$25 A Boutique Giveaway!

I am excited to be collaborating today with Marissa from A Boutique. She has such a cute selection of pieces that are right on trend!! I picked out this adorable chevron top! I couldn't pass up the chevron print, or the color. It was a perfect combo, and will be an easy transition into the fall! I can't wait to throw on a blazer and brown boots with it! Right now, skinny jeans and sandals are perfect!

What I love about it, is that it's so easy to style and so comfortable. I am particularly fond of shirts that are longer. Anything that covers what I've got going on behind me is a winner in my book!!

Marissa is kind enough to give away $25 to A Boutique!! Perfect timing with all of her new fall arrivals!! See how to enter the contest below!! We will announce the winner Tuesday, September 3rd! 



Myth Busters: Curvy Girl Fashion Edition

I am going to take a page (or several) from the September issue of InStyle. If you haven't grabbed your copy yet- head out now and get it! It is a must have!

As I was reading through the magazine, I came across an awesome article debunking "plus-size" (or even curvy) fashion myths. I was intrigued. Gabi Gregg, of GabiFresh did an awesome job writing it- if you haven't been to her blog yet, you have got to check it out. She is just amazing! (we could all learn a thing or two from her beautiful self esteem) She has awesome style and is absolutely gorgeous too!

How often do we hear that horizontal stripes shouldn't be worn by a certain build or over the top prints should only be worn by stick figures? A lot. Or at least I do. That's what "they" always say, right? Who are "they?" I often wonder that! (Not just in a fashion sense, but with everything- I wonder if there is a massive room somewhere filled with boring, expert type people known as "they." I know- random thought)

Here are five of the ten myths she chatted about:

~It's important to find the right width of stripes
~Thicker stripes are best for curvy women (its proportional)
~Very thin, very close, stripes tend to have an enlarging effect

How awesome does she look in horizontal stripes? 

~Wrong-leggings are for everyone
~Find leggings that have detail like leather accents- provides slimming effect
~Flowy/loose fitting tops are best to pair with leggings
~Also best if it hits mid-upper thigh

~Stilettos elongate you!
~Be aware of shoes with ankle straps- they can cut you off (does that even make sense to you?!?!)
~Monochromatic looks help elongate (black tights, black shoes, nude tights, nude shoes, etc)

~You don't have to emphasize your waist 24/7
~When wearing a loose fitting shift dress show off your legs-
choose a hemline at the knee or higher
~Also choose a fun design! That can make the shapelessness less boring!

~If you wear a mini, just make sure to cover up more on top! (save the crop top for another day)
~If you are anything like me and don't like your legs, just cover up with some tights! This season is all about thick tights and ankle booties. They are the perfect pairing with mini skirts!

So there you have it, ladies! Just because you are curvy or plus size does NOT mean you have to sacrifice your fashion. Gabi shares some more myths in the article, so go get your copy now and read the rest. I am telling you, this girl has got talent and smarts!!

If you haven't yet, enter to win a set of Jamberry Nails here! Only two days left! 

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Season Switch

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here is my September post for Susquehanna Style! We are talking summer to fall transition pieces!!

Can't believe that fall is right around the corner! How crazy is that? If you are anything like me, you are already thinking fall fashion. As much as I want to shop till' I drop for fall, I know I already have so many pieces in my closet that I can easily transition into the colder months. My husband (and our bank account) will appreciate that!

Here are a few ideas of how you can transition some of you basic summer pieces into a fall look!

Summer to Fall

Don't pack away your maxi skirt just yet, ladies! An easy transition is just adding a denim jacket (or even a blazer), scarf, and booties!

Summer to Fall

Your sundresses don't need to start collecting dust until next summer! I am a huge fan of adding opaque tights, a blazer and booties (or knee high boots) to change my summer sundress to a fall essential!

Summer to Fall

Lastly, your printed jeans. These are so simple to transition. Swap out the sandals for boots, add a cardigan and maybe a statement necklace (or even a scarf) and you have yourself a new fall look!

A few staples for my own "summer to fall" wardrobe are:

1. A blazer
2. Denim jacket (I wear mine usually until winter!)
3. Scarves (printed and in many colors)
4. Booties (to replace my sandals)

Chances are, you have some, if not all of the above already in your closet! Take a look at what you have before you invest in a whole new fall wardrobe! Most likely, your basic staples you own, such as your blazers, will be essential in transitioning your wardrobe! 



