The Perfect Fall Cardigan

I could honestly live in this cardigan! I purchased it during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (also got it in this color, too). It was literally the only thing I bought during the sale, but I would say one of the best purchases to be made! 

Besides the fact that it is comfortable, I love the length. I enjoy things that cover my rear! Although I think it fits pretty well, it couldn't hurt to size down one size. I have worn the gray one just about every Monday for the past several weeks. I have off on Mondays, so I am always super casual that day. The cardi is just easy to toss on for the day!

Cardigans in general are one of my favorite fall items (in fact-I should have had it on my Fall Fashion Must Haves list). I love how easily they can pair with things from a plain white tee and jeans, to a casual dress! For me personally, I think the longer, boyfriend cardigans are the most flattering for all body types. 

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Nordstrom /// Top: Old Navy /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Vince Camuto /// Bag: c/o Blair Ritchey /// Necklace: Target /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker

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Fall Fashion Must Haves

All items in this image are linked below, accordingly. 

With each season comes new trends, and some that seem to hold on for yet another round. While there are some trends that I will happily add into my closet, there are some that I could do without.

Along with those trends are basics that I feel everyone should have when the fall season rolls around. Some of these items could even be used year round, not just for the fall season! I'll share with you all what I feel are pretty basic fall items that if you don't currently have in your wardrobe, you should consider. Happy shopping!

Utility Jacket

I have chatted about this time and time again. So much that you all may be sick of hearing me talk about it! I am telling you though, this is a must. You can get a utility jacket in so many different styles-long, shorts, hooded, not hooded. Plus, it can be worn over so many different outfits from distressed jeans and a tee to a casual dress. To me, this can be somewhat of an investment as you will wear this so much.

Moto Jacket

Similar to the Utility Jacket, this is something that can be worn over and over again. I love to pair my moto jacket with a flirty dress to give it a little edge. It also pairs really well with jeans and a tee. One of my favorite all time looks is distressed jeans, a plain white tee, and a moto jacket. Something so simple yet stylish about it. What's great about moto jackets is (like utility jackets) you can get them in varying styles and colors. You can't go wrong with a basic black or cognac jacket, but there is something a little feminine about a pastel pink moto jacket, too. This is something that you could safely spend a decent amount of money on, because it is something that won't go out of style. If spending a lot isn't your thing, there are plenty of faux leather options as well.

Bomber Jacket

I seem to be on a jacket kick, don't I? While this style of jacket is a bit more on the trendy side, I feel as though it can be a great basic to have on hand. You can pretty much get a bomber jacket in any color, print, or price range. I love this particular trend because it is a nod to the 90's. Like that fashion era or not, it is here to stay! (expect to see a lot of velvet this season). A bomber is similar to the utility and moto jackets in that you can toss it on over anything and everything.

Boyfriend Jeans

I feel like the change of season is a great time to take an inventory of what you have in your closet and what you might need. Now is a good time to snag a pair of boyfriend jeans if you don't already own a pair. I like this style because the fit is intended to be a little looser, which is a breath of fresh air from all of the skinny jeans in our closets. I particularly think they look great with a cute pair of sneakers or ankle booties.

Neutral Ankle Booties

You can't go wrong with a pair of these, ladies. I have several pairs in different styles, and they get worn every single year. Stacked heel, flat, perforated, open toe-there are so many different styles. While it can be fun to add a little color with your booties, I suggest sticking to a neutral pair. You will get so much more wear out of them. They pair well with anything from dresses to jeans!

Casual Sneakers

I could live in sneakers. I am also thankful that the sneaker trend is sticking around for yet another season. I prefer wearing a cute pair of sneakers any day over a pair of heels. They literally come in every color or print you can imagine so it's not hard to find a pair that suits you.

Neutral Tote

I swear, just when I think my purses can't get any bigger, they do! A tote is a great 'throw all' for anything you need to tote (no pun intended!) around. I love how much they can hold, and how easily they can match just about any outfit. Like the booties, I suggest going with a neutral so it can be easily incorporated into your day to day wardrobes!

