Florals, Stripes, and No Smiles

I love mixing patterns. Love it. Before doing this little thing called blogging I probably never really mixed patterns that much. I don't know what the change has been, but now I love it. I look at patterns differently and see a match where before I most likely didn't! Sometimes, even a little mismatch is a match? Make sense?

A few months ago, I saw this Lauren Conrad blazer at Kohl's and just never got around to purchasing it. I am totally glad I waited (which is rare for me...I am an instant gratification kind of girl!) because it is on sale for super cheap!! Score!!


Shirt: Apt 9, Kohl's
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: BCBG (old)
Shades: Target
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe (gifted), Stella and Dot
Necklace: Stella and Dot

What about you? Are you more bold now than you used to be with mixing and matching patterns?

Side note: This was my first attempt at using my tri-pod instead of my husband, hence the no smiling for most of the pictures...it takes a lot of concentration to get everything set up, does it not?!?! Plus, when there is a cop car parked not far away it adds a little bit of weirdness to the picture taking! Doesn't the police officer know I am trying to take pictures for my blog? Can't he park and patrol elsewhere?!?! Either that of get out of your car and help a girl out by taking my pictures for me :)

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The Perfect Nude

I've never been one to wear bold colors on my lips. For some reason I just feel like I look ridiculous. With that said, I always just go for a nude lip. I was determined to find the perfect nude shade! I found a few different options at different price points! And you'll notice that they all look pretty similar. Great, right? That means you don't have to spend over $20 to get this look!

This first color combo by Lorac is what I wear almost every day. It's my go-to. My old reliable. Its a little pricier, but so worth it.

Available at Ulta and Sephora

LORAC - Breakthrough Performance Lipstick SPF 15
Available at Ulta (not online) and Sephora

Maybelline Color Whisper is great for when you're in a hurry and don't have the time to apply lipstick and then also lipgloss. A couple of swipes of this and you are good to go.  Plus its pretty inexpensive!

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick, Some Like it Taupe 15
Available here and here

My last shade is Bare Minerals. You all know how much I love their products. Their lip gloss is no different! This shade is a little bit more clear than a nude, but it still works the same. 

Available here

Give the nude lip a try...it finishes off your overall look and still gives you a natural, polished look!


Muted Gray, Leopard and Polka Dots

There's something about the weekend that sometime's just makes you want to be comfy, right? As I was planning my outfit to go duck pin bowling (yes, duck pin...ever done it?) with my husband's family I knew I wanted to be somewhat comfy!


Cardi: Target Vintage Wash Boyfriend Cardigan, $22.99
Tank: Target
Scarf: Target (similar)
Leggings: Target
Loafers: Gap (similar)
Handbag: Francesca's (similar)
Jewels: Stella and Dot

There's something to be said for black leggings and a cardi. During the cold months it becomes somewhat of a staple outfit combination.  I really think you can't go wrong with. There are just so many ways to wear it! And I may or may not wear the same leggings I wear out and about to bed sometimes. And maybe to work out every once in a while. And I think its safe to say that you may do it too :)

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$350 Fab Giveaway!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

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Comfy Military

The weather was so crappy yesterday...so ready for the spring. I think we all are, right? When its rainy and snowy, boots are the way to go!! Especially at my store...the parking lot pretty much becomes a wading pool! Boots are a sure thing for not getting your feet soaked!

I have professed my love many, many times before for military jackets and how to wear them. They are classic and I personally think something that will never go out of style. (Even if it does,  you can count me in for still wearing mine!)

Is there something in your closet that, no matter if it goes out of style, you will still wear?

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My Spring Purse Must Haves

Hey ladies! Happy Tuesday. Hope you all had a great weekend. I took a longer weekend break from the blogging world. It was a nice breather, but good to be back!

Today I am talking handbags. I have so many, but am always in the need for more. What woman doesn't want another purse?

Over the last few weeks I have been scoping out some new handbags that I definitely want for the spring! Definitely some that would put a larger dent in my wallet and others that are more wallet friendly!

