My New Fave Maxi Skirt + Kicking Myself

I am sure most of you have your stores that are considered your "go-to" stores. For me, it is pretty much Target and Old Navy with some Gap thrown in there. I would think it is pretty obvious whether you are a loyal reader or have just started reading my blog.

For me, its their selection and definitely their price. Yes, I like to have nice and expensive things and I will splurge sometimes, but my wallet (or husband!) doesn't allow me to purchase a shirt for $75 in five colors. I would rather take that $75 to Old Navy or Target and buy several things! I know a lot of you are with me on this one!

I headed to Old Navy on Sunday for a little retail therapy, and to check out their Memorial Day sale (hey- I know I have my own store, but I can still shop elsewhere!)

Outfit Details: 
Vest: Old Navy /// Shirt: Old Navy /// Skirt: Old Navy /// Sandals: Old Navy /// Purse: Coach (similar) /// Watch: Target /// Bracelets: Alex and Ani, Stella and Dot (similar)

I love a good maxi dress, so I wasn't at all surprised that I was drawn to this maxi skirt (I bought it in black too). It's funny because as I am losing weight, one would think that I would want to start wearing more form fitting clothes, but honestly I have been so drawn to wearing looser clothes lately, like kimonos, or just baggy tee's. I am loving the style!

Plus, even though I have noticed clothes fitting me differently there are still definitely parts of me that I absolutely want to cover as much as possible (like my upper arms) and my legs (hence, the maxi dresses and skirts). 

This week in particular I have been wanting to cover up more- I would chalk it up to the fact that I did not lose at all this week. Not one ounce. Nothing. I am pretty sure I am fully to blame for that. With two picnics this past weekend, I went off the wagon a little. Not a ton, but I was definitely out of the Nutrisystem zone. I honestly think it was the mindless picking- like you are standing around the chips and guac chatting with friends, and before you know it you've had ten servings of chips and whole bowl of guac. Yikes. 

Needless to say I totally beat myself up over the lack of progress. I didn't go so far as to break out a bag of doritos and drown my sorrows, but I definitely was pretty pissed at myself, mainly because I know the week could have been a successful one. BUT! That's what a journey is all about, right? Ups and downs. Ebbs and flows. This week is a new week! I kicked myself, got my ass in gear, and am fully ready to tackle the weekend and week ahead!! 

 Tis the season for picnics and BBQ's, so next week I will share with you all some healthier options for all of your picnics that you may have coming up!

I am an official #NSNation Blogger and have received Nutrisystem for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the program. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and 100% honest



Summer Camo

One thing I love about my weight loss journey is breaking out things that I haven't been able to wear for a while, or wearing things that actually fit me (which makes me cringe to think I wore them 14 pounds heavier!).

These camo pants have been in my closet for quite some time. I forgot about them for a little, couldn't button them for a little, and then remembered I had them as I was searching for something to wear over the weekend! They are pretty awesome because they have some stretch to them. I don't know how much longer I will be able to wear them (I am so not complaining), so I will be on the lookout for a new pair!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Gap /// Shirt: Old Navy /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Old Navy /// Purse: Target (similar) /// Necklaces: Brin and Bell, Target /// Bracelets: Kluster Shop, Stella and Dot (similar), Target /// Watch: Target 
Forgive me for some of the links- for some reason my laptop does not want to load either Gap or Old Navy's webpage. I cannot figure out why it is happening, so it was a bit tough to get the links!! Times like these I wish I were a computer whiz!! If you have a ton of trouble finding anything and desperately want to find it, just shoot me an email and I will help!

As much as I love these pants, I will not miss them! (the size, that is!). On to bigger and better things...or rather smaller and better things!

And I need a tan. Like yesterday.


C'est La Vie

Happy Wednesday, everyone! How good it felt to take a few days off to just relax and soak up some time with my family for the long weekend!

I definitely anticipated blogging yesterday, but it was about 10:30 Monday night, I had just spent the last hour ordering inventory for my store, and it dawned on my that I hadn't even started my post for the next day. Sleep won. It totally won. What's another day disconnected from the world or blogging? Sometimes you just need that extra day to refresh, recharge.

This weekend was packed for us. For not really having any plans going into the weekend other than a BBQ Saturday, it ended up being crazy! My husband and I sat down on the couch Monday night after putting the girls to bed and just took a huge sigh- from picnics, to working, to food/wine festivals, to more picnics, it couldn't have been a better weekend!!

We live relatively close to the Renaissance fairgrounds and typically they have all sorts of other events there when the Ren Fair isn't happening. We tagged along with our friends on Sunday for their food/wine festival. It was a great time (best wine slushies ever!). They even had things for kids to do, which was nice. I would love to go back again without the girls!

I wanted to be comfy without compromising my style, so I opted for some skinny jeans with a little stretch to them. It was kind of hot so I didn't want to layer too much! The denim vest was the perfect piece to tie the whole outfit together! I feel like my denim vest is the new denim jacket!

