The Limited Giveaway and Dress for Success

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I am so thrilled to be working on this post! If there is something I am passionate about, its empowering other women. As a business owner, I get to see first hand what its like to be and feel empowered, whether it be making basic decisions on a day to day basis or working with other business owners.

I love having the opportunity to make my place in the world as an empowered business owner (however small)- a feeling that I wish more women could feel! Unfortunately, not all women are given that opportunity because of various circumstances. That's where Dress for Success comes in! Dress for Success is this amazing organization that provides a suit for women for an interview, and provide one more when they secure a job! In addition to providing these women with the attire needed to help obtain a job, Dress for Success also provides support and career development tools. If that isn't empowering then I don't know what is!

And, from a fashion point of view, the second suit a woman receives is able to be mixed and matched, so they essentially have more than one outfit- how awesome is that?!?! Sometimes, if available, accessories are even provided! It may seem like something minor, but something like a new suit can be the foundation for a confidant and professional woman, which can lead to big successes!

The Limited is partnering with Dress for Success to celebrate 50 wonderful years in business and to celebrate the personal achievements of women, your "Style Stories!" The Limited is asking women, asking YOU, to share a moment of success from your life. By doing that, you will help make a difference in the lives of women who could use a little inspiration! This moment of success can be anything from a fitness milestone, a success within your family, or simply just a life lesson you learned! You never know when your story can inspire others!

For every story that is submitted by you and others, The Limited with donate $1 to Dress for Success (up to $50,000)! Can you just imagine how many women that will help? You can submit your personal success story right here!

I really, truly believe that Dress for Success is such a great organization that does great things. I think as women its so important that we take time to help and encourage each other. So many times women try to bring each other down in order to succeed- why not just take a breather and help a sister out?

One more awesome thing- The Limited is so excited about partnering with Dress for Success that they are giving away a $50 gift card! Just enter below, and please, take a few minutes to share your success story!

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Summer Skin Solutions

Super excited to bring you my August post for Susquehanna Style magazine! The August issue is awesome as it shares all things York, PA!

If you are anything like me, you beat up your skin over the summer. I should confess though that I don't always take the best care of my skin. I forget to add sunscreen (thankfully most moisturizers have some sort of SPF already in them), I don't reapply, I fall asleep with my makeup on. It all happens, and all too often.

I hear women from time to time share their skincare secrets and a lot of them have one thing in common: their mother. I often hear comments like "my mother always taught me to take good care of my skin, to always do A, B and C every day." Sorry Ella and Charlotte, you won't get that from me. What you will get, is a mother who forgets to reapply her sunscreen (but always remembers for you, my loves), and who will, more often than not, greet you in the morning with yesterday's makeup.That's reality in my world, my dear friends! I am hoping it is for some of you too? Anyone?

Even though I don't have the best skin care regime, I do like to give myself a little face lift from time to time. And I mean that figuratively, obviously! The end of the summer is one of those times. Come mid August my face just feels like it needs a little pick-me-up. From all of the sunscreen, sweat, sand, chlorine, saltwater, grimy/sweaty children hands, and sun rays, my face just feels blah.

I don't need to do anything too over the top, and I try to do it all myself, as opposed to spending money at a spa (although if anyone offered, I would not decline!).

I rounded up a few awesome products that really rejuvenate the skin and just give you that "aaahhhhh" feeling. On top of that, they are easy on the wallet too.

My lips have always been an on/off thing with me, especially in the summer. I like them because they aren't pencil thin, but they are quick to get chapped and sun burnt. Not to mention, I am always biting my lips. Always. Ever since I moved out of my parents house I don't have my mom to yell at me to stop, so I am constantly biting. Add that to sun exposure and you have some lips that are in need of attention.