Ella's Back to School with FabKids

One of my most favorite things about back to school time is the shopping. I have missed that the last couple of years (you better believe I did back to school shopping for myself when I was teaching!), so when Ella's first day of kindergarten was fast approaching I couldn't wait to update her closet! Ella was just as eager too!

I was recently introduced to FabKidsJustFab's newest fashion club. It was started by a team of parents including mom/actress Christina Applegate. FabKids is a convenient outfit club- the way it works is parents get a monthly selection of super affordable outfits that are personalized just for your child!

For just $39.95 a month, you will be sent an outfit that consists of three pieces (Ella's first outfit came with a skirt, shirt, and scrunchies!). Outfits are available in sizes 2-12 for boys and girls, and ships for free (and quickly too)! The sizing is really great and on the mark. I was able to get a small for Ella. It fits her well enough that she isn't constantly pulling up the skirt or tugging at the shirt, but is just big enough that she will be able to wear it for months! (I can't wait to add some cute leggings to the look when the colder months start).

Before choosing your outfit, you get to take a super cute style quiz based on your little one that allows you to choose outfits that are tailored just for your order! They arrive in an adorable box too! Ella was so thrilled that something so fancy came in the mail just for her!

Here is Ella modeling her outfit of choice. She needed no direction! What's so awesome about these outfits is they are stylish but easy to play in- two important things for a budding fashionista like my daughter! She was all sassy and cute wearing this to church but a typical kid chasing butterflies and riding her Barbie Hot Wheels car later in the day! (Warning: There may be an overload of Ella pictures. I just loved them all I couldn't narrow it down!)

I just LOVE the detail in the shirt. With the back tie and the V-neck, it makes it SO much more stylish than just a plain tee!

Outfit Details:
 Shirt/Skirt/Hair Accessories: c/o FabKids /// Leopard Hightops: Target 

Check out FabKids right now, because they are offering a new member exclusive: your first outfit is just $19.95! A whole outfit for under $20!

 Not to mention the time it saves picking out an outfit/getting dressed in the morning. I will vouch that it makes mornings SO much less stressful with the whole outfit (including the hair accessories) already picked out. There are a lot less tantrums/outfit changes/time outs in this house! 

Don't forget to enter my awesome Jamberry Nails giveaway here! 



Giveaway:Jamberry Nails!!

I don't know about you ladies, but I don't have all the time in the world to get a manicure. Do I wish I did? Absolutely. On top of that, I know I don't have the money to spend on regular manis. (plus I would rather spend that money on a new shirt or something, if I am being honest!)

My current manicures now usually consist of painting my nails literally right before I go to bed, then falling asleep with my hands delicately placed on my stomach so my nails dry while I sleep! I know...lame!

I had heard of Jamberry Nails before but never really understood the concept of them. Leave it to friends to change that! One of my college friends Katie became a consultant and sent me some to try (which I was super excited about..thanks, Katie!!). If you aren't sure what they are, let me explain:

Jamberry Nails provides DIY nail wraps that can be done at home! Because they are an adhesive-like nail wrap, you don't have to worry about chips, or waiting for them to dry! Plus, they last A LOT longer than a normal manicure. They are affordable, and you definitely get your money's worth. Not to mention, there are over 250 styles to choose from! From snakeskin, to sportsdamask, and even your college alma mater!

Although some of the prints they offer aren't my particular style, I was impressed with the huge selection. What's even more cool is that you can design your own in their Nail Art Studio. Simply upload what you want to get started and you have custom nail wraps! Here are a few of my faves:

1. /// 2. /// 3. /// 4. /// 5.

As far as the application goes, they are relatively easy to apply. My first time applying them did take a little while but honestly, with each nail application I started to pick up the pace a little bit more! I also didn't do the best job, but practice makes perfect, right?!?! There is a short how-to video that I recommend taking a look at before you apply yours- its pretty helpful!

Here are a few pics of my nails, and some pics of my friend Katie's nails that she has done in the past! You can tell she applies hers a little better than I do.

I wanted to choose a fun print- something that I wouldn't be able to do myself!

Yes, you are seeing things right, ladies! There are Jamberry Juniors for your little ones. I know Ella would absolutely love to rock some of these. She'd feel like the coolest kindergartner! 

It's your lucky day, ladies! TWO of my readers will each win one set of nail wraps- your choice, courtesy of my friend, Katie! There are multiple applications on each set (enough for your toes too!)!

