Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Let me preface this by saying one thing- no I did not get a tattoo. If I were to get one, it would not be "everyday I'm hustlin." Just kidding- I would totally get that tattoo because that's pretty much my motto, if it isn't obvious.

I was a part of an awesome event the other weekend called Bopstacle. It's an event hosted by a wonderful organization called BOP (Bring On Play)! It was basically an amazing race type event all throughout York City. Let me tell you- I am SO out of shape. Goodness gracious! But- it was a great time, and I have the tattoo to prove it :)

Onto the outfit! I had a pair of camo pants that I purchased at Target last year. I like them- they are reversible which is pretty cool, but I think because of wearing jeggings so much I have gotten comfortable with jeans/pants that have some stretch to them. Because of that, I didn't wear my camo pants that often- there wasn't a lot of "give" to them. Enter these camo pants. The most comfy pants! Like most pants I own, they can most definitely be worn casual or dressy! You have got to get yourself a pair!

Outfit Details:
Pants: Old Navy /// Shirt: Old Navy /// Blazer: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's /// Shoes: Target /// Purse: Target /// Watch: La Mer Collections /// Photos: Tabitha of Lifesong Mama

As hardcore as I felt sporting this tattoo, I don't think it suits me having one there. At one point my husband said he couldn't take me seriously with it. Ella, my five year old asked me what it said- when I told her she asked me "What does everyday I'm hustlin mean, Mommy" Ummm.....well it just means that you work really hard? And I do-work hard. So I guess I can say "everyday I'm hustlin'" right?!?!

Have a great day! 



  1. Love this outfit! Everything looks great on you and it's totally something I'd steal!

  2. The blazer definitely makes the camo pants more grown up and fashionable, in my opinion! Love the tat also! :)

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  3. Love those camo pants! The pair I have are a little snug and not as stretchy as I'd like (i.e. not sweatpants!) Love the mix of leopard with them:) And the tattoo, my daughter is obsessed because my husband has a real one and "wants tattoos's all over my body" now. Yikes.

  4. You look amazing! Love this look. It's so me!!

  5. haha, love the tattoo story! Also, I need camo pants!