DIY Graphic Tee

One of my most favorite items to have in my wardrobe is a good graphic tee. I love to wear them with distressed denim and sneakers, or heels and a good blazer.

At the beginning of May I celebrated my one year anniversary of my store, Elizabeth & West Fashion House! Part of the celebration was a little DIY workshop ( I use the term "workshop" loosely) where we all made our own graphic tee.

I found this super easy DIY on Pinterest, and just went with that. It was super simple and super easy, which is perfect for someone like me, who isn't really that crafty. The DIY I followed cuts the collar of the shirt, but I opted to not do that.

You'll need:

*fabric paint (a little goes a long way)
*brushes (in varying sizes, your preference)
*masking tape/painters tape
*plain tee shirt
*cardboard (to put inside shirt while painting)

First, obviously you need to think of the design you want. Using the tape, create that design on your shirt.

After you've taped your design, begin to paint. I did about two-three coats.

Make sure you keep the cardboard inside the shirt-make sure it doesn't shift around too much. Mine moved a bit and I painted through the shirt at the bottom just a tad!

I was surprisingly pleased with how this turned out as I am not a super crafty person. I've already worn it a few times and it wears so well. Just make sure when you wash, you turn it inside out!