Jet Setters Go-To Guide for Carry On Essentials

Ok, ok, I am definitely not a jet setter, but I can pretend, right?!?! As much as I like to over pack (I always have to put some of my things in my husband’s suitcase), I try to keep my carry on to a minimum. Mainly because you have to lug it all throughout the airport, rummage through it on the airplane, and then make sure it gets to your final destination. I like it to be smaller with things easily accessible.

I rounded up some of my necessities I like to take with me when I fly. Simple, but a must!

My Blair Ritchey tote was great for this trip. Since it is more of a spring/summer bag I thought it would be perfect. It is roomy, durable and it doubled as my pool/beach bag while I was there! Magazines are a no brainer for me. My husband likes to refer to me as the Magazine Queen, which is pretty accurate. I always have a stack a mile high on our coffee table! 

A scarf is great for the plane ride because it can get pretty frigid in flight sometimes. I also toss in a pair of socks just in case my feet get cold (which they always are, along with my hands!). This Mini Emergency Kit was one of my faves in my Lucky FABB gift bag. It has everything in it from lip balm, stain remover to safety pins. You never know what you will need! I love that it is small enough to not take up a ton of room!

I usually take all of my essentials out of my big wallet (id, debit card, insurance card) and put it in my smaller Blair Ritchey wallet. I leave my larger wallet at home! Again, the smaller takes up less room! Gum, is for the ear popping, my phone for Candy Crush (duh) and music (along with my ear buds), and my Kindle to help pass the time by reading! 

My striped Stella and Dot pouf is perfect to store my makeup essentials for the trip. My makeup storage at home is typically pretty large, so I usually like to downsize for trips and only take a few things. Lets be honest, I do not need all of my blush, eye shadows, eye liners, etc. I like to keep my makeup in my carry on just in case my luggage gets lost. At least I will have my makeup! Sunglasses are just something I can’t go anywhere without! I feel naked if I don’t have them on me!

A couple of things that I don’t have showing in the picture are a change of shoes, which I chatted about in my post yesterday. When traveling from a cold to a warm climate and vise verse, I like to have a change of (not overly bulky) shoes. I also keep a small bottle of tension headache medicine! I get headaches pretty frequently so I always have some on hand, particularly for long travel days! 

Ok, so here is a recap of my carry on essentials:




  1. Because of Jackie
    January 29, 2014 / 1:48 pm

    That tote is perfect for double duty! I am also a magazine Queen, especially the trash ones;)

  2. Kristen
    January 30, 2014 / 5:44 pm

    will we get to see some vacation pics? loved your travel bag essentials!

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