Carmina Cristina has this amazing Vitamin C Lip Treatment. Not only does it repair any dryness or aging you  may have, its also great for chapped lips. Bonus- it has SPF 15! I can slowly see an addiction forming with this lip treatment. It goes on so smoothly. I have found that just by applying it before I go to bed helps. I usually don't wear too much as far as lipstick, lip gloss, etc. during the day. I just forget to reapply (I even made it a New Year's resolution once to reapply my lipstick throughout the day. Didn't last.). When I do remember though, I apply this! Honestly though, I notice how awesome my lips feel with just applying it once before bed. I did though manage to pack it with me on my mini beach vacation to wear at the pool (yes, the pool on a beach vacation! With a daughter terrified of the sand we hang at the pool). It was heavenly on the lips under the harsh sun!!

Carmina also carries this really refreshing Vitamin C Peel Kit. Talk about amazing (and WAY cheaper than a chemical peel at a spa). I found this to be just what the doctor (and by "doctor" I mean myself) ordered. By the end of the summer, my skin is looking pretty dull, and this two step kit totally brightens it. It comes with a Vitamin C activator that is applied over the Vitamin C mask to enhance the effect of the mask. What I like about it is the fact I can just add it to my shower routine. If there is a certain face wash or something similar that doesn't give me the opportunity to do it while I am showering I most likely won't do it. I just don't have the time for it. This was an easy add to my shower! I do the first step, then wash my hair, add the second step and do the rest of my shower routine, then rinse, and I am good to go!

Another awesome facial cleanser I found was from a local downtown York store called Sunrise Soap Company. If you live locally you have got to try this place (and if not, they have a website!). Everything is made on site in their kitchen that is visitor friendly- you can see everything that is being made! Plus, all of the ingredients they use are natural and pure! Can't get much better than that!

I was drawn to their Citrus Facial Scrub, which contains: oatmeal, orange peel, almond oil, sweet orange essential oil, and grapefruit seed extract. Besides leaving my face feeling fresh it smelled amazing. I don't use this every day just so its not too harsh on my skin. When I do use it though, it just feels like I have scrubbed away a lot of the dirt and grime that can really build up and accumulate. 

What I love even more about this awesome store, is if you bring back your empty containers of your soap, scrub, etc. to get refilled, you get one dollar off! Saving money and saving the environment! 

Rounding up my end of the summer skin care is Sunrise Soap Comany's Peppermint Foot Scrub. To me, feet are just gross. Don't like them, don't like to look at them, think about them...yuck! But if I must, I will at least take care of them. This peppermint foot scrub works wonders. It contains organic sugar, pumice, almond oil, peppermint essential oil, and peppermint leaves. (A little bonus, the combination of shower steam and peppermint are great for your nasal passages! Clears them right up!) One thing I noticed with a lot of foot scrubs is they do their job, but then leave my feet feeling pretty dry. This scrub doesn't. My feet actually feel moisturized afterwards. The peppermint and almond oil help with that! Unlike my facial scrub which I don't use every day, this I just about do. I found that every evening after after walking barefoot on the pool cement (or the occasional walk on the sand) I felt the need to use it, and it felt great.

If you don't have the time or money to head to the spa, you can still treat yourself without putting a huge dent in your wallet! Hopefully you get a chance to try out some of my end-of-summer beauty favorites! Plus, the end result will be fresh, clean and rejuvenated skin free of all the built up summer fun that could be lingering on your skin!  



The 90's Called....They're Bringing Jelly's Back

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jelly Beans but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #JellysAreBack http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

I remember being in junior high- it was either 7th or 8th grade, and I had a pair of green jelly shoes. Not the jelly shoes of the 80's. A cooler, updated version. I remember thinking I was so cool and stylish when I was wearing them! You know the jelly's I am talking about, and you know the "I am so cool" feeling that came along with them.

Well guess what ladies....jelly's are BACK! Yep, you heard me right. Jelly Beans offers a huge selection of colors- everything from neon colors, to the old faithful, clear! What's even better is that they are offering FREE shipping in the USA! Yep- free shipping! I don't know how you guys operate, but sometimes seeing free shipping is what gets me to finally click the 'purchase' button! They also offer kids sizes too so your little ones can be as stylish as you are!

