Faux Fur and Floppy Hats

I can't tell you how many times I have worn this fur vest over the last few weeks. More than I can count (and even more than I've documented). I feel like it creates an instant outfit or adds a little texture to an otherwise plain outfit!

I've said before how I had been searching for the perfect fur vest, and finally found it when I was shopping for my store. Sometimes I come across something that I just love so much, and I know my customers will love it so much too that its a no brainer. This fur vest was one of those!!

Outfit Details: 
Fur Vest: Elizabeth & West /// Dolman Tunic: Elizabeth & West /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes; Target (super old) /// Purse: Target /// Hat: Old Navy (similar) /// Necklace: Cookie Lee /// Bracelets: Kimmans (in store), Elizabeth & West (in store) /// Watch: Target



Simply Stylist

This past weekend was a whirlwind. One of the best there ever was, that's for sure. It's crazy how things work out, and how they tend to fall into place sometimes.

I know I have said before, particularly when I was sharing with you the opening of my brick and mortar store, Elizabeth & West, how I firmly believe things happen for a reason. I sort of thought that in the past, but after things over the last two years (both good and bad) happened that led me to fulfilling my dream- I am a 100% believer. Everything happens for a reason. This past weekend was totally one of those things that reminded me of that!

Without getting into the nitty gritty of it all (that would be like several posts long!), I will say the opportunity to attend Simply Stylist sort of fell in my lap (once again, thanks for that, Susan AND Sage). My new friend Sage was attending, and already had a room for the weekend...done and done!

Simply Stylist is an awesome fashion/beauty conference. It's primary focus is to connect those within the fashion industry to those who would like to get their foot in the door. It isn't just for bloggers, which is nice. It's full of people with a common interest-fashion. You can read more of what Simply Stylist is all about here. What is even better about this conference is a portion of the ticket sales go to The Farley Project - a non profit organization with a missions to stop bullying. Founder Elissa was there and shared her story, and how The Farley Project started. Amazing, to say the least!

I got in late evening on Friday and met up with Sage and her friend/client Robyn. Famished, we headed to dinner near our hotel, where the event was taking place on Saturday, Park Central Hotel.

Saturday morning started at 11:00 (perfect time!) with brunch, mingling, pictures in front of the step and repeat. I met Sarah Boyd, founder of Simply Stylist, who also happens to be a York, PA native!

1.Sage, Robyn and myself out to dinner Friday night. It's amazing how quickly you know when you've met people who are going to be friends for life...these girls are definitely it! 
2.Robyn is the talent behind Robyn Rhodes jewelry. Amazing. Had a great time picking out our         jewels for the day!! (and her jewels will be coming to Elizabeth & West in the near future!)
3.Catt Sadler and Jamie Chung were in attendance...super nice and both gorgeous.
4. Step and repeat time! 

The day then moved on to the panels. It was a great lineup for the day! Jamie Chung, Damsel in Dior, We Wore What, and even Joe Zee to name a few! An insane wealth of knowledge in one room. 

1.Another step and repeat. 
2.The super cute balloons that greeted us.
3.Jamie Chung being interview by Catt Sadler. They both have great blogs and share their insight about blogging and balancing it all. 

1.Robyn is friends with Jamie Chung, so we got the opportunity to hang out with her after one of the panels. She is so incredibly down to earth, super nice and flawless! Absolutely flawless. Talking to her was like talking to one of my girlfriends!
2.Joe Zee was so awesome. It's nice to hear how people who have "made it" had to hustle and work their tail off to get where they are. He was so refreshing! It was also awesome that he was wearing Old Navy! 
3.Doing a little shopping during the brand experience! Ditto's spring line is going to be awesome...I have my eye on the most gorgeous, soft romper! 

1. Getting a blowout courtesy of Catwalk by Tigi and BedHead by Tigi mid day was just what the doctor ordered. I wish I could recreate the curls I had!!
2. Our post blowout hair!
3. A little more step and repeat fun!
4. Barely made it through the day in my heels...so thankful I packed flats in my purse!

We ended the night meeting up with another one of Robyn's friends (Liz- super nice with an infectious smile!). I didn't get home until close to three in the morning. But it was so.worth.it. I can't recommend this conference enough! From the speakers, the content, (the swag bag!), the people I met....it was worth it a million times over!

I made amazing, amazing connections, made the best of friends (love you already Sage and Robyn!)...can't wait for the next one!!!