Outfit Details: 
Denim Vest: Old Navy /// Shirt: Old Navy /// Pants: Gap (similar) /// Shoes: Target /// Hat: Target /// Purse: Coach (similar) /// Watch: Target /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Sophistifunk 



Wedding Season Fashion (and getting wedding season ready)

It's that time of year, everyone- wedding season! I don't know about you, but I actually only have one wedding this year (woo hooooooo, Eryka!!!). That is amazing compared to one year when I had seven. Yes, seven! And I was in four of them! It was such a blast but was SO expensive! But, I am to the point in my life where the majority of my friends/family are all married, so the years of have wedding after wedding are (sadly) over. 

As easy as it is to wear a classic, black cocktail dress to a wedding, it is nice to think outside the realm of typical wedding attire and wear some color. So many women seem to show up to weddings in classic black. I don't blame any of these ladies because black is classic and it doesn't go out of style. For me though, I like to be a little different (but not too different that any attention is taken away from the bride, of course- and not that I think I am important enough or anything like that for people to be drawn to me!).

When your next wedding rolls around, take  a chance and wear some color! You will stand out among the sea of black after black after black cocktail dresses!!

Here are a few dresses that are perfect for wedding season- bright, cheery, versatile. They are so easy to dress up for your more formal weddings, or dress down for casual ceremonies.

1. Old Navy /// 2. Elizabeth & West ///  3. Gap /// 4. Wells Grace via Piperlime

Another thing I like to add to my fun dress is a statement necklace. Again, it just completes the whole look. Plus, it is something fun to add to your jewelry box for future wear and can be relatively inexpensive-especially if you already have the dress in your closet! 

1. BaubleBar /// 2. BaubleBar /// 3. ILY Couture /// 4. Stella and Dot

Because I am a Mommy, I am usually carrying around a diaper bag or a huge purse! If I do have a clutch, I will toss it in my diaper bag. I am sure you can imagine that when I get to dress up I go all out. All.Out. Having the perfect clutch can seal the deal with your whole look.  Plus, it forces you to minimize all of the junk in your purse and carry the necessities-your id, credit card, lipstick and gum!

1. LuLu's /// 2. LuLu's /// 3. Stella and Dot /// 4. Blair Ritchey (similar, similar)

Not only is this the time of year that most people want to get into shape because of bathing suit season, but a lot of people want to be fit for wedding season! Whether you are a bride, in the bridal party or just have some weddings to attend this is the time to get your rear in gear!

There are a lot of things that are sort of motivating me to keep plugging away with Nutrisystem, and my friends wedding is one of them! I don't know about you, but my friends and I love to take pictures, so I want to feel good when I am getting my picture taken- which I know will be a lot! We love to document our memories :)

This past week for my Nutrisystem diet was really great. I am down 2.2 pounds for a total of 13.6 pounds! I am super pleased with myself. One thing I have been really awesome at this past week is drinking my water. No doubt I am getting the recommended amount each day. The majority of it I do drink plain (which is so boring to me), but I do allow myself to have one bottle of water with some sort of calorie free flavor. Market Pantry (at Target) has really good grape, and the Dasani mixers are awesome too! It kind of gives me something to look forward to, and I think of it as a treat for myself! Whatever works, right?!?

I am super excited to keep continuing on this awesome journey! It feels good to finally be losing weight the right way as opposed to all the other times I have shed weight! 

I am an official #NSNation Blogger and have received Nutrisystem for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the program. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and 100% honest. 



Pineapple Express

So how about pineapples, huh? I have been seeing them everywhere. Everywhere. On shirts, accessories, pants. Everywhere. Who would have ever thought that plastering a delicious fruit on clothing would be so popular?

I for one love the trend. I think its cute, quirky, and a nice change up for your more basic patterns like stripes or florals. When Peter Som came out with his line at Kohl's I was immediately drawn to this shirt (you can see how I styled it here), and new it would be perfect to add to my closet- easily transitional into the warmer months. I had my eye on his pineapple pants too, but didn't purchase them. Fast forward a few weeks, when I went back they were still there- to me that's pretty much destiny so I purchased them. AND- I was able to get a small. Totally not a small (have you seen the size of my ass?)-typically a large, medium on a good day. So if you get them, size down or make sure you try them on!

Outfit Details:
Pants: Peter Som via Kohls /// Shirt: Apt 9 via Kohl's /// Jacket: Gap (similar) /// Shoes: Target /// Necklace: c/o Charming Charlie /// Clutch: c/o Blair Ritchey (similar) /// Bracelets: Target, Stella and Dot, Alex and Ani /// Watch: Target 

I think these pants would also look super cute with a pair of wedges and my military jacket. Oh and a fedora or panama hat, which is pretty much a spring/summer staple! 

Hat /// Shoes /// Jacket

Have a great Thursday, everyone!!



Hangin' with Shrek

I have always been into theater. Ever since I was little and my parents enrolled me in theater camp over the summers I have loved it. I was also fortunate to have parents that took my to NYC a lot growing up to see Broadway shows! That love continued as I got older, which translated into being involved in drama in high school and throughout college.

