Beating The Winter Slump

Winter isn't my fave time of year, that's for sure. I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that. With that said, I always seem to reach a point where I hit a slump. I am just over the snow, over the cold, the wind, and even winter fashion. Shopping isn't super fun, because I don't want to buy anymore winter clothes (in the hopes that winter isn't around much longer), but I don't want to buy a lot of spring/summer clothes that are out either (because I am an instant gratification kind of girl).

I am trying to just mix and match what I currently have in my closet, which I know I should do more often!

Outfit Details: 
Shirt:  /// Vest: Old Navy /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Booties: Target /// Bag: Philip Lim for Target /// Watch: La Mer for Target (similar)  /// Bracelets: Alex and AniStella and Dot /// Necklaces: c/o Julie VosStella and Dot

Now is probably one of the best times of the year to really take a look at your closet and see what you have that you could mix and match. It could also possibly force you to take an inventory of what you own and clean out what you don't wear anymore! On that note...come back next week- I will be giving you a tour of my closet as well as sharing my spring closet cleaning/organization tips with you!

Have a great weekend! 



You Can Use Coconut Oil For What?!?!

Over the last several months I have really started to use coconut oil on a somewhat regular basis. I had heard how good it was for you, and how versatile it can be in your household, but wanted to give it a try for myself. I am not overly adventurous when it comes to trying crazy beauty routines or anything like that, but for some reason I wanted to try it out!


Using coconut oil is a lot healthier for you than using other oils. To name a few, it helps raise good cholesterol and reduces heart disease to name a few. I have used it for several different things that I have cooked, and it works just fine! I have also used it to bake as well- that made me nervous. I am no chef or baker- I like recipes and follow them step by step and don't like to deviate or do a "oh I will just try this instead." Apparently  to me its the end all, be all if I mess up! But, using the oil worked out just fine! 

in place of sugar
I opened the discussion up on facebook to see if there were any interesting things my friends used coconut oil for! I read online, and had a friend share that they use it in place of sugar (Splenda, Truvia, etc) in their hot tea! I tried it, and I loved it! 

face/all over moisturizer/scrub
I have been in search of a good face moisturizer, and I must say I did like using coconut oil. It eventually made my skin feel pretty great. What I didn't like about using it was that (to me, at least) it seemed to take a while to absorb. I have places to be, people (said the unemployed person) so I don't have time to wait around for it to absorb or anything. But, I must say it did feel great on my skin! I did love how it felt on my hands too. They tend to get dry in the winter, so its super easy to just lather some on while cooking! A tablespoon for the cooking pan, a tablespoon for my hands! 

You can also mix with any type of sugar or salt for a body scrub. Since coconut oil is antifungal it can be a great scrub for your feet as well!

hair mask
Coconut oil is apparently the oil that your hair absorbs the best! You can rub it in your hair and leave it for about 15-30 minutes, wash and condition as you normally would. It really makes your hair feel super soft and only need to do it once a week.

makeup remover
Just apply some to your eye area and wipe off with a damp towel. It removes your makeup super easily and it also moisturizes as well! 

for babies/mommies
Coconut oil is great to use for baby's skin as well. It's not too harsh for their sensitive skin. It can also be used as a diaper cream! It is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. For those of you that use cloth diapers, it is safe to use with those as well! You can also mix it with essential oils for your baby (calendula, tea tree, etc). 

If you are pregnant, this is great to rub on your belly. It will keep you moisturized and help with stretch marks. 

Great for lice. Yes, lice! Just the thought makes my skin crawl! My mom is an elementary school nurse- when I was talking about this post with her she told me that its great to use for lice when mixed with apple cider vinegar.

Helps with thyroid issues. I have Hashimoto's Disease (which is just like having hypothyroid disease). Coconut oil is supposed to help with your metabolism and get your body to do what it is supposed to do when it comes to your thyroid!

If you want to bake in the sun, it can be used as an SPF 4 sunscreen. 

It is also and alternative to shaving cream. 

Here is a brief rundown on coconut oil and its uses and why its so great!

What about you? Do you use coconut at all? Do you use it for anything that wasn't mentioned above? 

