Ruffles + Gold

One trend that I have been particularly a fan of is all of the ruffle and bell accents on sweaters and tops. I think if worn correctly it can be adorable. I also think there are some that are like WOAH.

I loved this particular sweater from my store because the ruffle detail down the sleeve is so cute! Plus, I feel like because the color is a neutral it's not so in your face. I will say though, as stylish as all of these ruffle/bell sleeve tops are, they make it so dang hard to wear a jacket! I felt like I was trying to shove my sausage arms into my sleeves. (as you can probably tell! HA!)

I wore this outfit for Christmas Eve. Although stylish, this sweater was roomy enough for all of the chocolate chip cookies I feasted on!

Also, this jacket is available in store, but for some reason it isn't available online! So check your local Old Navy! I will link some similar ones that I found online for you!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy (in store, similar, similar) /// Sweater: Elizabeth & West Fashion House /// Shoes: Old Navy /// Purse: Target (similar) /// Jeans: Target

Shop more ruffle detail tops:


Let's Stay Home!!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and, if you are lucky, enjoying some time off. I had a great holiday weekend with my family, and ended it hanging out with our friends!

As much as I would love the week off, I am not so lucky! One of the disadvantages of being your own boss, I guess! I will say it was nice to take a little breather from the blog last Friday and Monday. Even though I was working at my store, having one less thing on my to-do list lifted some stress!

I was actually proud of myself this year because I not only did my hair and makeup on Christmas Day, but I actually got dressed, too! That's a huge step up from last year when I didn't get out of my pajamas all day!

Ryan and I were able to sneak away for a few minutes Christmas Day to document my efforts! HA! The girls were enthralled with all of their new gifts from Santa and my parents were happy to oblige with all of the "open this!" "let's play this!" put batteries in this!" requests.

I am pretty sure this sweatshirt I am wearing is considered pajama's but I thought it was adorable enough to wear out and about. Don't get me wrong, it would look adorable with a cute pair of pajama pants and cozy slippers, but it looks just as adorable with jeans, booties and a plaid button up underneath!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Target /// Sweatshirt: Old Navy /// Shoes: DSW (similar, avail in multiple colors)   /// Bag: Target (similar) /// Plaid Button Up: Elizabeth & West  /// Jeans: Target


Beauty Faves: Old, New, Tried and True

Every so often I like to do a little beauty roundup to share with you what has currently caught my attention. I could probably do these roundups once a week because I am a sucker for beauty products!

As much as I do love to try new things, there are items that I find myself reaching for day after day! 

(click on the images to shop)

Makeup Eraser: I got this in one of my Popsugar MustHave boxes and was excited to give it a try. It works so well! While you can use it to remove all of your makeup (and it really removes it), I like to use it to erase little mess ups I have when I am applying my makeup! 

Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender: I've snapped about these before and my love for them. These blotting sponges are great to keep in your bag and are perfect for on the go. They are washable and come in a hygienic, vented compact so you can re-use them!

Tarte Amazonia Clay 12 Hour Blush: I know I primarily use drug store makeup, but this is a blush I have been wanting to try for a while, and it does not disappoint. I snagged some when they were having a sale and was eager to try! I feel like their colors are really pigmented and rich, and the blush does last!  I think because it does last and applies so well it is sort of worth the price tag! 

Tarte Tarteist Metallic Eye Shadow: I purchased this when they were having their sale as well. It's a really pretty rose gold color. Like the blush, it applies so smoothly. It's such a rich color that lasts all day and wears really well. I love that the metallic isn't too in your face. It gives just enough shimmer!

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost: I can't say enough good things about this lash boosting serum. In the 8+ weeks I have been using it I have noticed my lashes have gotten longer and fuller (which is what my main goal was in using it). I seriously get compliments all the time on my lashes and my answer is always the same! Lash Boost and my all time favorite mascara, Cover Girl Lash Boost!

Here are my four week results from using it:

Revlon ColorStay Foundation: I had been on the search for a good drugstore foundation a few months ago (you can see my YouTube video of drugstore foundation hits and misses). This is one of my favorites out of all the ones I tried. I use this every day and swear by it! 

e.l.f. Smudge Brush:  I had been looking for a short, dense brush that would allow me to apply shadow precisely! I actually found this when I was in the checkout at Old Navy! It works really well, especially for the smoky eye look, and for applying eye shadow as liner! 

it Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer: I have been using this for months and don't plan on changing any time soon! This is another item in my beauty bag that is a little more expensive than my other drug store items but so worth it. I have yet to find another concealer that does the trick like this one does. While it's more expensive it is so worth it- a little goes such a long way. Really-I have had my current tube for months!

