Stripes and Florals

Over the last few years I have grown quite fond of combining florals and stripes together, so as soon as I saw this tunic from Mindy Maes Market I fell in love!

Tunics can be a tricky thing to wear, simply because of their length. For me, I don't like super short things. I am not a fan of my legs so I don't like to show them too much. Sometimes tunics hit at that almost-too-short-but-not-quite length. This tunic though was perfect. It was fitted in all of the right places and had just enough stretch to make it comfortable!

If you are every unsure about the length of a tunic, try wearing flats with it- that is typically what I do. Dresses/tunics just seem longer on me when I am in flats. I feel like when I put on any sort of heels it shortens the dress, so start out with flats!

Outfit Details:
Denim Vest: Old Navy /// Tunic: Mindy Maes Market /// Sandals: Target /// Purse: c/o boohoo /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Target 

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  1. I have problems with the lengths of tunics too - especially when I lift up my arms. This one is super cute! And definitely long enough! I love the mix of stripes and floral on the sleeves!
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