Take a few minutes and browse their awesome selection and enter to win below! (Please note, some of the styles will be retiring at the end of the month!)
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All Natural Style with Lucky and Seventh Generation

**I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.**

I will be the first to admit I don't have the best skincare routine. I pretty much confessed that in this post. I don't always wash my face before I go to bed, sometimes forget to moisturize. It happens.

Even though I am not the best with my skin, I am always on the lookout for something new to try for my skin. I am sure you have heard of Seventh Generation before. Most of those I chatted with about this only knew of their cleaning products. They are SO much more than that. Not only do they offer environmentally friendly cleaning products, but they also offer products for baby (hello diapers!) and of course personal care products! When I was sent some of their new skin boosting serums (available at Walgreens for $14.99) I was pretty excited to try them-Not only to give my aging and tired skin a little boost, but because I love supporting a company that cares about the environment we live and breath every day!

The nice thing about these skin boosting serums is they are 100% plant-based- plus there is a variety to choose from to fit your skin's needs. I was able to try the Hydrating and Revitalizing over the last two to three weeks. After a few days though, I realized that I did not really need the hydrating, and stuck mainly to the revitalizing. 

Over the course of the last two to three weeks, I have noticed a slight difference in my skin. I have always had dark under eye circles. I really think they look less harsh since using the revitalizing serum. I just think the overall look of my skin is better. Do I feel like I can leave the house without wearing any makeup? No! (I think I need the Fountain of Youth for that one). But I do notice a change.

When using the serum, I didn't use any facial moisturizer either. This did a great job of moisturizing, although you can combine the serums with their lotions for an added bonus. 

Even though I don't think I will ever go out of the house sans makeup, using the serum sort of allows me to have the "less is more" mentality. Because it makes my skin look a little more awake I am ok with heading out with minimal makeup on. Usually those days its some BB cream, mascara, and blush (sometimes no blush-just a pinch or two of my cheeks for natural color). Toss my hair into a top knot and I am good to go. On those low key, all natural days you can find me wearing something pretty low key like this little number...

You can't get more all natural, comfy (and even stylish) than boyfriend jeans and some Chuck Taylors! 

So what about you? Are there days where all you want to do is be as natural as you can be?



Re Post: What I'm Wearing: You'll Never Guess!!!

Let's try this again! I posted this earlier today and the pictures weren't showing for some reason...so hopefully they are now!

Are you sick of this jacket yet? If you get anything from my blog, let it be that you can wear a denim moto jacket one thousand different ways! It really is the perfect jacket. I know, I know- I sound like a broken record. But I really just cannot stop wearing it! I feel bad for my poor standard, run-of-the-mill denim jacket because its been neglected so much. There really is no end in sight with the jacket though. So I hope you all get used to it, because I am sure this won't be the last time you see it!!!

For this outfit, I wanted to dress down my black pants. They are the perfect pants to wear with heels, or like I did here with my booties. So versatile, which is always a plus for pieces in my wardrobe! Really, if you don't have a pair of black ankle pants you need to get a pair. I can't tell you how many times I have worn mine for a business meeting or even with a pair of heels and a dressy blouse, and then dressed it down with something super casual. I just love a wardrobe piece with versatility!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Gap /// Pants: Target /// Booties: Target (similar) /// Necklace: Target (similar) /// Bracelet: Stella and Dot /// Shirt: Old Navy /// Photos: Tabitha from Lifesong Mama 

So  yeah- about this jacket...this isn't the last of it you will see. You can count on that! I am now off to dry my tears...my baby girl starts kindergarten tomorrow. Seriously. Where did the time go? :(

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MNG by Mango for JC Penney

One of the beauties of visiting my hometown is spending time with family. My cousin Katie (we missed you, Laura!) and I met up to do some shopping, which is pretty much a given when I come home. If its one thing we do best, its shop!

I have talked about how much I think JC Penney has really stepped up their game over the last year. I have had many a purchase from there! Now I don't know if I have been a little oblivious or not, but this weekend I discovered MNG by Mango for JCP. I fell in love, you guys. The cutest, chicest and (most importantly) affordable pieces. So affordable. It didn't take me long to try on a few pieces. I know I have a military vest from Old Navy that I have worn the crap out of over the last year (hereherehere) but it is starting to get a little worn down. Plus, I couldn't resist the studded detail in MNG's military vest. I knew it would be the perfect replacement! Besides the awesome new vest I purchased, here are a few of my fave pieces from their collection. Scroll through and see what your favorite is!

So what about you? Are there any recent brands or collections you've discovered that you just can't get enough of?