A Few Changes In My "Closet"

Lets have a heart to heart, ladies.

When I first started this blog I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. As a matter of fact, I still have no idea what I am doing. None. I wish I could win the lottery so I could hire someone to do all of the "behind the scenes" stuff for my blog. Its tough stuff, ladies. Am I right?

So when I first started, I just used a free template...something simple and easy for me to use and understand. Knowing that I wanted this blog to become more than just a hobby, I knew I had to step it up at some point!

Templates, design and format aside, my intentions for this blog when I first started was to be strictly fashion related. Then I got super, super pregnant and wasn't about to post pictures of a blonde whale (aka: myself) on the world wide web! Enter some beauty tips, ideas, reviews. From there, I feel  like this little blog of mine (I'm gonna let it shine! Sorry...couldn't resist) started to evolve and has definitely become more of a place where I not only share my fashion ideas but also beauty, lifestyle and a dash of personal thoughts thrown in there.

So with the change of evolving into a "fashion AND lifestyle" blog (fashion still being first and foremost my main focus) comes a new blog design. Enter Tiffany of Tiffany Kuehl Designs. She is AMAZING. Absolutely AMAZING.

I had been checking out blogs for a few months, sort of getting a feel for what I liked, what I didn't. Then I decided on her. From the time I chose what blogging package I wanted and got the questionnaire filled out, to when she got back to me was pretty much as quick as a blink of an eye. She is ridiculously prompt with her responses and is just SO easy to work with.

On top of her just being so kind, and sweet, and professional, she keeps you posted on her progress. She has her Waiting List online for you to check out to see what she is currently working on and who is next in line. Because of that you are constantly up-to-date on how your blog is coming along.

She even talks about the blogs/projects she is working on, on her own blog.

Even more cool, she has a Pinterest board dedicated to color inspirations for you to choose from that way she knows exactly what you want!

I personally decided to go with this color palette....
Nothing too bright or over the top-one of the reasons I fell in love with this palette. The words I've been using to describe the colors is classic and clean. Yes I want my design to be appealing but I would like readers to remember my blog for the content too and not be overwhelmed with colors and bells and whistles!

So if you are in the market for a new blog design, definitely check out Tiffany. Wonderful, kind, professional and affordable. What more could you ask for?

Last two (good) changes- I will be accepting sponsors within the next month or so. Wooooooo hoooooooo!!! Once I get the new design up and running and get my sponsor page complete I will start! I know how much I have appreciated sponsoring other blogs so I am excited to be able to help other blogs grow! Plus, developing relationships and making new blogging friends is always a plus!

Finally, I will be "launching" my style consultation business officially within the coming weeks. I have been fortunate enough to start it unofficially just through word of mouth (which let me tell you- shopping someone else's closet and spending someone else's money is the BEST!), but am excited to get it going in the blogging community! If there is one thing I have learned throughout my months in the blogging world its that everyone here supports and encourages each other! And I LOVE that!

Ok...my heart to heart is now complete. Thank you to all of my readers and followers. Your support doesn't go unnoticed at all. If I don't respond to you at times please know its not intentional. With a business to run and two mouths to feed (three if you count my husband...four if you count my dog!), sometimes my blog ends up in last place! BUT- that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it all. After all,  YOU all are contributing to making a dream of mine come true- the opportunity to work and be a part of the fashion world, even if a small part. So THANK YOU!



Giving Into the Snow

Just when I think we are in the clear and spring has sprung, we get dumped on by Mother Nature. When choosing this outfit, I was staring at all of my cute summer dresses, sandals, and wedges. They were calling my name, but how am I supposed to wear them when there is snow on the ground? 

Once again, my cozy clothes and boots won. Yuck!

One great thing about this jacket is its versatility. It can be worn so many ways. Not to mention I love the yellow trim along the buttons. 

And can I just say that its even more awkward to set up the tri-pod and take pics of yourself? Lets be real people- a model I am not (in case there was any confusion...I am not, indeed a model...jk). So standing in front of a dumpster because I think it looks really cool and smiling for a camera on a tri-pod on a mound of mud is so weird. Add in cars driving by....seriously there is nothing to see here people, keep on driving, keep on driving. And friendly people who have a house next to this dumpster...no need to be alarmed. I am not, in fact taking pictures of you inside your house. Rest easy, folks...

Ok back to the outfit :) 

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Old Navy (similar)
Sweatshirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Francesca's (similar)
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Bracelets: Stella and Dot
Dumpster: Penn Waste (just in case you need a dumpster)

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Why Didn't I Think of This?

