Nugget-vention with KFC

This post was sponsored by KFC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.
While I was compensated to write a post about KFC Popcorn Nuggets, all opinions
are my own.”

If there is one thing I am good at it’s eating. And being busy and
all over the place. As much as my husband and I try to meal plan on a weekly
basis, there is always something that seems to throw a wrench into our meal
plan at least one or two days a week, whether it be a late day at work, a last
minute doctor appointment, or, after working all day and taking both of the
girls to gymnastics, we just don’t feel like cooking the meal we had planned

Those are the days where we just say the heck with it and stage a
‘Nugget-vention” with ourselves. KFC Popcorn Nuggets are a favorite of
ours and is a go-to when we are in a pinch, an instant problem solver. With a
picky two year old, KFC Popcorn Nuggets are perfect, because it is something
that I know she will eat regardless (and not share with my husband). 

I don’t feel bad giving KFC Popcorn
Nuggets to her either (or eating them myself) because they are 100% white meat
(never pressed or formed) and are extra crispy, which is just the way I
personally like it. My favorite ones are the tiny, super crispy pieces at the
bottom! KFC Popcorn Nuggets are something easy to make a whole meal out of too-
just add a couple of sides (like mac and cheese and potato wedges) and you are
good to go!  

The other week I shared with you all my
‘Mommy’ wardrobe essentials-consider these added to the list. I know, they
aren’t something you wear, but to me they are essential! They fit perfectly in
my cup holder in my car, which is another bonus-something easy to grab while I
am out and about with my youngest! They are great for a snack or a whole meal!

Any time you need to have a
“Nugget-vention” the KFC Popcorn Nuggets are perfect! When exactly do you need
to stage a Nugget-vention? When…

~your kids are having a last
minute play date at your house and you don’t have anything good to feed them.
KFC Popcorn Nuggets are way better than the frozen nuggets that have been in
the back of your freezer for who knows how long! Nugget-vention!

~you thought you would only
be out running errands for an hour, so you don’t have any snacks for your kids.
The granola bars at the bottom of your purse are smashed, possibly stale and
just won’t cut it. A quick drive through the KFC drive thru is certainly a
better option! Nugget-vention!

~you have been lounging at
home all Sunday with your family, and realize it’s dinner time and you never
took dinner out of the freezer to thaw. Oops! Nugget-vention!

~you haven’t made it to the
grocery store and no one in your family can eat sandwiches for another meal!

At this point, there is no nugget
alternative in the Wattenschaidt house! We love them, can’t get enough of them,
and enjoy the fact that they are 100% white meat. 


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