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Oh My DeVita Baby

I will be the first to admit that I take better care of Charlotte's skin than my own. I know I should take care of my skin, too, but I just don't like I should! Chuck (that's what we call Charlotte) is another story! She has had super dry skin since she was born, so I have always been trying different lotions, bath soap, etc to help her dry skin. It has been especially bad over the winter.

I was excited to try Oh My DeVita Baby, a chemical free, additive free, and artificial fragrance free skincare line for babies. This completely vegan baby care line is pretty awesome- and it was nice to know that I could actually pronounce the ingredients- I knew what I was putting on Chuck's skin.

I have been using the Bubbly Babies shampoo and body wash for the last several weeks with Charlotte. First, I liked the fact that it was shampoo and body wash in one. Who has time with a 17 months old who doesn't sit still to shampoo and then wash? So easy to just do it all at once! I know other Mommy's out there can vouch for me on that one! I definitely have noticed that her skin isn't as dry. She still has some dry patches here are there but there is definitely a significant decrease! 

I also was able to try their Butter Cheeks Baby Balm. Perfect for the diaper area, Mommy's!! Charlotte's bum can be a little tender and this stuff is AMAZING. First off, it comes in a roll up applicator (like lipstick) so you don't have to use your fingers and can do it with one hand (which, as soon as you become a Mommy, you automatically start doing things with only one hand). Super convenient! Second of all, it has vegan probiotics which help maintain good skin pH- definitely a plus in such a sensitive area. Zinc Oxide also helps form a barrier between the skin and the dirty diaper! 

Oh My is coming to Target, which seems to be every Mommy's second home (or at least mine). Now you get the chance to give it a try! Enter below to win your own Bubbly Babies shampoo/body wash in Calming Calendula! It smells great, is so soothing on your baby's skin, and is comforting because you know what you are putting on your baby's skin. 

This is the face of a happy baby, is it not?



Breaking Out the Lightweight and A GIVEAWAY!

It felt SO good to not have to wear a heave winter jacket for a few days! Made me long for spring even more than I already do!

As much as I love Target collaborations, I am not one to usually stand outside of the store at 8:00 in the morning waiting to charge the racks! Usually, I have the "I will get there when I get there" mentality, which I know is weird coming from a fashion blogger! For some reason though, with the Peter Pilotto collection, I made it a point to go in the morning (ironically, this is the one collection that has barely been touched since it's release in BOTH the Target's I frequent, so I totally could have waited!).

I wasn't overwhelmed by the collection, but I did find a few cute pieces that I added to my closet, thanks to some birthday gift cards I still had lying around! This shirt dress was my favorite, because I could totally see myself wearing it in colder temps, and I could also see myself wearing it when spring and summer decide to get here, with some cute sandals! You all know how much I love something that has some versatility!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Peter Pilotto for Target /// Jacket:  /// Shoes: Target /// Tights: Target /// Bracelets: Stella and DotAlex and Ani /// Necklace: c/o Charming Charlie /// Bag: Target

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Target Giveaway with A Night Owl

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Elizabeth & West Fashion: Launch and Pre Order

Happy Thursday everyone!

Remember when I chatted with you all about my new venture? Well, I have been working on my online boutique, Elizabeth & West Fashion House, (check out where the name came from) here and there over the last few months, and slowly getting my feet wet with it! Just wanted to keep you all in the loop and updated on the current happenings with it (I am sure you have been losing sleep over it).

I am SO excited to let you all know (like really, really, super excited) that you can now actually order from the website! It's up and running! Yay! It is still a work in progress, and there are still a few changes that will be made over the course of the next few months, but it is functioning and not too terrible on the eyes! On top of what is available on the website, I have also been posting pre orders on Elizabeth & West's facebook page! (If you haven't done so yet, head on over and like it! And while you're at it, like us on instagram, too!)

Here are the adorable items that are available for pre order! (Check out our facebook page for pre order details)

Super cute, right? And it has you thinking spring too, right? I know I am SO ready to sport all of these, along with some warm weather!

Check them all out, do some shopping, and don't forget to like us on facebook and instagram!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you! YOU are the reason I am doing this, YOU are the reason this is all possible, YOU are helping me fulfill my dream. THANK YOU!!!!!



