The Everday Girl Gift Guide

As much as I love getting gifts for others, I do have to admit I love opening presents too! Who doesn't? Of course there are big ticket items that I love to get each year (or at least that I ask for!) but it's the little knick knack-y type gifts that I just love! More of the stocking stuffer things. I love the feeling after you've opened all of your gifts and then realize you still have your stocking to go though- score!

I've rounded up some cute/affordable gifts for the "everyday" gal in your life, whether it be your best friend, sister, mom, or your child's teacher! I believe the most expensive item here is $70 so as far as gifting goes, they are pretty easy on the wallet!
Everyday Girl Gift Guide

Like most people it seems, I have been loving gold lately! (Speaking of gold...don't forget to link up this Tuesday for December's What She Wears link up...show us how you wear GOLD!) The makeup brush set is so adorable- something about using cute brushes makes putting on makeup that much more fun! 

I am loving the chevron map scarf from Target- I already have 3,456 scarves, why not one more! The fur vest though is something that I am drooling over! I have been on the hunt for the perfect fur (faux of course) vest to add to my closet, and I think this might be the one! 

I wouldn't mind if any of this made it under my tree or into my stocking this year, for sure!! 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and are staying safe and sane out there in all of the Black Friday hustle and bustle! Although I am not a hardcore shopper on Black Friday, I may swing by some stores to check out a few deals! I've got my eye on the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette, this faux fur leopard jacket! So if there are any takers out there I won't be too disappointed!! 

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday! 



The Perks of my "Job"

So I went out with my friend Jess a few weeks ago to help style her for a wedding she had to attend, and ended up buying myself the dress that we picked for her! Nature of the "job" I guess, but I couldn't resist!

We styled hers with nude pumps and a black blazer, and gave her a little definition with a bronze glitter belt- she looked gorgeous! Plus, it was the first dress she tried on! It couldn't have worked out any better!

My thought for styling it was sort of similar, but a little more casual- I mean, its no secret here that I love clothes I can dress up and dress down! Plus, with no wedding to attend or an office job, casual was pretty much the only way to go!

Outfit Details: 
Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's /// Dress: Old Navy /// Nylons: c/o Hanes /// Booties: Old Navy (similar) /// Clutch: c/o Blair RItchey ///  Watch: Target (super old) /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot, c/o Charming Charlie

This outfit is a definite contender for my trip home this week- although the low temps and snow that are in the forecast for my hometown and making it difficult for me to want to bare my legs! Just the thought of it makes me shiver!!! Aaaaahhhhhh! 

See you back here tomorrow, then I believe I am going to take the rest of the week off and enjoy time with my family :) 

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Holiday Travel Inspiration

If there is one thing I love about the holidays it is traveling home to visit with my family! Thanksgiving day at my aunt's house, Black Friday shopping with my cousins, and my girls getting to soak up as much time with my parents and the rest of my family! It really doesn't get much better than that.

But- along with traveling home is the daunting task of packing.  I will be the first to admit that I am the worst packer. Like most women, I over pack. What if the weather changes, what if my mood changes? The "what if's" go on and on! I am going to make an attempt to plan my outfits ahead of time! I want to try and pack as little as possible since our car gets pretty full, and we always seem to come home with more!

To plan this far ahead I need a little inspiration, of course. Yes, I get inspiration from other bloggers, people on the street, but I have always been a sucker for magazines and the inspiration I get from them!

Knowing my husband and I didn't have any huge plans this past weekend I thought it would be a good time to plan my packing for the week ahead (because, like most mother's, I have to not only pack for myself, but my two girls as well!)! So what does that entail? People StyleWatch and InStyle being tossed into my cart while on my daily jaunt in Target! And an added bonus- when you purchase them together you get a $5 Target gift card! As if I need another reason to head back to Target! I know my husband is thrilled! Hahaha!

My family and I are pretty casual, so I knew when checking out the magazines that anything that jumped out at me would have to be something that would be stylish, comfy and casual! 

Knowing that puffer vests and jeweled statement necklaces can add drama to any look, I had to include both in my first outfit! I am thinking this would be perfect for Black Friday shopping! (no jeans for Thanksgiving...too restricting, right?!?!)
Pink Puffer Vest
Jeans: Old Navy /// Vest: Old Navy /// Sweater: Old Navy /// Necklace: BaubleBar /// Shoes: Old Navy

Embellished sweatshirts are another trend I absolutely love! Nothing beats the comfort of a sweatshirt with the fab detail of the jewels, glitter and sparkle!
Embellished Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt: Kohl's /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Chambray: AE /// Bracelets: TargetLC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's /// Booties: Old Navy

I am so thankful how comfortable and versatile blazers are (also thankful the menswear look is on trend too!). I have so many, and never seem to hesitate adding another to my closet! No matter where I travel (because you know, I am quite the jet setter) I always seem to toss one in my suitcase!
Polka Dot Blazer
Top: Target /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Necklace: Etsy /// Blazer: Target /// Shoes: Old Navy

So here is to hoping that I yet again stick my plan and pack my magazine inspired outfits! It would certainly save a lot of room and would totally be something my husband would be thankful for! Plus, I wouldn't have to hear my dad say what he always says "Geez, Beck, how many days are you staying for?!?!" Hahaha!

