Another Day Another Flowy Dress

That seems to be the trend lately. I can't beat the comfort! This outfit is pretty much identical to this outfit I posted on Monday but in different colors. I can't help it! I love it so much!

I wore this outfit for my grandmother's birthday party. And then to work. And then to work again. And then maybe for a family outing. I'm telling you- can't get enough of this dress!

It is the perfect combination of comfort and style. When it starts to get a little more chilly outside I will most likely pair it with booties and a heavier jacket and swap out the panama hat for a floppy hat!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Target (similar) /// Dress: Elizabeth & West Fashion House /// Sandals: Target /// Hat: Target /// Bag: c/o Blair Ritchey /// Necklace: Old Navy (in store) 


Wear, Rinse, Repeat

Considering I wore this same tunic just the other week, and the blue version shortly after, I would say I kinda like it. 

Not only is it super comfortable but I have found it to be a great transition piece from the warmer to cooler days. (and by cooler I mean days that aren't humid). Despite it's tunic length, it's easy to tuck in, but also looks great how it's intended to be worn (duh). 

It's lightweight enough to get you through a little bit of warmth, which is good for the temps we are currently having. I can't wait to layer with a lightweight jacket or vest and some boots. (Does that mean I am anxious for cooler temps?? Yikes!)


Outfit Details:
Tunic: Old Navy /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West Fashion House (coming soon!!) /// Shoes: Just Fab (love these) /// Purse: Target /// Hat: Target /// Necklace: Kendra Scott 


Easy Neutrals

I have been gravitating towards neutrals and super low key colors lately. Maybe it's laziness. Maybe it's the fact that I love how neutrals look with a tan and I am taking advantage of it before our days of sunkissed skin are behind us.

This trapeze swing dress is one of my new favorites in my store. I will also have it in black shortly, and also in a mullet version (short in the front, long in the back....that's what I call those dresses. Weird? Maybe.). I can't get enough of them. The fact that they are not only super comfy but pretty versatile makes them at the top of my must wear list.

Outfit Details: 
Cardigan: Target /// Dress: Elizabeth & West Fashion House /// Shoes: Just Fab /// Necklaces: The Watchmaker's Daughter, Vivi /// Purse: Target


Swimming with Neutrogena

As summer comes to a screeching halt, we are trying to squeeze in as much fun in the sun as possible. To the girls, that's pool time! Luckily, they have an awesome babysitter who takes them to her pool where they swim until their skin is wrinkly and they are past the point of being tired! As if my girls need to be any more tan than they already are, especially Ella! I used to tan just like her, and it would last well into the fall, but not the case anymore!

Even though I love a good tan and letting the girls be outside as much as possible, I am well aware how important it is to protect our skin. Neutrogena's Wet Skin Collection is the first ever water-resistant lotion sunscreen specifically designed for wet skin application to provide broad spectrum sun protection in wet/sweaty or dry conditions. I don't know about you guys, but it is quite difficult to make a 7 year old and an almost-three-year-old wait until they are dry to reapply their sunscreen. They have one thing on their agenda and it's jumping in the pool! I love that the Wet Skin Collection is:

·         Proven to provide full strength protection even on wet skin
·         Sweat-resistant and water-resistant
·         Available in spray, lotion and stick forms for both kids and adults

I can't tell you how great it is to be able to spray when they or not have to make them wait forever after I apply, before they can hop back in the pool! The lotion and stick is also convenient for my girls- in desperate times I have had to use spray lotion to apply to their face and its no fun!

Did you know that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lives, yet skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers? And with early detection most skin cancer is curable. It scares me to think back on all of the years I would make weekly trips to the tanning bed, or wear no protection outside, and if I did it was SPF 4 or 8! 

The Neutrogena Choose Skin Health campaign, a partnership between Neutrogena and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, is dedicated to fighting skin cancer and saving lives through education, early detection, and empowering people to follow sun safe behaviors. Since its launch in 2009, the Neutrogena – #1 dermatologist recommended sun care brand – has provided more than 11,000 free skin screenings, donated more than $30 million dollars’ worth of sunscreen product to families in need through a Buy 1 Donate 1 program and diagnosed more than one thousand cases of skin cancer in the US alone!!