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully where you are there isn't snow falling like it is out my window. Seriously, its spring. And its almost April. What the heck? Spring is my favorite season of them all. I am so hoping that Mother Nature doesn't decide to skip spring and go right to summer. That would blow, especially if it is as hot this summer as it was last summer!

Anyway, I am super excited to tell you about a new Revlon product that I used last week. I saw it on the Today show a while ago and looked high and low for weeks for it and couldn't find it, until last week! Finally Target started carrying it!

You know when you have used the same nail file and it finally gets to the point where you have to toss it because you've just used it too much? Well the geniuses at Revlon came up with this awesome idea...

...this is the kind of thing that makes you kick yourself...why didn't I think of this?? Yes, ladies, its a file and peel nail file! When you have used the file to the point where its no longer useful, you just peel back a layer where it says "life here" and voila! You have yourself a brand new nail file. It peels cleanly too. I didn't notice any residue from the adhesive when peeling it off. 

It really is that easy. And as far as pricing goes, Target sells it for $3.99! Its about a dollar more than other nail files, but if you think about it you are still getting a deal. You are paying about a dollar more for four more files that you would typically get. To me, that is still a deal!

It files just as great as any other nail file that I have used, and it lasts even longer than your basic nail file. 

If you haven't done so, definitely check it out! Its so worth it and definitely will be a welcomed tool to your at home mani/pedi!!

Have a great day!!


Pop of Spring Color

I am in love with this green blazer. In love! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. And maybe also the yellow one. Its the perfect addition to any woman's closet. Although the color is so bright it can be so versatile! Its the perfect pop of color!

I wore this outfit the other day and had every intention of getting pictures for the blog, but then a little something called life got in the way and before I knew it, the day was done and it was time to get into comfy clothes (translation: it was about 4:00 in the afternoon and I didn't have to work that night so into sweatpants I went!). I did get some pics on my phone-for Instagram (which never made it on there either!) of course....so here they are at least!

Here are the specific details of the ensemble. I am so looking forward to wearing the blazer this spring. 
Green Blazer
Outfit Details:

Blazer: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Shoes: Target (similar)
Bracelets: Stella and Dot

Isn't the color just perfect? I can't wait to wear the yellow one as well...the outfit planning has already started!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!


My "In Need of Sleep" Outfit

Oh my gosh you guys...I need sleep. Need. Sleep. My youngest, now 6 months is such an awful sleeper. Last night for instance, I believe my husband and I were awake more than we were asleep. Charlotte...I love  you but for goodness sake please, please sleep!! At this point, we are trying everything. Everything. Lights on. Lights off. Blanket. No Blanket. Music. No music. Door open. Door closed. Everything.

I know I have said in the past that when you feel kind of crappy or just downright lousy that its always good to get all dolled up. It makes you feel better and gives you a little extra kick in your step. At least that's my theory.

But today? Today was just a tired, I don't feel like putting in the effort to get super dolled up day! Perfect day for sneaks, worn in jeans, a t-shirt and comfy cardi. Cute comfort all day long!!

Also, I am obsessed with this cardigan. Obsessed. Its from Target (like most things I own). I love their boyfriend cardi's but this one is a little different because it is vintage wash which gives it a more worn in look and feel. To me that translates to more comfortable!

Outfit Details: 

Shirt: Old Navy
Cardi: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target
Bracelets: Stella and Dot

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Saving for That Louis

As a girl, I think it just comes naturally to want, want, want. Often, we get confused with the difference between want  and need. 

I need those shoes. I need a new dress for my party this weekend. I need this new handbag.

You get the picture. Chances are, you actually don't need them. You want them. Numerous times I have said that I needed a new dress for a certain occasion when I have a ton of perfectly fine dresses hanging in my closet.

All of this want, want, want mentality certainly puts a damper on our family budget. My only response to that is....oops? :)

With that in mind, I implemented a little something that I learned from my Mom while growing up. Each year my mom would save her change from her purchases. For instance if her bill was $9.52 instead of giving exact change she would just give a $10 and put the change aside. From that she would purchase my prom dresses. You would be SO surprised at how quickly your change can add up. (And Mom....if you are reading this...I still want that black prom dress you didn't let me get because you said I looked like a lounge singer.)

Sometimes I can justify certain purchases to my husband, but honestly, trying to justify to my husband why I needed a $900 Louis Vuitton was pretty much impossible.