Lucky for me, my husband is open to trying new things and has tagged along with me to see shows both locally and in NYC. It's not always his cup of tea, but he does enjoy it (most of the time) simply because I do!

With my husband being a soccer player and me being a "theater nerd" as my college friends called me (in the most loving way possible), we both had different ideas of what we wanted our children to do, but of course being happy with whatever the end result was/is.

You can imagine my excitement when Ella started to show an interest in theater, show tunes, Broadway, etc. THRILLED!! You see, Ella is terrified to try anything new, or anything at all, really. So the fact that she loves live theater makes me so happy and excited.

This past Thursday we were given the opportunity to see Shrek the Musical at Dutch Apple Dinner Theater in Lancaster. I love that we have a place to feed our passion/hobby so close to home! This isn't the first show we have seen here either- we saw Pinkalicious the Musical there a few months before Charlotte was born and it was awesome!

What's pretty great about Dutch Apple is that it's a dinner theater. You don't have to worry about squeezing in a meal elsewhere before your show, waiting to be seated, rushing through your meal, etc. There is a really great buffet that they provide (the mac and cheese is delish) so there is something for everyone! If you aren't into buffets, you can just purchase show tickets, and show up right before the show starts. There are seats that are like your typical theater seats (as opposed to seats at the dinner tables) for those that opt out of dinner. Ella and I did that for Pinkalicious because she is so picky with her food. For me, it's nice to have that option so I know I don't have to waste money on food that won't get eaten! 

I felt comfortable having Ella there too. I feel like the atmosphere is pretty kid friendly. Although she is six, and she knows how to behave in public, she is still a little kid. Her excitement can get the best of her sometimes, which makes her talk louder, so having her shout out "SHREK TOOTED MOMMY!!!" in the middle of the show didn't make me squirm as much as it would have had it been somewhere else! (yes, there is a song dedicated to Shrek and Fiona "tooting and burping" as Ella says. She loved the music so much I had to download the soundtrack on my phone for her!)

We had our good friends Jess and her little girl Aubrey come along with us...these are the faces of two excited little girls!

We even got to sneak in a little meet and greet with Shrek before the show started! Remember how I said Ella is terrified to try anything new (and just terrified of life in general)? Well that was evident with Shrek. She was happily watching from afar! Aubrey jumped right in!

And of course I did too! I love meeting actors, whether it be on Broadway, regional theater, traveling theater, I love it. (You should hear the stories of how "fan girl" I've gotten when I have met actors of Broadway). 

Shrek (Chuck Caruso) was SO nice. He answered all eighty million of my questions about the show, rehearsals, traveling, his resume, the costume, makeup, etc. I am sure after my 500th question he wanted to be done, but I kept asking away!

The whole cast also hangs out in the lobby after the show for a meet and greet with the audience, which I think is so awesome, especially for little kids and theater nerds like me the love this kind of thing! They even have a gift shop for you to get little souvenirs from the show....Ella didn't have to twist my arm too much to get her these cute Fiona ears :)

They've got a pretty great lineup for the rest of the year, too. Jess and I are already planning on heading back later this summer for Hairspray, minus the kids-Mommy needs a night out! They also have some really great children's shows planned for the year as well! I am adding a show or two to our summer plans- I know Ella will love it! 

One thing I am trying to convince her to do is their Broadway Bound class. It is only a week, and they learn all sorts of basic theater techniques, and end the week with a small production! I can just see the cuteness overload now! 

Those of you that are in the York/Lancaster area, or those of you that are coming to the area for the summer- check out Dutch Apple and their summer season of shows! It's pretty affordable, they feed you (yay for not having to make dinner), and its something you can do with the whole family!! 



Crazy for Kimonos

Isn't it amazing how tastes change the older you get? I am not by any means trying to hide my body at all, but over time I have become more and more drawn to looser, more flowy clothes. Worn the right way, they look really good, and not overwhelming.

The key is balancing it with more fitted pieces, like the skinny jeans I am wearing, rather than a looser pair of boyfriend jeans! I've worn this kimono from my store more than once already, and I already have plans of wearing it again, and maybe purchasing more for the store as well! They have become my new staple and one of my favorite go-to pieces. It's so easy to just toss on over a t shirt and head out the door.

Outfit Details: 
Kimono: Elizabeth & West /// Shirt: Target /// Jeans: Old Navy (similar) /// Shoes: c/o Rack Room Shoes /// Necklaces: Brin and Bell, c/o Charming Charlie /// Bag: Coach (similar)

I particularly love this kimono because of the length in the back. Because it's so long, I prefer to wear it with wedges, just so it lengthens me a little bit. When I wore this while working at my store, I did end up changing my shoes (my feet just can't hold up in heels as well as they used to!) to a pair of flat sandals. It looked cute and more casual, but I still would choose wedges or heels! 

Have a great week!!