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat: I have always been pretty terrible at cleaning my brushes. I know-so gross! For some reason though, this little mat gets me to clean my brushes more often! There's something weirdly fulfilling about rubbing my brushes on this mat and seeing the makeup wash away! They even have an awesome Brush Cleaning Glove, too!

What about you? What are some of your old, new, tried and true beauty products? Any you swear by?! I want to know! 


Neutral Embellishments

I love a good embellishment on a jacket every now and then-who wouldn't, right? I feel like because this jacket makes such a statement I didn't really need to make a fuss with anything else I was wearing. A neutral, muted color palette was the perfect compliment. 

I snagged this jacket when it was on mega sale (no way I could stomach paying full price for a jacket that isn't an "everyday" jacket). This sweater was also a great find. I sized up one so it would be a little looser but could have totally rocked it in my regular size. I also snagged it in the cream color, too. I know I am not the only one who purchases the same item in multiple colors! When it works, it works! 

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Gap /// Sweater: Lauren Conrad for Kohls /// Shoes: Steve Madden via in store at DSW (cute option) /// Scarf: Elizabeth & West (cute option


Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

I always have so much fun shopping for kids, my girls especially. I love being able to fulfill their list to Santa, with a few added things that I know they will love, even if it's not on their list!

While it's easy to get the typical things that you know your niece, nephew, or friend's child will like, it's also fun to think outside of the box to and get them something that they might not expect!

Here are a few of the things that I have found to be awesome gifts (some of them lucky little children I know will be getting them). Everything here is currently available and can still arrive before Christmas! You can click the pictures in the image for easy shopping!

Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook: If you have a little one in your life that is anything like my youngest this cookbook will be well received! She is always in the kitchen asking to help me cook, but especially when I am baking!

Weather Station Kit: This thing is so cool! If you have any science-type buffs in your life this would be the perfect gift! There is a rain gauge, a terrarium and other cool tools to help you track the weather!

Mermaid Tail Blanket: To be honest, I would love one of these for myself! They are so adorable and are not only cute but functional, too!

Hoop Shoot Basketball Play Set: You definitely need a little room for this in your house, but what's not to love about it? It's a perfect thing to have around for those rainy, snowy or just too cold to be outside days!

Frosted Donut Snow Tube: I kind of want this for myself, too! For some reason, I feel like sledding would be so much more fun on a donut rather than a plain, boring sled! This would even be a fun hostess gift too if you're headed over to someone's house for a day of sledding and hot chocolate!

My Awesome Book: Ella will be getting this for Christmas this year. I love this kit because it allows your little writer to write, illustrate and create their own hardcover book! This was recommended to me after my daughter mentioned she wanted stories she's been writing at school turned into a book. I like this kit because it gets her involved in the process!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera: Not only is this camera adorable, the reviews show it actually takes great pictures. To make it a complete set, you can get add a case, more film and even a selfie book! Perfect for the tween on your list! (Ella is getting this, too!)

Street Art Design Your Own Headphones Kit: Kids can create their own designs on these over the ear headphones. How awesome is that?

Unicorn Horn Headband: What little girl doesn't want to be a unicorn? This elastic headband fits kids of all sizes, but stays snuggly in place for lots of imaginative unicorn play!

Create Your Own Fairy Garden: This was on Charlotte's list this year. I love that it's something that can be created, so she can take ownership of it!

American Girl by Williams Sonoma Baking Essentials Kit: This would be a great gift with the Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook! Your little baker would love to have their own set!

Stop Motion Animation Kit: How awesome is this? With this kit, you can use the toys to make different figures, then use the stop-motion camera and software that comes with it to create your own frames.

BubbleLick Edible Bubbles: This would be so fun for a play date or party. This kit gives you everything you need to turn your favorite beverages into edible bubbles. Adults can even use it too with their favorite drinks!

These last two items I found but completely forgot to add into the gift guide! My eight year old daughter is currently obsessed with emoji's. She loves anything and everything about them. While my husband and I aren't as obsessed as she is, we loved the idea of getting her something "emoji" for Christmas. This emoji pillow is perfect-adorable enough but not too in your face!

Lastly, this set of indoor snowballs is a must! I have played with them before and it is so much fun. It's like the fun of a true snowball fight, but in the warmth and comfort of your own home! Don't worry, they are soft enough so you won't get hurt! They just feel like giant cotton balls! 

Happy shopping! I curated other gift guides too, so if you need a gift for her, for him or gifts under $25 I've got you covered! 