I was really excited when I got home from vacation because I knew mine were waiting for me! I absolutely loved the color that I chose. It was hard for me to choose, but you can't go wrong with pink, right? I do have one suggestion though, and that would be to order down a size or two. I sized according to the chart and they came just a tad bit too big. They don't look big in the picture, but I did feel as though I could have gone down a size! 

I love pairing navy blue with pink. To me, it can be unexpected but cohesive. It just goes! (Although in the pictures the stripes look black!)

Outfit Details:
Dress: Old Navy /// Jacket: Gap ///  Shoes: c/o Jelly Beans /// Necklace: Old Navy (in stores) /// Watch: La Mer for Target /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot

Takes you right back to the 90's don't they? I feel so nostalgic when I wear them! They are the perfect addition to my closet, because they are so casual and can be pretty versatile. Not to mention they keep my feet cool in these obnoxiously hot summer days. Can't wait to pair these with my comfy boyfriend jeans and a t shirt! 

How would you wear your Jelly's? What color would you get? 

Don't forget, you can follow them on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest!

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The Evolution of a Fashion Blogger

Hey everyone! So happy to be blogging today at The Life of Bon. She is such a beautifully funny person, isn't she?

Let's talk about how I came to be a fashion blogger, at Mommy in Heels, shall we? I'd like to think I was destined to be a fashion blogger. (I should probably preface this whole post by saying I am just a tad bit of a sarcastic person if you can't tell!)

I think it went all the way back to junior high. I was just ahead of my time. I mean, I knew way back then that selfies were the way to go. Except, I just had to trust that I looked damn good since I was using my purple Le Clic camera.

I already enjoyed posing for the camera. I mean, who wouldn't want to get a picture taken wearing a crop top and jeans with the longest zipper ever? I think I needed to pull my button fly jeans up just a tad bit higher though. Then I would have been a true fashionista.

As fashionable as my purple Doc Martens made me in junior high, I am pretty sure my fashion sense took off in college. Just take a look at my ribbed turtleneck sweater collection. If that doesn't scream "fashion blogger" then I don't know what does. Seriously though, when you think of going out to a college keg party, the first thought in your mind is "turtleneck sweater," isn't it? Yep. I thought so. It is. Nothing easier to do keg stands and chug beer in than a turtleneck.

We can talk about my friend Jess' leather jacket another day. I could dedicate a whole post to late 90's early 2000's leather jackets. You know we all had one. (ps, love you Jess)

Yep. Every color of the rainbow. And lets just ignore how hardcore we were drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade. 

Although my husband has his story of how he knew I was the one, I am almost certain in was my turtleneck collection that won him over. 

Or maybe it was this outfit. He took one look at me and thought, "that outfit makes her look like she would be a good wife and Mom. And one helluva fashion blogger." 

So there you have it, ladies. I think it is pretty obvious from these pictures that it has always been in the cards for me to be a fashion blogger. When you look that good in a turtleneck sweater, you're destined. 

If you have time, take a second and vote for me here! I was lucky enough to be invited to enter a contest to win a "me time" getaway to Miraval Resort and a Wallis wardrobe! How awesome is that!!! Thank you so much! (and hopefully Wallis has an awesome turtleneck sweater in their fall collection I can totally wear)

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Hollywood to Housewife: Maxi Skirt

Welcome to this week's Hollywood to Housewife, where I find a picture of a celebrity in an outfit I love (the "Hollywood"), and make it my own using pieces in my closet (the "Housewife"), and without making any new purchases.

With this heat, I was hard pressed to find something that was appealing to me both in style and in temperature. It is just too hot to be wearing too many layers!

