In the Trenches

I have been on the hunt for a good trench coat for a good two years now. I have found ones I like, that I think are flattering, but I have yet to buy one. Why? I have no clue! I feel like as women we all have one thing that we have been searching for, have found it, but haven’t bought it. You can add a fur vest to that list as well. Seriously, I think this is the third fall that I have been trying to find a great fur vest to no avail. When I do find one, its sold out and I am too impatient to wait!

Anyway, back to the trench coat. Something like this I am willing to spend money on, simply because you can’t get any more classic than a trench coat. To me, it is something that will never go out of style, no matter the season, no matter the trends. I know years from now I will still be wearing it! Because of that, I want one that is a little higher quality than most jackets I tend to purchase, which are on the less expensive side.

I’ll share with you a few that I have found that caught my eye. I don’t know if I am ready to purchase something like this online, because I feel like I need to try it on. I am funny about jacket lengths, and I prefer them to be a little more fitted.

LL Bean /// Kohls /// Michael Kors via Nordstrom

Asos /// Forever 21 /// Asos

Here are a couple of ways I would love to style a trench. I love the versatility it has- I think it would look equally as classic and stylish both dressed up and dressed down! 

Trench /// Shirt /// Converse /// Jeans /// Necklace /// Sunglasses

Shirt /// Leggings /// Tote /// Heels /// Earrings

Have a great weekend, everyone!! 



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