And don't forget, now until December 7th you get a $5 Target gift card when you purchase both InStyle and People StyleWatch! Grab them both, kick back, and take notes! 



Another Casual Friday

I don't know if its the fact that I am unemployed right now and have no actual reason to get dressed up every day, but I have been on a casual kick lately. Like a lot. I mean, the days that I am not leaving the house, what is really the point in getting all dolled up! Goodness I can feel my fashion sense going down the drain already! Aaaahhhhh!! Lucky I have this little blog here to keep me from going further and further down the drain! 

Anyway, I have worn this outfit several times over the last month, swapping out the statement necklace each time just to change it up a bit! Amazing how something simple as an accessory can change the whole look and feel of the outfit! 

Outfit Details:
Graphic T: J Crew Factory /// Cardigan: J Crew Factory /// Vest: Old Navy /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Converse via Kohl's /// Necklace: c/o Capwell /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot /// Photos: Lifesong Mama

I have seriously grown to love graphic tee's over the last year or so- their versatility is just so crazy good (paired with jeans and Chuck's are my fave though)! This J Crew Factory tee, to me, is best worn with a comfy cardi! But...I can totally see it with a gorgeous a-line skirt and a pair of fab heels! 



I Was a Goody Two Shoes...I Swear

Happy Thursday, everyone! So thankful its almost Friday. I feel like this week has been dragging on forever and ever. And ever.

I am super excited to be co hosting a link up today with Erin from Two Thirds Hazel. If you haven't stopped by her blog ever (which I am sure you have) you need to. She is hysterical, and just happens to live in the greatest city on earth- NYC. And she shares my love for Chipotle. If I had it my way, I would eat there every day. I'd even be ok with just eating their guac every day!

Anyway...the point of today's link up! I am sure you all have told stories from your childhood/teenage years to your friends, and either started or ended those stories with "if my parents only knew!" You know those stories, right?  Here is your chance to share with us! (and here's to hoping your parents don't read your blog!)

If my parents only knew....

That one time in high school where I was blamed for egging someone's car- I said I didn't do it (and I am guessing you believed me?). Well...I did it. And it was awesome. And fun. And I would do it again. Maybe this time with more eggs :)

New Years Eve of 1999 (yep...we could literally say we gonna party like its 1999- the Will Smith version- not the Prince) when you showed up to the "small gathering" I was at and casually checked the fridge just to make sure there was no booze in it- We thought ahead and had all of our drinks in the garage fridge. And by drinks I mean wine coolers and schnapps. Yep- we were pretty hard core back in the day!

More often than not I would go weeks without doing my laundry in college and use my laundry money for beer (and lets face it....I didn't gain the freshman 15 (+) by just beer- I used it for food too). 'You need more quarter rolls for laundry again?"

I may or may not have had one of my college applications almost ruined by someone else's vomit. It's all good though- I cleaned it up, sent it in and got accepted. And went there and had the best four years of my life!

Those random times throughout the semester in college when you would see charges from the school store and I said "can you believe the professor made us buy another book? Yeah it was most likely a new hoodie or sweatpants and not a book. I mean, I did live in hoodies and sweats in college.

In junior high, I used to put makeup on, on my way to school and wipe it off before I got home. Glad I wiped it off because it was probably horrendous!

Anddddd...... that should be all for now...there are still others that are sacred and I will take to the grave!! Hahahaahaha!!

Oh wait.... that one time in 2nd grade, when I was sent to the nurse because I had a bad bruise on my arm, it was actually a hickey I gave myself- someone dared me to do it, so I did. Whew....I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

Now its your turn! Link up, have fun, and stop by the other blogs to say hello!



Caress Fab Style Photo Challenge

I don't know about you all, but one of the items on my Bucket List is to get to LA. I have been to California (check!) but it was the San Diego, La Jolla area. Sadly I didn't make it to LA. No worries though, I have every intention of getting there one day!!

What better way to check that item off my bucket list than an all expense paid trip? Oh and a $3,000 shopping spree. Sign me up!

Image 2

Caress is hosting this amazing photo challenge! All you have to do to enter is this: 

Instagram a photo of a look you’ve created that’s inspired by one of these four Caress® scents: Scarlet Blossom™, Sheer Twilight™, Precious Bloom™, or Evenly Gorgeous® and tag it with #fabulistastyle!