When I saw this look, I was drawn to it, mainly because I am a sucker for anything maxi. Plus, the obvious- I knew I had all the pieces to pull the look together so it looked somewhat like Jessica Szohr's look!

Funny thing about this outfit, is the best picture I found of it was on this webpage saying what a hot mess she
was in this look. I mean it doesn't scream Hollywood  but I don't think it's terrible....right? RIGHT??

I didn't have an orange maxi, but I had a coral one (close enough). I loved the hint (and I mean hint. Like if you blink you will miss it) of turquoise you can see in the sole of her wedges. The perfect compliment to the orange. The minimal accessories was also great. I don't know about you, but in this heat I can't stand wearing a ton of accessories. Can't. Standit. It just makes me feel so much hotter!

Anyway...here is my look! The whole outfit, head to toe, is Target.

Outfit Details: 
Tank: Target /// Skirt: Target (similar)   /// Sandals: Target (super old) /// Necklace: Stella and Dot
Photos by Lifesong Mama

So there you have it! Hopefully next week's I can be a little more versatile, meaning it won't be so disgustingly hot and I won't mind wearing something other than just a tank top! Please, Mother Nature, cool it down a little!! 

Don't forget, tomorrow I will be guest posting over at The Life of Bon! Regardless of me posting on her blog tomorrow, you should start following her if you haven't already. I love following along- she makes me laugh, and would definitely be the kind of teacher I would have loved to have!!

Have a good day! 



Perfectly Peplum

I have been wanting to try the peplum trend for a while now, but wasn't quite sure it was meant for a curvy girl like myself. But when I saw this faux leather peplum at Target, I thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did. I loved it! Was it meant for someone with my body type? No, I don't think so by any means, BUT- I felt comfortable in it, and I thought it looked decent on me- win!

Outfit Details: 
Top: Target /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Guess (similar) /// Necklace: Stella and Dot /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot /// Clutch: Blair Ritchey /// Photos: Tabitha at Lifesong Mama

Total side note, my legs were killing me when I hopped down off of this ledge because I was trying so hard to balance myself in my heels. Also, I got a peek into this awesome brewery here in York (Liquid Hero). I was able to see them actually brewing while I was up there. It was probably a little bit more questionable what I was up to! Regardless, I am absolutely LOVING all of these awesome nooks and crannies of York City that I am discovering while taking these pictures. One of these times, Tabitha and I will actually stay out for a beer like we say we should, instead of giving into the exhaustion that is motherhood. 

Anyway, I will most definitely be sporting this peplum again. I am thinking date night with my husband. I think leather and date night go together like PB and J! 

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Last fun piece of business....there is a HUGE group giveaway happening over at The Life of Bon. Head on over there to enter to win all kinds of fun stuff! Think Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Target, Sephora, just to name a few! 

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Branson Here We Come!!

As you are reading this now I am in Branson, MO (yes you read that right, Branson) with my in laws and my husband. Ella joined along and my parents were gracious enough to take Charlotte for the week.

You are probably asking "what the heck are you doing in Branson?" You know what? I am asking myself the same thing. Long story short, my in laws had a time share week to use. All of the awesome suggestions I gave were already taken (Seattle, Portland, San Fran) so we ended up in Branson. It seems like there are a lot of shows to be seen and good food to be eaten so we shall see! I am trying to go into this with an open mind, and am truly excited to spend some one on one time with Ella this week. Plus, seeing how excited she is to ride on an airplane is so adorable! There are lots of trees and mountains here Lots of them-I mean, we are in the Ozark Mountains so I guess it makes sense to see so many trees!

Anyway, this weekend was spent minus Charlotte- I forgot how easy it was with only one child, let alone a child who is pretty independent. My husband and I were commenting on how the stress level was significantly less with only a 5 year old! (although I must say I miss Charlotte terribly already).

I absolutely fell in love with these little "glamour" shots her daycare took last week. How adorable? She also turned 10 months on Friday so we took her monthly pictures. You can get a glimpse of how daring Charlotte is. She is most definitely a risk taker!