Buffalo Check + Stripes

Sick of buffalo check yet? I'm definitely not. This shirt has already seen it's wear and I have only had it a few weeks. I never realized how versatile something like this would be! I loved pairing it with my faux leather skirt for a little bit of a dressier look. And I already have another outfit planned for this shirt-another casual one, of course!

Tuesday evenings are busy for us. I am barely home, and we have to head out the door to take our girls to gymnastics. Then we sit. And sit. And wait. Because of the sitting and waiting, I have to be comfortable.

Outfit Details:
Vest: Old Navy /// Button Up: Old Navy /// Striped Shirt: Gap (similar) /// Jeans: Old Navy (similar) /// Shoes: Vera Wang for Kohls (similar) /// Purse: Target /// Necklaces: Stella and Dot

What's been on repeat in your closet lately? I am sure you will definitely be seeing more of this buffalo check shirt! 



My Interview with Neutrogena's (and Modern Family's) Julie Bowen-yes THE Julie Bowen!

For the future, when you get an email asking if you would like to interview Julie Bowen, you don't say no. That was the case for me- as soon as I got the email, I didn't think twice. Yes, yes, YES!

What a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Since the beginning of the year, I have been one of Neutrogena's ambassadors. Although it all has been great so far, this totally takes the cake and beats out any of the products I have been given to try! It's Julie Bowen!

Since flying out to LA for the interview wasn't an option (believe me- I tried to convince my husband. Darn him for being the responsible, practical one), skype was the next best thing! 

Besides the fact that it was Julie Bowen I was interviewing, I was excited to ask her some questions like her beauty secrets, favorite products, etc. I was most interested in why she chose Neutrogena. As a celebrity, I am sure she gets asked daily to endorse certain products- so I was curious to as to why she said yes to Neutrogena!

Her answer was straightforward and simple- in short, she couldn't talk about products that she never uses. She had been using Neutrogena since she was a teenager. The amber bar was her first product- what she considered a sort of "right of passage" into the teenage years! That makes me laugh, because I know we all have some sort of beauty product that we remember using and thinking the same thing! 

She also said she likes that the products are straightforward. She (like most mom's out there) likes things like beauty products to be easy- she doesn't have time to be a chemist in her bathroom! Couldn't have said it better myself, that's for sure! 

Like I expected, she was hysterical! Amid her witty banter, she said she keeps products in her car, particularly moisturizer and sunscreen because "the car mirror doesn't lie." Which I completely agreed with her- the first look in the rear view mirror in broad daylight is a wake up call, is it not??

What I gathered, her two big things (my 'takeaways') were sunscreen and products with retinol. Oh and fake eyelashes (I KNEW I loved her!). If Julie Bowen says sunscreen and retinol are important, I will listen! Haha!

I could go on and on about the interview, but I am sure you would rather watch the video! A few things before you watch the interview though:

~Keep in mind my skype was being weird and I couldn't see her at all. I could just hear her.
~I apparently need to work on my verbal communication skills. 
~But then again I am thinking my nerves go the best of me- it's not every day you interview a celebrity.
~Ignore the first few seconds of "can you see me? I can't see you. You can or cannot see me?" She was probably like "just get on with it!"
~Mom- I don't really think she is nicer than you.  (Sorry, Julie!)
~I talk really loud- I get it from my Dad
~I also apparently ramble when I am nervous. There was a point in my head where I was like shut up Rebecca! She doesn't care that you love false eyelashes too!! Hahaha!
~She hits the nail on the head when she calls children "selfish drunkards.' HYSTERICAL!
~I am now an even bigger fan of hers than I already was!

Awesome, isn't she? It was cool, as someone like me (like not a true journalist or media person), to be able to chat with someone like her! It really seemed like she really valued what she puts on her skin (mental note- make sure I add sunscreen and retinol to my daily routine).

I think it's also great that she supports a brand that doesn't break the bank. I mean I get it- if I were a celebrity I am sure I would probably wear jeans that are a little bit more expensive, or carry an expensive purse. But every once in a while, you see a celebrity shopping at a discount store, or carrying an affordable purse. Quite frankly it's refreshing to know she uses-and has since she was a teen-affordable skincare products! 

So the fact that Julie Bowen and I both use Rapid Wrinkle Repair pretty much makes us best friends. Or the next time I have a friend in the car and she tells me how genius it is that I have a little supply of moisturizer, sunscreen and other little beauty products in my car I can say "oh thanks Julie Bowen recommended it to ME!" 