Spring Purse Must Haves

I found myself being drawn to a lot of color blocking and anything bright. Definitely a lot of blues and greens, but since I already have a bright blue and green purse, I couldn't justify another one. I am aiming for a yellow and pink. Can't get enough!

What kind of handbags are you looking forward to this spring?


The Story of Us

Way back in the summer of 2000, when wearing glitter all over your face and platform sandals were all the rage, I went to my summer orientation at Elizabethtown College with my dad.

Of course, the second I got there, I started scoping out the boys while trying to control my embarrassment from my Dad. Seriously, Dad. You're getting in the way of me flirting with cute boys wearing Quicksilver and Billabong shirts with their seashell and hemp chokers (also cool back then).

Then, I see these two cute boys with blonde hair. But the one stands out to me (sorry, Steve). Lo and behold, when we have to break off into our groups by residence hall, he is in my group. I tried to keep my eye on him but was way too embarrassed by my dad asking our tour guide how many electrical outlets were in each room, and if there are the same amount of outlets in all the dorm rooms...does it vary from room to room? How close are the outlets to each other? Seriously Dad? I was so irritated that at one point we both were telling each other what an embarrassment the other was. Typical father/daughter, right?

So because of the whole outlet/embarrassment fiasco, I lost the cute blonde boy. Boooo.

Little did I know, though that on the way to orientation that day, his Dad said to him, "hey you might see the girl you are going to marry today." At some point in the day, his Dad pointed me out to him. I was wearing capri pants that day (with platform sandals. Sans glitter though...serious business that day. No time for glitter). Since they didn't know my name, all summer he referred to me as Miss Capri and told his friends that he'd win me over! Right, right, right....

Fast forward to the first day of my freshman year. We do a little thing called the Freshman Walk. You are paired boy/girl and are paraded through town doing random things like humping a tree or proposing to a stranger. Wouldn't you know I got paired with the cute blonde boy from orientation.

From then, we would randomly see each other on the way to class, which then evolved to him meeting me at my door and walking to class with me, which was good. I was hard to get out of bed in the am sometimes. Especially on Friday mornings...Thirsty Thursday's were a big deal and hard to resist!!

Then one night (the night before his biggest soccer game of the season...sorry, Ry. Poor timing I guess!), I  got a little too wasted, and drunk dialed him to come hold my hair back while I puked my brains out. He did.  It seemed totally logical at the time, I swear.

Stupid me didn't see how awesome he was until right then...plus my friends and I thought it was cool to see what he would do to try and impress me. Sorry Ry. Sorry I drug it out so long, but it was just too much fun. We really didn't think you would actually come to our dorm room with no shirt on just to borrow some bread :)

From that puke filled night on it was pretty much these shenanigan's for the next several years...

 like this....

"Dressing up" for a soccer formal. Which just consisted of wearing a dress (as opposed to jeans) to drink Natty Light out of a keg. I swear I am wearing clothes in this picture. And sorry Ryan, but the whole "growing your hair out like Brad Pitt's" just didn't work out.

and like this....
It was cool to have a "Pimp and Hoe" themed party. Wow my outfit was just awesome. 

and like this....
I swear not all of our college memories consist of us and alcohol!

But then we matured, of course, and decided to get hitched. 

Over 12 years after him holding my hair back, I wouldn't have it any other way! We still laugh as much as we used to, and carry on conversations strictly consisting of movie quotes (people probably think we are nuts). It wouldn't be a complete day without him saying something like "I got something that will quench your thirst" when I say I am thirsty (you see...I told you we matured!), or playing rock paper scissors to make a decision. 

The best part of it all are these beauties that we brought into the world...

For the record, we are totally sober in this picture. And I can honestly say the only thing different (besides the sober part) from this picture to our previous ones is Ryan's hair color. He's stayed the same freakin' weight all these years...jerk. 


Comfy Gingham and Biker Boots

Some days you just want to be comfy. Toss your hair back, throw on a cozy sweater and just go...minimal effort, right?!?! This cold weather makes it hard to get motivated, am I right?

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Target (very old)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Charlotte Russe (old)
Jewelry: Stella and Dot

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Camo, Mustard and Booties

Happy Tuesday everyone! A short, quick outfit post today!