I will end with the pictures that I captured of Ella during our whole travel day. You can just see the excitement on her face....I love it!

And a glimpse of my travel outfit. I have done travel style posts before here and here so its no surprise I was in leggings. They have got to be the most comfortable yet stylish travel piece! It should be making a detailed appearance on the blog in the coming weeks! 

Don't forget to enter my two awesome giveaways here (you win a Nivea Escape Challenge Kit) and here to win a $25 credit to Wallis!!

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See you back here this week for the perfect little peplum, Hollywood to Housewife, and my guest post for The Life of Bon!



Nivea Escape and a GIVEAWAY!

I don't know about you guys, but for me, my shower routine has been pretty lackluster lately. If I have time to take a decent shower, (by decent I mean shaving my legs, relaxing, etc) I usually don't. As a Mommy, I am so programmed to just hop in and out of the shower as fast as possible. Well you know what? Its about time I put a stop to that!

How refreshing does it feel to take a nice, good, refreshing shower? Pretty awesome, right? When I received my Nivea Escape Challenge kit, I was pretty excited to try their new Touch of Frangipani Hydrating Shower Gel. Adding it to my shower routine was something I was looking forward to (its the small things). Typically, my husband and I share a bar of soap- I know. So boring. I used to have all kinds of fancy shower gels, and loofahs, but over the years, it just got easier to buy the same soap for the both of us and leave it at that. Not anymore! Ryan, if you are reading this...you are on your own!

I've been using it for over a week now, and really wish I would have started using it sooner. I was really missing out. My skin tends to be dry year round. I need to stay on top of my moisturizer, and I have a feeling its because I was just using bar soap. I have noticed a significant difference in the quality of my skin after using the Frangipani shower gel. It doesn't leave an oily film on my skin afterwards. Plus, it smells amazing! It's one of those smells that reminds me of vacation. Do you have those scents or smells? The second you smell it, it reminds you of something? Well this reminds me of vacation, and I love it!

I have found since I am using this now when I shower I take a little bit more time. Knowing that I have a delicious smelling shower gel that makes me feel good, gives me the motivation to just slow down, and take some time to escape the daily grind of Barbies, bottles, and diaper changing. I love it! The flowers I have in the bathroom add a nice touch to my escape as well! I also have this Pinterest board, my "Mood Board," that I like to pin things to that relax me and allow me to escape, even if just for a little while!

You have the chance to win the opportunity to take part in the Nivea Escape Challenge! In your kit you will receive your own bottle of Touch of Frangipani Shower Gel, a pair of Havaianas flip flops, and a $50 gift certificate to 1-800-FLOWERS. I am telling you...it will feel so great to make the escape in your daily shower routine!

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Coordinating Fashion for Family Pictures

It seems like my Facebook news feed has been blowing up with professional family photos, and they are all just gorgeous. (I've got a pretty good looking Facebook news feed if I say so myself!) I am thinking its because of the stage in life I am in. Most of my friends and family are married, and are either having babies, or have already had babies. Thus...family pictures, newborn pictures, maternity pictures...you get the picture (yes, pun intended...hehehe).

One of these many beautiful families that I have been seeing pictures of is Jen, from LaBella Vita Photography. She is extremely talented at what she does, and you can tell just from looking at her photos that she has a passion for it as well. Plus, her family is gorgeous. Gorgeous!

Jen asked me to do guest post for her blog about putting together outfits/looks/etc. for family pictures, maternity pictures, whatever pictures you may have! I didn't have to think twice about doing it! Any chance to talk fashion, I am in!

First, let me say that picking outfits for family pictures (at least for me) is stressful. It's something I plan really far in advance. These are important pictures that are going in picture frames, will be given to family members, so of course I want them to be perfect. The outfit planning process usually starts as soon as I book a session.