Updated White Blouse

Every gal should own a white, button up blouse of some sort. Take the opportunity this fall to update your basic white blouse. Purchase one that you know you will wear, but give it a little twist, whether it be ruffles, a white on white print, or a delicate cutout. Something like a white blouse can be worn with quite a bit, whether it be a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt for work, or a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a moto jacket for girls night out. Get a little bold with your white blouse this season and ditch the basic button up!

Head to your closet and compare it to this list- do you have everything? Does what you have need a little updating? Like I said, all of these are items that are super easy to incorporate into what you already own! What would you add to this list of fall basics?


Old Navy Tunic + Nostalgia

I am a sucker for a good tunic, that's for sure! I snagged this tunic from Old Navy when I was trying on a bunch of things for my Old Navy Try On video over on my YouTube channel (have you subscribed yet?)

What I love about this tunic is it can be dressed up for down. Work in an office or have a traditional, Monday-Friday job that requires being dressed up? Easy! Pair this tunic with a pair of black pixie pants and heels and you have yourself an easy, comfortable look for work.

I obviously chose to dress mine down with a pair of distressed jeans and sandals. I was on third day hair so I opted for my panama hat to top off the look! It was comfortable enough to get me through the day, but I felt like I looked pretty put together.

The slits on the side are a little high for my liking, but not enough to make me not want to wear it! I feel like the length, stretch and comfort totally make up for it!

If you follow me on snapchat (mommyinheels) you saw that I was home last weekend for my grandmother's 85th birthday. That is hands down, one of my favorite weekends of the whole year, simply because it is the one weekend that my whole family is home. We don't even all make it home for our family Christmas party, so this weekend is extra special.

Even though I haven't lived in Hollidaysburg for years, it still feels like I haven't left sometimes. Of course, there are a lot of things that change "when did that get there? When did that close?" but it still stays the same. And there is of course a routine of places I have to stop and visit when I am home. Best Way Pizza, the Meadows, driving by my old school to name a few. Poor Ryan, he probably hears the same stories over and over whenever we visit said places. He just smiles and nods and lets me be nostalgic!

These pictures were taken in front of my jr. high. Lots of memories there, of course. Good and bad-those early teenager years were awkward! Awkward but wonderful!

Outfit Details:
Top: Old Navy /// Jeans: American Eagle (old, cute option) /// Shoes: Target (similar) /// Bag: Kate Spade (similar) via My Girlfriend's Wardrobe /// Hat: Target /// Watch: c/o Christian Paul /// Choker: Melrose Flea (similar) /// Bracelets: My Saint My Hero


Agnes + Dora Dress Three Ways

When I am able to get my hands on something that is versatile (and affordable) I am one happy camper. I feel like I am getting more 'bang for my buck' (add that to the list of phrases I can't stand haha!) when I can wear something multiple ways. Bonus points if its comfortable.

As much as I would love to get dressed up all the time (like in a dress and heels) it just doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore. It's hard for me to justify purchasing a really dressy dress when I know I will only wear it one time. That is wear versatility really is important to me. That's why I loooooved this Agnes & Dora Lee Dress. When I first tried it on, my immediate thought was casual, but then the wheels started turning, and I thought how easily I could dress it up! Not to mention it is SO comfortable.

It lays perfectly, has a great amount of stretch, and is something that could easily take you from a play date to date night just by swapping out the shoes and accessories. As much as I loved tossing on the heels with this dress, I will say my favorite way to wear it (and how I wore it out and about with my family) was with sandals! It just had the perfect, casual vibe!

Agnes & Dora has a lot of other great pieces that could easily be deemed a closet staple, especially with the fall season rapidly approaching. (ok maybe not rapidly, with this heat...but its on the horizon!). I personally love the ruffle tunic. If you're on the shorter side like me you could get away with wearing it as a dress with flats, or as a tunic with a cute pair of leggings

Check out how I styled the Lee dress-what's your favorite? More importantly, what's not to love about this dress? I'm in love!