"But honey its a Louis Vuitton!"
"Don't you know how good the quality is?"
"I won't buy another purse ever again."

Well at least I tried, but I knew that I couldn't justify it from the moment I opened my mouth.   A purchase like that is definitely not something that I could just one day decide to buy and charge on the credit card.

But seriously....how gorgeous is this bag???

I knew there was only one thing to do if I wanted it....start saving! So that I did. All of my change. And you know what? When I purchased it, I was not only excited because I now owned my dream bag, but I had actually saved for it and earned it! It wasn't anything that put a damper on our budget or added more money to our credit card payments, or took money out of each paycheck. Because of that, I don't feel guilty when I carry it!

So now, if I ever see anything that is somewhat of a big ticket item that I KNOW my husband won't go for, I know to start saving my change for it!!

Moral of the story: don't spend your change! Use a bucket, a vase, a Tupperware container...anything you want and start filling. Before you know it, you will be filling your very own Louis!!

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Coral and Turquoise

I have worn this blazer many times before and I absolutely love when I do. Its so breezy and comfy so I don't feel super stiff in it like I do when I wear other blazers sometimes.

I thought the color was perfect for my thoughts of spring! Paired with a turquoise necklace, its a great outfit to transition into spring.

Blazer: Charlotte Russe (old)
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Leopard Booties: Old Navy (similar)
Necklace: Francesca's (similar)
Sunglasses: Target
Purse: Louis Vuitton


Blogger Fashion Inspiration

If there is one thing I have noticed over my last several months of blogging, its that a lot of us bloggers have similar pieces in our wardrobe.

 Its no secret that I not only get inspiration from random things I see day to day but also from other fashion lovers! So when I saw my girl and fellow fashionista Shanna wearing a sweatshirt that I already had, I instantly fell in love with how she wore it! Why mess with a good thing, right? I took pieces in my closet and recreated it!


Jacket: Old Navy (similar)
Sweatshirt: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Scarf: Gap (old)
Shoes: Target (similar)
Bracelets: Stella and Dot

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Have a great Wednesday!


Amazing March Giveaway!

Hello lovely readers!! Today I am teaming up with some awesome ladies over at Because Shanna Said So for this month's giveaway.

Head on over there to check out all of the awesome prizes you can win!! Everything from Sephora, Target, gorgeous jewelry, Baublebar and Starbucks! Every gal's DREAM!!!! Here is a list of the great prizes that could be yours!

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I know....how awesome!?!?! So enter below or head on over to Shanna's and enter there! 

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Five Things!

I was recently tagged by one of my fellow bloggers Meagan at Because of Jackie to share five random things about me. Sometimes I enjoy taking a step out of the fashion/beauty world to just talk about random things and life in general!

So here goes my five random things....

1. For as long as I can remember I have liked to use Twizzlers as a straw. Yes, I am 31. Yes, I am a mother. And yes....I still use Twizzlers as straws. Now though, instead of using them for fountain soda (which is my preference) I use it for wine too :). You should try it...just bite a little off at each end and voila! You have yourself a tasty straw!

2.  My best friend Betsy is also my cousin (growing up we were always "Becky and Betsy"). We are exactly one month and eight days apart. (I think I might have shared this before, so just pretend its random). She is a performer for Norwegian Cruise Lines so I only get to see her every 6 months to a year. But rest assured when she is in between contracts we get together for a few days and pick up right where we left off! We also grew up about 15 minutes from each other and went to school together until college and still have just as much fun now as we did when we were little! 

3. When I started college I wanted to be the next Katie Couric. I started out as a Comm major but then decided I didn't want to have to start all the way at the bottom, meaning I didn't want to have to work in some small podunk town broadcasting about a murder or hurricane at 11:30 at night. So I switched to Business, and here I am! Before I switched I was even a news anchor for lour college news station, ECTV News 40! HA! I had the coolest hair cut too, obviously!

4. I am naturally a brunette. I started highlighting my hair in 10th grade and just kept getting blonder and blonder. Every year, or every other year I get an itch to be natural again and I get my hair colored back to my natural. It always only lasts a couple of months before I go back to blonde!


5.   I am really, really, really good at Just Dance. Believe it. I will challenge any of you to a dance off.

Now I have to tag some other fellow bloggers to join in on the fun! I tag Lauren at Style ElixirSkylette at Sequins and StilettosStaci from High Cotton BlogRachel at Front Row Seat and Noel at High Heeled Mama

Have a great day everyone!!


