Wear it Four Ways: Basic Black Pants

Black pants are one of the most basic things that you can have in your closet. I feel like they are sort of like a Little Black Dress. Everyone has them, everyone wears them, probably multiple times. 

With so many different styles, it is easy to own several pairs of black pants. Seriously, there are so many options: skinny, jegging-like, boot cut, straight leg. And contrary to what some may believe, black pants aren’t just reserved for those that work in an office setting or have a 9-5 job. I own several pairs (in different styles) and I don’t work in a formal office! They are easier to incorporate into your daily outfits than you think! 

I took one of my favorite pairs that I have, Target’s Modern Fit Ankle Pant and styled it several ways for you. The possibilities are really endless, but these were my favorite! 

Styling: Black Pants

Styling: Black Pants

Styling: Black Pants

Styling: Black Pants

Outfit 1:

Hat /// Pants /// Shirt /// Sneakers ///  Jacket

Outfit 2:

Shirt /// Necklace /// Shoes /// Clutch

Outfit 3:

Scarf /// Shirt /// Sunglasses /// Shoes

Outfit 4:

Necklace /// Sunglasses /// Sweater /// Shoes /// Shirt

I honestly think the first outfit is my favorite. Anything that has leopard in it is awesome in my book, but I love how this casual look is perfect for weekend errands, or even a casual date night or girls night out. If you work in a super casual office, you could even get away with wearing it there (maybe swap the sneakers for sandals). For the warmer days you could always swap the denim jacket for a denim vest

With the second outfit, I had in mind transitioning from day to night. For the office, tossing on a blazer would definitely dress it up, but its not necessary. The super cute shoes I think make the whole outfit, and are the ticket to getting away with wearing this outfit out at night- they give a more casual, fun vibe to the look! 

I picture wearing this outfit on the weekend at the farmer’s market. I don’t know why, I just do! Tossing on a fedora or a panama hat would make this even more casual than it already is. No worries about the scarf either- its gauze material so there is some breathing room on the warmer days! Like I said last week, this sleeveless chambray is a must for the warmer months! 

This last outfit, I had work in mind. I love the idea of pairing a statement necklace with basics or neutrals. It changes the whole look of the outfit. I think this outfit could also easily transition to the evening as well, or could be even dressier with a cute pair of strappy heels instead of sandals. I am going on the assumption here that most people tend to dress a little more casual for the office in the warmer months! I could be wrong though as I haven’t been in an actual office setting for quite a few years! 

I could really go on and on with these pants! The price is great, the cut is super flattering for a lot of body types, and they are really comfortable. The style of them definitely gives it a little more versatility with styling as opposed to a pair of straight or boot cut pants! 

Like I said, a simple pair of black pants is like a Little Black Dress- everyone should have one!!!



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  1. Jeans and a Teacup
    July 3, 2014 / 6:49 pm

    I never wear my black pants because I associate them with work but all of these options are really cute! Maybe I'll have to give them a chance again!~JessicaJeans and a Teacup

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