I loved dressing it down with a cute pair of sneakers, but adding the baseball hat took it down a few more notches. I could see this easily being worn on my days off where I am usually at home/running errands with my girls. Those days comfort usually wins, but this would definitely be stylish and comfortable!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy /// Dress: c/o Agnes & Dora /// Shoes: Sole Society (similar) /// Bag: Kate Spade (similar) via My Girlfriends Wardrobe /// Hat: Nike /// Watch: c/o Christian Paul

It's amazing how different the whole dress felt as soon as I put heels on! Even adding a skinny belt could make this dress even dressier! This would be great for a casual wedding, a date night, or even if you have a business casual atmosphere at work! Instead of strappy heels, wedges could also work! When the temps start to drop, a pair of black ankle booties would look adorable, too!

Outfit Details:
Dress: c/o Agnes & Dora /// Shoes: Just Fab (similar) /// Jacket: Elizabeth & West (similar) /// Clutch: Blair Ritchey (similar) /// Choker: Melrose Flea (similar)

This was by far my favorite way to wear this dress! I loved the casual feel with the sandals and hat-I feel like it was the most 'me' and I loved it! 

This dress wore really well throughout the day as well! I wore it to travel home to my parents, lounging around the house then out to dinner with my family-it didn't stretch out or lose it's shape at all. Looooved it!

Outfit Details:
Dress: c/o Agnes & Dora /// Sandals: Target /// Hat: Target /// Bag: Kate Spade (similar) via My Girlfriend's Wardrobe /// Choker: Melrose Flea (similar)

Great piece isn't it? You can take a lot at all of the Agnes & Dora pieces here or York ladies, you can get in contact with Jill for more info!


Floral Swing Dress

There really is nothing I love more than a good swing dress, especially when it has a gorgeous floral print to it! \

I particularly love this Elizabeth & West dress for many reasons. It is lightweight enough to wear now when the temps are still a bit balmy, but the floral print can be one worn well into fall, too! Wearing it now with sandals makes for a perfect late summer outfit. When fall rolls around, pairing it with ankle booties and even a utility vest would be an easy look!

The length of this dress can be a bit tricky, as it can be on the shorter side depending on your height. It is longer in the back, which is something that I typically prefer in my dresses (and even tops, too). If you aren't sure about wearing this as a dress, it does look great as a tunic as well. Simply size down and toss on your favorite skinny jeans for a breezy, floral tunic!

This was the perfect casual outfit for me to wear to Ella's piano recital and dinner afterwards yesterday! I will definitely be wearing it again, and even well into the fall.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Elizabeth & West /// Sunglasses: Melrose Flea (similar) /// Sandals: Target /// Bag: Elizabeth & West (in store-contact to purchase)


Basic, Striped, Transitional Tee

If you notice I am glistening in these pictures, you aren't imagining anything. Maybe you are thinking that I bought some new kind of makeup that is giving me this glow? Nope. That is just sweat. Plain old sweat. Yes, it was that hot this weekend that I just couldn't keep the glisten from my face! So.hot.

Despite the heat, like I mentioned the other day, I have been purchasing items that I can transition from summer to fall. A tee shirt is probably the most basic item that you can take from summer to fall. In the warmer months, it looks great paired with a pair of distressed shorts like I am wearing. 

When the cooler months start to make an appearance (whenever that may be), style with a pair of skinny jeans, booties and a utility jacket. Really-it's something as easy as swapping the shorts for jeans, the sandals (or sneakers in my case) for booties and tossing on a jacket. I love that particular look because it can be stylish enough for a casual girls night out, but comfortable enough for a weekend full or running errands. I am sure you will see me wearing something pretty similar to this fall look in a few months!

Outfit Details: 
Top: Old Navy (similar, similar) /// Shorts: American Eagle (similar) /// Shoes: Converse /// Bag: Target (similar) /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Although this tee looks cute paired with shorts, I can't wait to wear it for the fall! Take a look at how I plan to wear this tee when it gets a little cooler!

Jacket: H&M /// Jeans: J.Crew Factory /// Top: J.Crew Factory /// Booties: Sole Society