Bold Kaftans

So this kaftan was a little crazy for me at first. I loved the print, thought it would be something different for my store, but not necessarily for me. One of the things I have sort of learned and somewhat forced myself to do is try certain things that I would not necessarily wear (like this crop top). This kaftan is something that I wouldn't typically pick out for myself. 

By the end of the day, I was won over. Besides the bold prints being pretty awesome, it was super comfortable! My husband wasn't a big fan of it- he said if I spread my arms I would be bale to fly- that may be the case but at least I would be doing it in style, right?!?!

Outfit Details:
Kaftan: Elizabeth & West Fashion House /// Sandals: Target /// Headband: c/o The Spark Keeper /// Necklaces: Brin and Bell, Stella and Dot (similar), Target (similar), Blair Ritchey (tassel) /// Watch: La Mer Collections ///  Bracelets: Alex and Ani, Stella and Dot (similar)

For me, I think the key was not going too insane with jewelry, like a big statement necklace and a ton of thick bangles. The bold print of the dress is enough!!



  1. Love this dress! Yes, the bold print needs no accessories - it's perfect. Looks comfy too :)


  2. I think you look glamorous! Ok, so on an unrelated note - how do you keep your necklaces for getting all tangled while they are around your neck? Am I the only one who at the end of the day, my little chains are in a tangled, mangled mess? It drives me crazy, so I've given up!

  3. You look AWESOME in this caftan! I have been intrigued by them as well, and now I need to try one;)

  4. I love it! So chic and a little retro at the same time!

  5. Love this boho style! Love the hair! The jewelry! Everything!

  6. You look beautiful!I Love the entire look!