There are some things you might want to take into consideration when picking out your ensemble:

1. The first and most obvious-time of year. Obviously, the weather needs to play a factor in what you will be wearing. Don't sweat it out in your pictures because you want to wear long sleeves, or a sweater. You will find something else weather appropriate to wear. I promise!

2. Is there one piece of clothing that is a definite MUST for the photos? If so, plan the rest of the looks around that.

3. Understand the difference between matching vs. coordinating. Yes, there is a difference.

4. This sort of goes along with what I just mentioned-most likely, you wouldn't wear all one color from head to toe, right? (well, maybe some of you would...that's a topic for a whole different blog post!) With that thought in mind, don't dress everyone who is going to be in the picture in the same color! (Ex: everyone wears white, black, blue, shirts)

I want to elaborate a little on the last two.

Matching for a photo session is basically saying you will all look the same, whether you are all wearing the same color top, or the exact same outfit. You will look like your sister, who looks like your cousin, who looks like your daughter. Nobody is really an individual!

Coordinating, on the other hand allows you to be an individual in your pictures. What you are wearing compliments each other, as opposed to being exactly the same. When people will look at your pictures, they will look at each individual person and not everyone as a whole. After all, we encourage everyone to be an individual, why would you want someone to lose their individuality in something that is going to be documented forever?

To show you what I mean when talking about coordinating, here are a few pictures that I have had taken over the years. Take a look at how my husband and I (and by "my husband and I" I truly mean me!) coordinated our outfits.

For this look, I chose my daughter's dress first, and planned the rest around it. I knew I wanted to bring out the coral in her dress. Having my husband wear turquoise would have been too much turquoise, so white was the perfect compliment! This is all something that reflects our personality, and something we would normally wear. 

For this, I knew I wanted to wear this dress. Although you can't see it, I was very pregnant in this picture, so I had a limited wardrobe as far as what fit and what looked good! Luckily, Ella had an outfit that complimented my dress (it took some major bribing for her to wear it...maybe that should be added to my list of things to take into consideration: bribe your children if you have to!). I've always loved turquoise and pink together- the pattern in my daughter's outfit helped compliment the two colors. 

Again here, I just knew I wanted to use neutrals to coordinate. Plus, it was fall (obviously), so I knew the neutral tones would be perfect!

A good place to reference is the Pinterest board, What to Wear Family Portraits, or just simply typing in something like "what to wear for family pictures." The resources are really great. There are plenty of boards that have outfits created already, and also color combination ideas. 

If you want to start from scratch, I recommend finding color boards like this one for color inspiration! I personally love these boards because there are so many color combinations that I never really thought of a compliments to each other. It sort of gives you the nudge to think outside of the box! You never know what you already have in your closet! 

Hopefully this has helped clarify a little and help you plan your outfits a little easier for your next photography session! If you can simply remember the difference between coordinating and matching you are already ahead of the game! 

Happy coordinating (not matching!!)!



Wallis Fashion Giveaway and Style Q & A Answers

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I have some super exciting things happening in my little corner of the blogosphere today! I will be answering your Style Q & A's and talking about an awesome giveaway!

Ok, so last week I posted to you, my readers, to leave any style related questions for me to answer! Thanks for all of the questions that I received! Hopefully my answers will help you!! 

"How do you like to stylishly carry around all the supplies you need for life with young children?"
Great question! For this, I (or my in laws, rather) invested in a really nice diaper bag. To me, a diaper bag is an investment, because it is something you will use every single day, for several years. With my oldest, I used the same diaper bag for about 3 years. Same bag, every day. Because of that it was something I was willing to spend a little more money on. To me, its not like a purse, that you change every so often. I literally use it every day. Because of that, I wanted something stylish, that didn't have a "diaper bag" look to it! Here are a few diaper bag options. They may be a little more pricey, but keep in mind you will get your money's worth- using it every day for several years!