Bundled in Faux Fur + Plaid

The cold weather has finally hit us here in Pennsylvania. We saw our first flurry of snow over the weekend, and later this week we are expected to see highs in the twenties! Twenties!

I had off this past Saturday for a family Christmas party. Originally we were going to head to my parent's for my family Christmas party, but Ryan's family party ended up being the same day. I had just seen my family over Thanksgiving, so it was only fair we head to his family party! Oh the logistics of holidays! Times like these I wish we lived close to both of our families so we could do everything!

Anyway, the party wasn't until later in the day, which left us the morning and early afternoon. I never to get to "Central Market Saturdays" with Ryan and the girls because I am always working (really-one of the vendors they always frequent thought Ryan was a single Dad because they are always in the market without me!). They come downtown to visit me, head to the market and visit all of their usual vendors, grab lunch and then end with candy from their favorite candy stand. It was so nice to be able to join them for once!

I had posted about this sweater multiple times, but it still hasn't gotten old to me-I love it just as much as the day I purchased it! I think it's the bell sleeves that do it for me!

Outfit Details: 
Sweater: Loft /// Faux Fur Vest: Elizabeth & West (old, similar) /// Scarf: Zara (similar) /// Hat: Elizabeth & West (similar) // Jeans: Target /// Booties: Sole Society (similar) /// Bag: c/o Blair Ritchey (cute option)


Personalized Holiday Gifts with Minted + Giveaway

There is something to be said for thoughtful, personalized gifts. Personally, I think when gifts are personalized it's a testament to your relationship with them and shows just how much thought you put into their gift, making it just right for them. With that said though, it can be hard sometimes to pick the perfect gift-one that you know will be well received!

What I love about Minted is that they are a great place to shop for holiday cards (you can see mine here), adorable prints for the home, and the perfect personalized gifts.

Not only was I able to get my holiday cards, but I was able to get a few gifts crossed off of my list as well!

Like I've shared with you before, Ella is rapidly entering that "tween" phase where toys are for babies and her tastes are maturing (stop growing, kiddo!). She enjoys writing. Any chance she gets she is writing-lists, stories, or random facts she researches. I thought this stationary would be adorable for her to write little thank you notes, or 'hello' notes to her friends and family when she wants to.

Minted has a huge selection of stationary from stationary for your business minded friends (maybe you have a friend/family member who owns a business), to a newlywed that could use something fun and useful with her new last name on it!

The selection of their stationary for kids is to die for. The options are endless-so many different designs that you can customize by changing the color, font, name. 

I also love their destination-inspired art. This would be such a cute idea for someone who recently moved, or just has a place that is near and dear to their heart, like their hometown or where they got married. Their foil pressed selection is gorgeous. Their photo maps are also a great gift to incorporate your loved ones into a place that is special to you.

Still have to get your child's teacher a gift? There are so many adorable option like this notebook (that can be customized into a planner or address book), or this sweet stationary. Have a pet lover in your life? Consider this adorably funny print or this stationary for cat lovers.

I know a lot of you probably have holiday parties. If you are anything like me you don't want to show up empty handed, but you also don't want to bring a bottle of wine for the host like everyone else will most likely do! Consider a stylish napkin set or a set or personalized gift tags! You can't go wrong with either!

One gift that I am particularly excited about is the personalized calendars for my parents and my in-laws. I think out of all the people we give gifts to, they get the most excited when they get something that is personalized. We are so lucky-the girls are blessed with two sets of grandparents who love them so much, are so proud to be their grandparents and are so involved with them. Because of that they get really thrilled when they get any gift that showcases their grandchildren. 

Minted's selection of photo calendars is vast, and the options to personalize are endless. I love the one we chose, but I am also in love with this one and this one, too! When personalizing we made sure to add in all of the important dates-everyone's birthday's and of course our anniversary! 

Still have some gifts to get yet? Don't worry-you have until December 14th to order to get your gifts by Christmas Eve. Still have your holiday cards to order? There's still time. Plus, they have a great selection of New Year cards, so take a breath! 

Don't forget, Minted is giving away TWO $125 gift cards to my lucky readers- simply enter here

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post. All thoughts/opinions are 100% my own.


High Waisted Jeans + Buffalo Plaid

I've grown to love these high rise jeans over the last few months. I must say though, I have to be in a certain mood to wear them, because they hug! At least on me they do!

I've worn these jeans on the blog before. I love showing off the high rise style-I mean wouldn't it kind of be a waist to wear them with a long top, or without tucking in your shirt? I thought it looked great with this turtleneck and my fave buffalo check jacket!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy (see other options below) /// Top: Target /// Jeans: Shopbop /// Shoes: Old Navy /// Purse: Blair Ritchey