Once you do that, be sure to visit here to fill out the entry form! 

The contest ends December 15th and you can create more than one look if you like for more chances to win!! 

Image 3

Image 3

The winner will be picked at random from all the qualified entries! The winner will win:

3 day, two night trip for two to LA

Luxe accomodations in a 5 star hotel

$3000 shopping spree

Red carpet treatment

Soooooo what are you waiting for?!?!?! Put together a look, instagram it up and use the hashtag #fabulistastyle, then fill out the entry form here

Good luck!!



Kiss of Leather

Nothing like a good t shirt and blazer, right? It has always been one of my favorite outfits- comfy, classic, and totally versatile. I originally bought this outfit to wear to Lucky FABB and it never made it out of my suitcase- why, I don't know! But- I am glad I finally decided to go for a spin in it.

Outfit Details: 
Shirt: H & M /// Blazer: H & M /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Target /// Clutch: c/o Blair Ritchey /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot, c/o Charming Charlie /// Necklace: c/o Julie Vos /// Photos by Lifesong Mama

I am really loving these leopard booties too. They were a great find at none other than Target!! It was one of those purchases that I wanted, but then waited and waited, and waited. And every trip to Target I found myself walking by them! I figured since, after several trips I still wanted them that they probably should be mine! Sometimes I will hold off on a purchase, and if I am still thinking about it after several days I will go back and get it! Anyone else do that too? Good way to save some unnecessary purchases! 

Also- come back this Thursday (for real this time) and link up with Two Thirds Hazel and myself and share your best "If my parents only knew..." stories! It will just be a one time link up that will surely keep you laughing! So start thinking of all those clever little lies you told your parents growing up and link up! 

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Ella's November Fab Kids

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was super relaxing- one of those weekends where you have absolutely no plans at all! It was heavenly and we savored every minute of it- after this coming weekend, we will be away three weekends in a row for the holidays! Bring on the busy!

Ella was super excited to get one of her November pick's for FabKids. Anything that she can twirl in is perfect for her! She is such a girly girl! They also have all of their holiday bling available now...they are so cute!!

I love this outfit she picked because she can wear them separately. She is really into leggings- wears them with everything- under dresses, skirts, with just a t shirt!

She also has sensory issues (sensory processing disorder-some smells bother her, sounds irritate her, textures, etc)- because of that she gets really weird about shirts that have sequins on them- the stitching on the inside will usually bother her. And that's something she can tell within 30 seconds of having a top on. This shirt, despite the sequins heart on the outside, doesn't bother her! It's as smooth as a baby's bottom on the inside of the shirt, so if any of you have children with the same irritations as Ella, you should be good to go.

Outfit Details:
Top, Skirt, Leggings: c/o FabKids /// Shoes: Target

If you haven't had a chance to yet, check out FabKids. They also have a great boys selection as well! 



Friday Features

TGIF! No....scratch that. I would really be saying TGIF if I would be popping some popcorn tonight, sitting too close to the tv, and watching a lineup of Perfect Strangers, Full House and Family Matters. Those were the days, but whatev. I guess a date night with my husband will have to do! (jk- I really am excited for date night!)

Anyway, its Friday again (obvi), so time to share with you all some of my fave blogs that I have been loving lately, so take a look!

First up is Becky at Cella Jane. I discovered her blog a few months ago when she joined one of our What She Wears linkups. She has such effortless style and always looks so put together! I am also slightly obsessed with her hair! What I wouldn't give for hair like that! And if I could look this cute all weekend long, I'd be one happy girl!

Cynthia from Dance it Off is super sweet. I met her a few months ago when she attended a party I had at JEG Boutique! I love when blogging brings people together-she currently lives about a half hour or so from where I grew up! Small world! Anyway, Cynthia is so adorable and has the cutest style! She can really rock a midi pleated skirt, too!


Chioma of Chioma's Evolution of Style. I've been a follower of her's for quite some time and don't see myself stopping any time soon. She seriously has the most colorful and vibrant wardrobe! Every time I think I am just starting to get more colorful pieces in my closet she posts another gorgeous outfit!

Lastly, if you haven't checked out Noonday Collection, you must right now! I was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of their awesome earrings at Lucky FABB a couple of weeks ago, and I fell in love with them but more importantly their story. They don't just sell awesome jewelry- they provide opportunities like living wage jobs, scholarships, and even emergency assistance to people all over the world. My particular earrings were handmade by women in Ethiopia from melted down mixed metal and bullets. I love that there are so many artisans around the world being given great opportunities, all because of the people at Noonday! 
our impact
Have an awesome weekend everyone, and make sure you check out these awesome blogs and shop!