Take a Tour of My Closet (And a Fun Announcement!)

Happy Friday! So thankful the weekend is here!

I wanted to follow up from my post on Wednesday, where I shared my own personal closet cleaning/organizing tips and give you a little closet tour!

Hindsight, my husband and  I probably should have rearranged things and made an additional bedroom (that would have been the logical thing to do, you know, with having two children and all), but at the time, it seemed way more reasonable to make the vacant space above our garage our closet. Why not, right?

Walking right into the closet. Chances are you will always see a trash bag filled with clothes, because I start to go through my closet to get rid of things, and then it just sits and sits, and I slowly and slowly add to it. (I do a binge every once in a while though)

Like I said in my closet organization post, I like to organize my closet by similar items. Cardigans are kept together, blazers, etc. 

This little nook in the closet is a thorn in my side. My husband and I had the grandiose idea of turning it into a little office nook. Well....this is as far as we got. I have been trying to organize it, reorganize it, make it presentable and it still ends up looking like this. Most days, I just try to not look at it! It's cluttered, its a mess and soooo not cute to look at. Anyone who wants to come over and redecorate it make it look Pinterest cute, go right ahead!

My husband's little corner of the closet. He really doesn't need more than that which works for me right? More room for my things! 

To see some more detail shots or specific ways I organize things, check out this post!

Also, I am SUPER excited to let you know I am now a contributor over at CupcakeMag!! If you haven't checked them out yet, you must! Head on over and check out my post today on spring trends to add to your closet! I will be contributing over there every Friday, so mark your calendars! 



  1. Wow, HUGE closet space! Reminds me of our house in FL--bathrooms and closets are huge down there too!

  2. Your closet is absoloutely amazing! Completely my dream closet!

  3. I'm with you, FORGET the extra bedroom and all that nonsense and build the best closet, ever. You nailed this, sister.