Easter with Lip Smackers

When there is a birthday or holiday, I typically do all the purchasing for gifts and whatnot. My husband and I of course chat about what we are going to get each of the girls, but I am usually the one that ends up doing the purchasing- that is a responsibility that has just seemed to work well for me! Plus, any excuse to shop is good in my book!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to shop for, mainly because I stick to a bunch of little things-I kind of purchase a mish mosh of items to toss in their Easter bag. And when I say toss, I actually mean arrange just the right way so everything is perfectly displayed! It is a holiday that I don't stress over simply because we don't go overboard with gifts-it's actually kind of refreshing!

Like I said, my husband and I usually don’t go overboard for Easter at all- a few little things here and there, a new book, some candy, maybe a little toy, and always lip balmWe have always been a Lip Smacker family. My girls love all of their flavors, especially the ones that have the Disney Princesses on them. Charlotte calls them her “lipsticks” and loves to vigorously apply them on and around her lips! She tends to go overboard but what three year old doesn't?! Haha!

What I love about their selection around Easter is they have the cutest sets to add to your Easter basket in delish flavors like Lemon Tart Surprise, Creamy Chocolate Bunny and Sugar Marshmallow Treat! They.smell.delicious. The Lemon Tart is my fave! Having them come in this adorable, giftable packaging makes it look so much cuter in the basket! Plus, you can’t really beat the price for three lip balms

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