Fall Essentials with ModCloth

Fall is my favorite season. It' pretty neck and neck with spring, but I just love being able to bundle up a little without shivering until your limbs fall off. With fall in full swing, I am sure you have all of your cooler weather gear dusted off and ready to be worn.

Although I have a pretty extensive list of what I consider 'essential' for the fall, there are a few things, that in some form or some variation, I believe is a must to make it through the months with a chill in the air! ModCloth nails it with all of my fall essentials, from blazers, to sweaters, to their awesome selection of cardigans! Check out how I style my favorite fall items!

Get all outfit details here

Blazers are something I can't live without year round, but especially during the fall. To me, they double as an actual coat- for they days where its a little cold, but not cold enough for a full blown winter jacket! Hands down, an absolute must! I also love to add a scarf-whether it be chunky, knitted, infinity- for some added texture and warmth! What's great about blazers is they come in a variety of colors, prints and material from simply cotton to warmer wool. A definite must in my closet! This army green color is a great fall hue- one that I would consider a neutral!

Get all outfit details here
I cannot get enough of chunky sweaters/open cardigans. Can't get enough. Over the summer it was sheer kimonos- I feel like the chunky, open cardigans are the falls version. I like them, because I don't think they look frumpy, like sweaters tend to do sometimes. Maybe it's their cut, or the way they lay, but I think they can be so flattering and don't necessarily add too much bulk to an outfit. Like blazers, you can get them in pretty much any color or pattern (like this, this and this)! They make for an easy outfit too- toss on over a tee, add some booties and you are all set. Besides being cute, they keep you cozy!

Get all outfit details here

Basic crew, knit sweaters I think are a versatile, fall staple. I personally have been wearing my faux leather leggings quite a bit over the last few weeks. Wearing them with a knit sweater (like this or this) makes the outfit a little bit dressier! That's what is great about these types of sweaters (like most of my fall staples) is their versatility. I can totally wear something like that with boyfriend jeans and slip on sneakers too! 

Get sweater details here

I think cardigans have potential to be a fall essential. I think something as simple as a cardigan is an easy way to change the whole look of your outfit while keeping you warm! ModCloth has a really great selection of cardigans with a lot of variety in styles and prints! You can check out the rest of their cute selection here.

What are some things you consider fall staples? Do blazers, knits and chunky sweaters make the cut? 



Everything But Jogging in Joggers

Really...who actually jogs in joggers? I haven't. Probably won't ever. But I do love to wear them! For me they are great to wear on the weekend, particularly Sundays. Easy to throw on before rushing off to church, but easy to wear for my afternoon nap I always end up taking on the couch!

I'm on the fence about wearing them with heels. I think they look great on others, I just don't know if I can pull them off, and I don't think I like it enough to try. Make sense? Regardless, I think I will stick to wearing them with sneakers!

I love the look of my faux leather vest over my denim moto jacket. The jacket alone made the outfit look too gray and bland- tossing on the leather vest gave it a little dimension!

Outfit Details:
Denim Jacket: Gap (similar) /// Faux Leather Vest: Forever 21 (similar) /// Joggers: Old Navy-sold out online-check in store (similar) /// Shoes: Vera Wang for Kohls (similar) /// Backpack: Target /// Necklace: Stella and Dot



Ella's So Fab

I think this month was probably one of Ella's most favorite FabKids outfits! She is a little budding fashionista- I think part of it is my blogging, and part of it is Blythe from the Littlest Pet Shop (she is a fashion designer).

Every month, she gets super excited when she gets to pick out her outfit. I can't tell you how excited I get when it comes in the mail, simply because I know bedtime will go a little smoother that night because her outfit is already picked out for her for the next day. I'm not kidding when I say that cuts down on an extra ten minutes!

I think one thing that she likes-besides being able to have a say in her outfit- is that most of the dresses and skirts come with leggings. She loves leggings because they are comfortable and she is all about comfort. If any of you have little girls you know leggings can be a necessity for dresses that are worn to school. Nine times out of ten, when Ella wears a dress to school she wears a pair of leggings underneath so she can play on the playground with her friends! No one needs to see her Doc McStuffins undies!

The faux leather details are nice little touch. Ella see's the faux leather I wear and loves it, so being able to incorporate it into her outfit makes her feel so cool! (Hey, her wanting to be like me won't last forever so I will take it while I can!)