I Can't Hang Like I Used To

This past weekend my wonderful parents came to our house to watch the girls so we could head out for some adult time and to celebrate my dear friend's birthday! And by celebrate I mean we went out to dinner, were at the bar by 8:00 (what is that child doing at a bar so late??? Oh wait, its only 8:00) and home by 11:00. I just can't hang like I used to (my husband, on the other hand, totally can which he proved Saturday night.) Amazing how things change. I distinctly remember celebrating many birthday's in college- the celebrations didn't even begin until 11:00. Now, I am falling asleep on my bar stool at 11:00!

Because I am tired of the snow, I am also tired to bundling up. Not to mention I hate having to worry about a heavy coat and scarf when I am out and about. This leather jacket was the perfect thing to wear. Like I told my Dad, it was more of an accessory than an actual jacket! (I do that quite a bit- wear a jacket as an accessory and not for actual function)

Outfit Details: 
Jacket: Old Navy (old) /// Shirt: Kohl's /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Lauren Conrad for Kohls /// Bag: c/o Blair Ritchey /// Necklace: Stella and Dot /// Bracelets: Stella and DotStella and DotAlex and Ani

Since wearing this jacket over the weekend, I have since refound (is that even a word?) my love for my leather jacket and have already worn it again. After all, it was forty degrees yesterday, which was pretty much like a spring day! I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of this jacket in the near future....

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Spring Sneaker Style

I don't think I am alone when I say I am dreaming of warmer weather. I have been drooling over a lot of the spring styles that I have been seeing online and in stores!

One thing I love about warmer weather (and I do this in the winter sometimes...I just don't care!) is wearing cute sneakers (or flats, too!) with boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. They are perfect for the days where you want to give the feet a rest from heels or those oh so cute strappy sandals that have no support for your feet! (sometimes, I find my feet hurt worse when wearing those rather than heels!)

I've rounded up some adorable and practical spring sneakers/flats that will brighten up any outfit!

1. Keds x Kate Spade New York Pointer in Lemon Yellow. 
2. Keds x Kate Spade New York Campion in Navy Seaport Dot
5. Crash Back Zig Zag in Orange
6. Champion Jacks in Pink

There are also a TON of super, super cute options on sale. I have several pairs of shoes in my cart...I can't decide!!! 

1. Peter Pilotto for Target Slip On in Green Floral
2. Mossimo Lucretia Sneaker in Leopard
3. Peter Pilotto for Target Slip On in Black/White Print
4. Mossimo Layla Sneaker in Green
5. Converse One Star in White
6. Converse One Star in Orchid

Just because the ground is absolutely covered in snow doesn't mean you can't get your wardrobe spring ready!! 


The Zara Scarf That Never Ended

I know I sound like a broken record...I am so sick of this snow. We got dumped on Thursday and Friday (but were very fortunate not to lose power). And we are supposed to get some more tomorrow. Ella is now going to school until June 13th I believe. The 13th! In the midst of me saying I was going crazy, Ella's bus driver (who calls me his bus stop goddess..compliment or creepy?) made a good point- the longer Ella is in school the longer I will have to myself when the weather is nice. Valid point! But still....

Anyway, my parents came up this weekend so my husband and I could head out Saturday night with some friends so we took the chance to run out for a couple of errands during the day (its amazing how much quicker you get things done without children in tow!) Errands is something that I always like to be comfy, but still be somewhat stylish, unless its just an errand for milk, and then I typically wear this. This scarf, yet again, did not disappoint!

Outfit Details:
Vest: Old Navy (similar...get it now! They go FAST!) /// Sweater: Target /// Scarf: Zara /// Hat: Target /// Jeans: Gap /// Purse: Purchased in Mexico /// Shoes: Target /// Leopard Watch: La Mer for Target (similar) /// Bracelets: Blue Beaded (necklace worn as bracelet-gifted), Alex and Ani 

A huge thank you to my husband, who has been my photographer lately (although Tabitha....I do miss you!). He puts up with my bossy demands, makes me laugh hysterically and never complains when I say those dreaded words "I need you to take outfit pictures today!" He is a trooper and is definitely learning his way around the camera!

Also, congrats to Ellen Casper, who was the lucky winner of my Jane Iredale giveaway!!! No worries if you didn't win! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks- I have some great giveaways planned with my favorite, JEG Boutique and Oh My DeVita Baby!!

Have a great Monday!