Diaper Bags

"My brother is getting married in West Texas in November and having a post wedding party in December in Vermont....what to wear???? I was thinking of getting some great riding boots (maybe Frye) and leggings and a tunic and maybe even making an excuse to buy a great new winter jacket.....thoughts?? Any and all ideas for the event and additions to my fall/winter wardrobe are welcome!"
You are off to a good start. You can never go wrong with boots in the winter, especially in the North! What you wear though depends on how formal the party is going to be. If its a little more formal than wearing leggings, tunic and boots (which is a go to of mine in the winter!) I would suggest getting a pair of thick, opaque tights to pair with a dress and a blazer. The beauty of it is the pieces can be worn together or separate (one of the many reasons I love blazers). Try something like this...

Winter Wedding

"I have a bach party in NYC and I've been trying to figure out what to wear. I was thinking black dress shorts. I got a pair at Target awhile back, they are cuffed and have a tie sash waist. How would you style them? I've been told that we are all required to wear heels. Other than that, I need guidance, please."
Black dress shorts are the perfect starting piece to a "going out" outfit. It's an ideal blank canvas and can be so versatile- something you can definitely wear to something like a bachelorette party, or just running errands. Here are similar shorts to the ones you already have, along with several options for tops! My favorite is the peplum!
Bachelorette Party

"What is an easy way to transition my closet from summer to fall?"
For me, the easiest way to transition is as simple as tossing on a cardigan over tanks, or even a blazer. Tights and leggings should also become a staple in your closet. I will be getting into this into more detail in the coming weeks so check back for a post dedicated to transitioning your wardrobe! 

"I am a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl. How can I dress it up?"
There is nothing more classic than jeans and a t-shirt! On days where all I want to wear are jeans and a T (which has been rare lately because of the heat! Ugh!) You can dress it up by adding a statement necklace, a scarf, or even a hat! You'd be surprised at how something so small can change the whole look!
Jeans and a T Accessories

And now, onto something I am SUPER excited for!

I wrote this post last week about an awesome opportunity- I was invited to take part in Wallis and Miraval Resorts "Make Time for Me" giveaway! You guys, I have the chance to win a two night, three day getaway and some fab Wallis clothing! I had to create my packing list for my getaway, which was so easy because Wallis has such a great selection! Here is one of my favorite looks I put together:

Now here is where you come in! You can help me win this awesome getaway by voting......

And you can vote every hour until July 31st! No need to worry, I will be reminding you! 

But it gets better...you, my lovely readers, get the chance to win $25 to Wallis! Awesome, right? All you have to do is enter below! And guess what, you can enter to win the gift certificate EVERY DAY, which increases your odds of winning!! I can't thank you enough for all of your support!!

See you tomorrow!

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What I Wore: Stripes, Booties and a Fedora

This dress was one of those pieces in my closet that I have had for months and just ripped the price tag off the other day. Honestly, I am mad I waited so long! I think I have worn it at least three times already since I tore the tags.

I thought it was a great way to incorporate neon into my look (seems as though I have been on a neon kick lately, no?). Add the booties and my awesomely comfortable moto jacket and this look is easily a favorite of mine. It will definitely be on repeat!

This fedora is easily becoming my new favorite hat. I have had the same fedora for several years, and its gotten tighter as the years have progressed. I have no clue why....I am guessing my head got bigger, but is that even possible?!?! I mean I know when I gain weight I gain it everywhere on my body, even my fingers, but my head? Maybe its just because of the fact that I have had two children? Who knows, but I thought post pregnancy I at least wouldn't have to buy a new hat! As if I don't have enough to worry about with weight...I gain it in my head?!?! Ugh! :) Regardless though...I am loving this one. Target's hat selection is awesomely cute and inexpensive!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Target (old) /// Jacket: Gap /// Shoes: Target /// Handbag: Target (old) /// Hat: Target
Photos: Tabitha at Lifesong Mama

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Have a great day, everyone!

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