Dress: c/o FabKids /// Leggings: c/o Fabkids /// Faux Fur Vest: Target /// Converse: Kohls

She couldn't resist adding her fur vest to complete the look. I have to say, I can't blame her. I feel like my faux fur vest has become somewhat of a staple for me, now that I finally found one! 



Hear Our Stories. Share Yours. #BCAstrength

Sadly, I think it's safe to say that breast cancer has touched just about all of our lives in one way or another, whether it be a family member, a friend, a co worker, whether they had a scare, battled breast cancer, lost their life, or overcame it. It's scary to think how many of us have been impacted by this scary disease.

I feel like it is so important, that there should be more than just a month dedicated to raising funds for research, prevention and treatment. I know that people work 24/7/365, but it deserves even more than that, if that's even possible.

On the same note though, it's so overwhelming-in a good way- to see how much Breast Cancer Awareness month has grown over the years. So many people, businesses, companies donate so much time and money to help put an end to breast cancer.

This month, all of the brands of the Estee Lauder companies are taking part in the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness campaign: Hear Our Stories. Share Yours. The goal is to defeat breast cancer through education and research. Check out this year's stories of intimate exchanges between relatable families about their breast cancer journeys....

A lot of wonderful companies are joining in the fight against Breast Cancer and selling Pink Ribbon Products

La Mer The Hand Treatment Lotion: for every purchase, La Mer with donate a portion of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Coach Poppy EDP Spray: 20% of the retail price will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Clinique Great Skin Great Cause: for every purchase, Clinique will donate $10.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Rollerballs: 20% of the suggested retail price will be donated.

Clinique Pink with a Purpose Long Lasting Lipstick: For every purchase of the limited edition pink shade (with a mini pink cosmetic bag) they will donate $3.00

Smashbox BCA Be Legendary Lipgloss: $5 from each purchase is being donate to BCRF

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm: with the purchase of this limited edition color, Origins will donate $3.50 to BCRF.

Pretty great products, right? On top of the awesome donations these companies are giving, the Estee Lauder Companies will donate $1 toward education and medical research, up to a maximum donation of $22,000, to BCRF for every uplifting message or photo shared on Instagram or Twitter that includes #BCAstrength! Easy, right? So even if you don't get the chance to make a purchase you can do your part by posting on instagram and/or twitter using the hashtag #BCAstrength

Just so you realize the impact, over the past two decades, The BCA Campaign has raised more than $53 million to support global research, education and medical services; with nearly $42 million funding 166 BCRF research projects worldwide. You guys, that is insane!  Let's keep the momentum going, shall we?

Shop, grab a new shade of lipstick, watch the video, share it, and post away on social media with the hashtag #BCAstrength!


The Perfect Combo: Buffalo Check & Faux Leather

I have been on the hunt for a really good faux leather skirt. Since I am not a big fan of super short dresses/skirts (unless I am wearing thick tights) I knew I wanted more of a midi skirt. I also had every intention of wearing it high waisted so that option was a must.

SheInside brought my search to an end! The length is perfect, it's comfortable, and it has some stretch to it, which is something I prefer, especially when wearing something high waisted. That's just a personal preference!

An outfit I had been dying to put together for a while is a faux leather midi and a buffalo check shirt. So, on top of searching for the perfect midi skirt, I had been trying to find a great, classic buffalo check button up. Per usual, Old Navy answered my fashion prayer and stocked one at a wallet friendly price.

I love the way it came together! I wore this over the weekend for a little outing with my family, then swapped the skirt for skinny jeans, Converse and a vest for a little more comfort!

(And yes, I know there are a ton of pictures...I was actually super pleased with how I looked in the pictures as a whole that I couldn't narrow it down. This doesn't happen often so I am celebrating the shit out of it. Deal with it, accept it, and enjoy it with me!)

Shirt: Old Navy /// Skirt: c/o SheInside /// Shoes: Aldo (similar) /// Purse: Philip Lim for Target (similar) /// Necklace: Sophistifunk Shop, Stella and Dot /// Bracelets: Elizabeth & West, Stella and Dot, Stella and Dot /// Watch: Target /// Sunglasses: Kohls

I was also going to wear my leopard pumps with this outfit...for some reason I feel leopard and buffalo check go well together (probably because to me, leopard is a neutral) but but my husband and my daughter thought my solid black pumps looked better. Majority rules sometimes, right? 

See you back here tomorrow- I will be sharing lots of great products that are not only awesome (pink lipgloss? yes, please!) but support breast cancer awareness!