Sweatshirt Chic

If there is one thing that I am excited for this fall it is embellished sweatshirts. No longer are we just seeing plain crew sweatshirts (or the hoodies that I lived in while in college...that I still own and wear)! Now we are seeing everything from sequins to graphics!

What I personally love about them is the fact that you have the comfort of a sweatshirt, but the dressiness that just a plain crew sweatshirt doesn't provide (you will see next week how I style one)!

After doing some "window shopping"  online, here are a few of my faves! (side note- can I just say how much I hate window shopping, and how pointless I think it is??? I never understand why people want to window shop. Its like a constant reminder of what you can't have!) What about you? What fall trend are you excited for?

What about you? What fall trend are you looking forward to?



  1. I like this trend also and I am in love with the Plaid sweatshirt!

  2. Maybe for the same reason, I am loving jogging pants...and actually just received a pair in the mail! I can't wait to wear them with heels for a classier take, or with my leopard print flats to the park. So versatile!

  3. I love the black one in the middle, and the embellished white one, too!

  4. I am really digging sweatshirts this fall, especially paired with statement necklaces, boyfriend or cuffed skinny jeans and heels. So casual chic! These are some great picks.

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  6. I really like the embellished sweatshirts that I am seeing everywhere this year!!
    Personally I love my tights, booties and cowboy boots!

    Not trying to dress for fall though, still enjoying the summer weather, near 90 here today!! :)

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  7. I like the gap one!!! as far as fall trends go... not so sure, but i am digging the printed pants/ leggings. that's new for me, but I am going to figure it out! But just so you know- I loathe window shopping. it never works out for me, I just end up angry! Lol. I