Attempting Organization in the New Year

With the new year comes all kinds of resolutions. I typically am not one for resolutions because I am the first to tell you they don’t last. The last time I had a true resolution it was when I was teaching. My resolution was to reapply my lipstick throughout the day. Yep. That simple resolution I couldn’t even keep!

I guess with resolutions there is more pressure to keep up with it, which I don’t like. I don’t feel like I need something like the start of a new year to resolve to be better at this or that. Start when you want, right?

Anyway, with all of that rant in mind, I thought it would be a good time to re-share with you my blog organization post from a couple of months ago. Those of you that are making the resolution to be a bit more organized may find it useful!

For my husband and I, we find it an ongoing battle to be more organized-not just in the new year. With two children six and under, there always seems to be some new challenge staring at us in the face, forcing us to reassess our organization, so something as simple as organizing my blogging helps tremendously!

You can read the full post here! I must say (even if this makes me sound like a total nerd) that I was extremely excited to start using my May Designs planners (one for my blog, one for non blog things). They are pretty affordable as far as planners go, and are completely customizable. I like how small they are- it makes it easier to have them with me all the time!

As much as I have an organization system down for my blog, there are other areas of my life that could use some serious organization! Here are some useful articles that I found that I want to share with you all!!

Here is a great post I wrote on organizing your closet this past spring. I know a lot of people (including me) typically like to organize the closet during a season change, the new year is a good time to tackle it as well! 

This Babble article has a lot of great and super easy tips. I like these because they aren’t overwhelming and can be done super quickly and easily. My particular favorites are the ones with the shower hooks, and any of the ones that use PVC pipe (my husband is a plumber, so I am a little fond of PVC!). 

Some of these tips are a bit more extensive than some people may be ready for, but some of them are pretty great and relatively easy. I love the idea of taking 15 minutes each day to tackle something. In the grand scheme of things, 15 minutes is nothing. Imagine how much you could get done in 15 minutes- cleaning out the fridge, cleaning out your t-shirt drawer, or organizing your junk drawer in the kitchen. 

What are some tips you have to get organized? Share them with me- I am always looking for quick, easy ways to get organized-or at least feel like I am organized! 

Hope you all had a happy and safe NYE! 



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