forming with this lip treatment. It goes on so smoothly. I have found that just by applying it before I go to bed helps. I usually don’t wear too much as far as lipstick, lip gloss, etc. during the day. I just forget to reapply (I even made it a New Year’s resolution once to reapply my lipstick throughout the day. Didn’t last.). When I do remember though, I apply this! Honestly though, I notice how awesome my lips feel with just applying it once before bed. I did though manage to pack it with me on my mini beach vacation to wear at the pool (yes, the pool on a beach vacation! With a daughter terrified of the sand we hang at the pool). It was heavenly on the lips under the harsh sun!!

Carmina also carries this really refreshing Vitamin C Peel Kit. Talk about amazing (and WAY cheaper than a chemical peel at a spa). I found this to be just what the doctor (and by “doctor” I mean myself) ordered. By the end of the summer, my skin is looking pretty dull, and this two step kit totally brightens it. It comes with a Vitamin C activator that is applied over the Vitamin C mask to enhance the effect of the mask. What I like about it is the fact I can just add it to my shower routine. If there is a certain face wash or something similar that doesn’t give me the opportunity to do it while I am showering I most likely won’t do it. I just don’t have the time for it. This was an easy add to my shower! I do the first step, then wash my hair, add the second step and do the rest of my shower routine, then rinse, and I am good to go!

Another awesome facial cleanser I found was from a local downtown York store called Sunrise Soap Company. If you live locally you have got to try this place (and if not, they have a website!). Everything is made on site in their kitchen that is visitor friendly- you can see everything that is being made! Plus, all of the ingredients they use are natural and pure! Can’t get much better than that!

I was drawn to their Citrus Facial Scrub, which contains: oatmeal, orange peel, almond oil, sweet orange essential oil, and grapefruit seed extract. Besides leaving my face feeling fresh it smelled amazing. I don’t use this every day just so its not too harsh on my skin. When I do use it though, it just feels like I have scrubbed away a lot of the dirt and grime that can really build up and accumulate. 

What I love even more about this awesome store, is if you bring back your empty containers of your soap, scrub, etc. to get refilled, you get one dollar off! Saving money and saving the environment! 

Rounding up my end of the summer skin care is Sunrise Soap Comany’s Peppermint Foot Scrub. To me, feet are just gross. Don’t like them, don’t like to look at them, think about them…yuck! But if I must, I will at least take care of them. This peppermint foot scrub works wonders. It contains organic sugar, pumice, almond oil, peppermint essential oil, and peppermint leaves. (A little bonus, the combination of shower steam and peppermint are great for your nasal passages! Clears them right up!) One thing I noticed with a lot of foot scrubs is they do their job, but then leave my feet feeling pretty dry. This scrub doesn’t. My feet actually feel moisturized afterwards. The peppermint and almond oil help with that! Unlike my facial scrub which I don’t use every day, this I just about do. I found that every evening after after walking barefoot on the pool cement (or the occasional walk on the sand) I felt the need to use it, and it felt great.

If you don’t have the time or money to head to the spa, you can still treat yourself without putting a huge dent in your wallet! Hopefully you get a chance to try out some of my end-of-summer beauty favorites! Plus, the end result will be fresh, clean and rejuvenated skin free of all the built up summer fun that could be lingering on your skin!  



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