Fashion Pinspiration

I find a lot of my inspiration from others, things I see, and yes, even Pinterest. A lot of the time though, I do like to put a little twist on it and make it my own, more fitting to my personality!

Here is a look I found that I recreated the other day combining a few of my favorite things: my military jacket and leggings!

                                     Olivia Palermo

I love Olivia Palermo's style, so it was no surprise to me that I wanted to create this look using pieces in my closet (and probably wwaaaaayyyy less expensive than the pieces she is wearing). The only changes I made was added a leopard scarf and wore boots because it was rainy and snowy! Can't wait to wear this again when its a little warmer with some flats!

Leggings: Target
Jacket: H & M (similarsimilar)
Boots: Target
Shades: Target


Leather Pants for Every Occasion

Random thought: leather pants work for all occasions!

I used to think "where am I ever going to wear leather pants?" Well, now I know the answer is pretty much everywhere!

They are just so versatile I just can't stand it! They were perfect this weekend when I went on a Target run with my girls. Tossed on a pair of flats (which I seem to wear the most these days...I should change my blog name to Mommy in Flats!) and I was good to go!

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Simply Vera Vera Wang (sold out- similar)
Flats: Old Navy
Shades: Target
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Bracelets: Stella and Dot

You know what else I love about this outfit besides all of it? The shirt. Its a little longer in the back, which to me is pretty amazing. I have a pretty large tooshie so anything to cover it works for me. Plus I think that kind of cut in a shirt is slimming on most people (or at least I like to think it is on me...just agree with me for my own sake!). 

So if you haven't considered leather leggings or leather skinnies before, reconsider. I am telling you that can be worn so casually. So if you ever ask yourself, "where would I wear these?" Just remember I wore leather skinnies to Target!!

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GFC Blog Hop Tuesday!

It's Tuesday again which means it's time for the GFC Blog Hop!
When I want to follow a blog the first thing I look for is GFC (Google Friend Connect), it's so easy and  nice to be able to go and see all of the blogs you follow in one spot. It's really a great tool to have. 
One side note- Did you know you can follow through GFC using your Twitter Account? TRUE, it's definitely an option!
Ok, so let's get to the party, shall we?
RULES are simple:
1. Follow your host via GFC
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4. Make sure to visit some of the blogs in the link up and follow them via GFC 
and if you want to leave them a comment, I'm sure they'd appreciate that as well.
5. Tweet about this blog hop
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*After 6 months of the waiting list to cohost being extra long, I finally have paid cohost spots available! Email me if you're interested at melissa@thelifeofanotsoordinarywife.com
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Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope nobody has a case of the Monday's!

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Spent the day with my girls while my husband had to work a little. Headed to Target, of course which called for my leather skinnies. Thank you, Vera Wang, for providing cute and comfy leather skinnies at Kohl's. Bonus was that they were on sale! Here is a little sneak peek of the look. Look for a whole post on this look later in the week!

I started to purge my closet. I have SO much clothing that I don't even wear or that doesn't even fit me so I figured I might as well get rid of it. I mean, I have this amazing closet so why not try to keep it organized?

These are just two of the sections that I did...

Organized by tank tops, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve (so far)

My short dresses: sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve! Its a work in progress but I am getting there!

And really, that just about sums up the weekend! Went to church Sunday and visited with great friends Sunday night...now here we are starting the work week!

Be sure to stop back tomorrow- I will be co-hosting the Tuesday GFC Blog Hop with Melissa of The Life of the Not So Ordinary Wife!

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Weekend Inspiration Outfit

This weekend is going to be full of relaxation and spending time with my family. Sometimes weekends with no plans are so necessary. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party or traveling to visit family, but weekends at home with no plans are perfect.

Here is a little outfit that I plan on wearing this weekend. I recently purchased this amazingly comfy sweatshirt at Old Navy:

Unfortunately, its not available online right now (which is why it isn't with my Polyvore creation below). But, I was able to get it in a beautiful army green which I plan to add to the outfit below. I may have also gotten it in a bright orange too. I am so guilty of buying something that I love in multiple colors or patterns! They also have gray, blue, navy blue striped and a few others in store. Because the outfit is all about comfort the fedora is a must! Toss it on and go...cuts out so much getting ready time!!

Weekend Inspiration

What are your go-to outfits for the weekend? Are you all about comfort-chic too?