Kluster Happy

I was first introduced to Kluster when I attended Lucky FABB in October! Kluster is the most charming line of hand made, made in the USA jewelry! Every piece is truly made by hand. To me, something made by hand is a lot more unique and meaningful, because you know someone poured their hard work into it!

After Lucky FABB, I quickly added the Sparkling Sage bracelet to my jewelry collection- I absolutely love it! (you can see me wearing it here and here) My bracelet is made with genuine green aventurine gemstones!

They just released their new spring/summer line a few weeks ago and it's pretty gorgeous! They added tons of bright colors for the spring (Cherry Pink, Electric Blue, Clover Green)!

Gorgeous, aren't they? And yes, they are handmade!! 

What is even more awesome is they include a hand written note with your purchase. I don't know about you, but I think hand written notes, letters, etc are a dying breed (sad, but true), so receiving one is a pleasant and welcomed surprise! 

Check them out, add some color to your jewelry, and support a small, hard working, made in the USA business! When you wear their jewels, instagram a picture of yourself wearing it and use the hashtag #klustered to be featured on their website or instagram account!

This post isn't sponsored by Kluster...I just really like their stuff :) 


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  1. Love your sage bracelet! That's such a pretty shade of green. And I love companies that write handwritten notes!
    Jeans and a Teacup