This year, Neutrogena partnered with a variety of celebrity ambassadors, including Kerry Washington, to help spread the word about the importance of sun protection by sharing personal #ChooseSkinHealth testimonials on social media. Neutrogena believes that each story makes a difference – and can even help save a life! What's your #ChooseSkinHealth story? Mine is as simple as increasing my SPF over the years. Now I can't bring myself to use anything less than 15, not only for fear of getting sun burned but also for fear of long term affects!

Share your #ChooseSkinHealth story and protect your skin! 

Thank you to Neutrogena for sponsoring this post. While it is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


Flowy and Comfy

I have been loving the look of flowy, trapeze dresses lately. Maybe because my fitness has been lacking lately? Or maybe just because they are super comfy and any day is a good day to wear one!

I also think what's great about these types of dresses is that they will transition well into the fall season. Can't wait to wear some ankle booties with them!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy /// Dress: Elizabeth & West Fashion House /// Shoes: Converse


Oldies But Goodies

Hope you all had a great a weekend! As I mentioned last week, my husband and I are on a super tight budget these days as we start taking our younger daughter to preschool and I continue to work to get my business established!

With that said, it was back to my closet to pull together this outfit. I knew I was going straight from work, home to pack, then on the road to my parents for the weekend. I wanted an outfit that would be comfortable enough to get me through the whole day and well into the night (including a 2 hour car ride).

I last wore this button up tunic type top with my faux leather leggings and heels, but this time around I opted for a more casual look, like I said. I love how it looked with my distressed shorts and statement necklace!

(Sorry I don't have everything linked below...the internet is acting crazy as I type this. I will be trying to fix throughout the day today!)

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Target (similar) /// Shorts: Target /// Sandals: Target /// Necklace: Kohls (similar) /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker c/o Simply Stylist


Reworking the Wardrobe

Sometimes it really sucks being an adult. Like take me back to college-high school, even! All of the stresses that come with being an adult- bills, parenting, jobs, bills, random adult crap, bills. Totally blows sometimes, am I right?

We have Charlotte starting at a day care at the end of the month, and although she will only be going two days a week (thankful for my Mother and Father in Law who are able to watch her two days a week), but the two days is enough to affect our budget.

Ughhhhhhh I despise that word (almost as much as the word moist, but not quite). With this new found budget that my husband and I have (read: no spending on super fun things), I realized that I have to tighten my purse strings and not shop as much. No fun, but necessary, am I right?

As much as I would love to be able to shop freely and whenever I want, that's not the case these days, so I kind of decided to take it on as a challenge and hit my closet to re-wear, re-work anything and everything!

So don't be surprised if you see me wearing and wearing the same thing, styled differently. After all, isn't that what this blog is kind of about? Versatility, affordability?

Today's outfit was all about comfort (which I feel like most of my outfits are about, anyway). These overalls have just the right amount of stretch to feel comfortable enough to wear to work, and then get down on the floor and play with my girls. Anything that I can wear and transition from being "Rebecca" to "Mommy" works for me. I last wore these overalls more casually (you can check it out here and here).

Outfit Details:
Overalls: Target /// Top: Old Navy (similar) /// Shoes: Forever 21 (cute option) /// Blazer: Kohls (similar) /// Purse: Target 


The Jumpsuit of All Jumpsuits

If I could, I would live in jumpsuits. To those that follow my blog, I know that comes as no surprise! Their comfort, the fact that you don't need to worry about much else as far as clothing goes, and also the versatility.

I got this jumpsuit on a whim when I was in NYC the other week...it was loose, cool, and flowy enough to brave the heat!

Dressing it up crossed my mind, although the more casual style of it is more fitting to my life these days.

Taking this jumpsuit from date night to family night was as easy as swapping the heels for sandals and adding my trusty panama hat. I find myself gravitating more towards that hat and my fedora when I am out and about with my family. It's just easier and it gets me out the door quicker!

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit: Loft /// Heels: Just Fab /// Bag: Blair Ritchey (similar) /// Sandals: Target /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Target