I found these reverisble...yes, reversible pants at Target and couldn't resist. I am a strong believer that busy patterns such as camo probably aren't the best for someone like myself that is a little larger in the derriere and thighs, but you know what? Whatev. Baby got back. Its even my song. When I am out with my girlfriends I am the one that screams and yells "This ma jam!" when Baby Got Back comes on. And yes, I know every word. :)

Pants: Target
Boyfriend Cardi: Target (old)
Booties: Target
Necklace: Target (old)
Bracelets: Stella and Dot
Scarf: Gap (old)

I am so excited to sport these booties now and even when the weather gets warmer. I have some cute dresses in my closet that I am anxious to pair them with!

Check out these pants at Target...two for the price of one if you think about it! There are some other cute prints as well! I just really like the versatility of camo and how much you can pair it with! Like I said before, patterns aren't meant for all sizes, but this is one thing that I just don't care about or overlook. What about you? Any trends that you know aren't meant for your body type but you wear it anyway because its cute or you like it? Yes? Maybe? Hopefully I am not alone in this faux pas....

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Super Special Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone!

This past weekend was really special for my family. Our daughter Charlotte was baptized this past weekend.

Whats even more special about it is that she was baptized in the same church I was baptized and married in, as well as my parents and many other relatives. This church definitely holds a special place in my heart!

Also, she wore the same baptism dress that was worn by many in my family, starting in 1949. Pretty cool, right? Her baptism bonnet was my wedding day hanky that my mom made into a little bonnet. My oldest girl wore it for her baptism too! My hope is that when they each get married they use it as their wedding day hanky! (they can use it to dry away their happy tears in Vegas, the courthouse, a church..wherever!)

Anyway, Saturday was a special day all around! We were lucky to have most of our family there, and our dearest friends (wait a minute...what 31 year old uses the term "dearest" to describe friends? Only old people use it, right?) Let me rephrase that- one of our best friends were there to be Charlotte's Godparents too...we are lucky people!!

Can you tell they are sisters? Charlotte on the left at 4 months, and Ella (now 4) on the right at 4 months. 

My aunt, who knows me all to well, got the cutest baptism card. As she said, "not the most religious but I couldn't resist!" I am actually thinking of framing it!!

Sunday, we made the trek to meet my new baby cousin, Frank Edward. He is precious, has a head full of hair, and I just want to squeeze him to pieces.

Lastly, I headed to two...yes TWO different Targets to check out the new collection, Prabal Gurung. Let me say that all I wanted was this blazer....
 .....and both stores didn't have it, or much of anything really. I was so bummed out! The blazer is sold out online and I am not anticipating it being restocked....guess it wasn't meant to be....boooooooo!!!

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A Little High Five

Hey ladies!!!


I am linking up with Lauren today for High Five for Friday!

I am super excited for this weekend. First, my daughter Charlotte Adele (not after the singer) is getting baptized. She is wearing a baptism gown that was first worn in the 1940's in my family, including me. I think its pretty awesome :) She will also be wearing a baptism bonnet that my older daughter Ella wore, and was once my wedding handkerchief. I am hoping one day it will be used by both of my girls on their wedding day :) 

This is Ella, September 2008. She looks like a child out of the 1800's! 

Next...this face. He always squeezes between me and the counter while I am making dinner. He always gets a little snack because how can you resist this face???

Third...I was voted as a Top 25 Fashion and Beauty blog at Circle of Moms. I am so excited about this! Thank you to all who have voted! Our interviews are up on their website. Check them out here. There are a lot of great fashion/beauty mommy bloggers there! 

Fourth...I am so ready for spring that I just can't stand it! I am particularly looking at these swimsuits from Anthro. Why I don't know because I am the farthest thing away from being ready to be in a bathing suit!!

Lastly, I went to the dentist this week for the first time in four years (go ahead...judge away) and I have no cavities. What I thought was weird was one of the questions on the form I had to fill out ahead of time...

Yes, I would actually like to keep all of my teeth all of my life. That's the plan!! hehehe :)

That' all, folks! Hope you have a great weekend...see you back here on Monday!!