Mexico Here I Come!

Yes. I am going there (literally and figuratively). With 30+ inches of snow on the ground, I am going there. My husband and I are very fortunate, in that every other year we get to head some place tropical (for free!!) in the dead of winter. It's a nice little escape for us, as we leave our girls at home with the grandparents.

One of the nice things about this trip (besides the fact that it is free) is that it's just the two of us. We do have a few dinners to attend while we are there with other people, but it is still nice to have adult conversation and eat our meal the whole way through! I am also anxious to come back to snowy PA with a great tan (although as I type this the weather report for Mexico all week is cloudy and rain...boooo). You see, when we travel some place warm with our girls, getting a tan usually takes a back seat-naps (when needed), keeping the girls entertained, and just plain being a parent get in the way of that glorious tan! Not this time though- I plan on planting myself on the beach, next to the pool all week and getting my tan on!

One thing that's nice about traveling in the summer is I already have a little bit of a glow (calling it a tan is generous) before I leave for a vacation. Winter though? Holy pasty. Holy white. Woof. My tan is so non existent you can see every nook and cranny on my body, and my legs? Yikes! Don't even get me started!

Typically, I get an airbrush tan just to give myself a little color, but my husband and I are "on a budget" for real this time, so I knew that was out of the question (and has been for months). I have always been scared to try at home tanning products because to be quite honest I just don't trust myself!

I had used Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid over the summer at the recommendation of my friend and loooooooved it so I was excited to give their other products a try. Like I said before, I typically don't trust myself to do these kinds of things at home, but the Flawless was relatively easy so my worries were eased a little!

Since I had tried the liquid I thought I would try the mousse. I had also been using their Amplify Daily Tan for the last couple of days just to get a little bit of color started. 

Using the mousse was super easy. I will say though, the mousse expands a lot after you dispense it, so be careful! The first time I put some in my hand it ended up being a TON! I was able to get it all under control but I knew from that point on that a little bit at a time was perfect! What's nice though is you can see the color going on, so it was easy to see if there were any streaks or any places that needed blended a little bit more. It also smells pretty good too (I know some at home tanning lotions can have a weird smell). 

I ended up doing two applications of this and I plan to do another before I leave on Tuesday (if we are able to leave Tuesday...with 30+ inches of snow, who knows at this point!). Overall, I love the subtle glow that the mousse gives me. If you want a darker color, you can certainly keep applying until you get your desired color, or they have other products that give you the darker tan right off the bat (like their Flawless Darker)

Here are a few before/afters. I tossed on a dress that I am taking with me to Mexico (and that is in major need of a steamer)! LOVE the subtle color and glow that I have (with no makeup, even!)

I feel like this color is good to get you through the winter, too. I don't know about you, but I am not a big of super dark tans during winter- you aren't fooling anyone! The color I get from Fake Bake I think is totally believable- just a nice, subtle color!

If you are looking for something to give your pasty winter skin some color, give Fake Bake a try....LOVE!!!

Thank you to Fake Bake for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


Mommy in Sneakers

That really should be the title of my blog these days, because that's all I seem to be wearing. I am totally on board with this whole 'athleisure' trend that is happening. Definitely down to wear sneakers more than just to workout in.

As a matter of fact, I have been adding casual sneakers to my closet more lately than anything else. They have a way of making your outfit look super chic and casual but still put together.

Now if I could just get the urge to be a little more active when I am wearing sneakers....

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) /// Shirt: Gap (similar) /// Pants: Target /// Shoes: New Balance /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Nasty Gal /// Watch: Target  (black option available in store)


Old School Style

I used to say that if 80's fashion ever came back in style I would not give in. Just thinking back at some of the things I wore make me cringe. But over the last year or two I have slowly started to change my tune (don't worry...you won't find me wearing stirrup pants any time soon).

I added an acid wash denim jacket to my wardrobe, I have a pair of tapered high waist pants that I love, and most recently, I purchased this old school tennis sweater for my store! And if I am being honest, I find myself watching reruns of Full House and Family Ties and being in love with their outfits (especially Mallory's, minus the massive shoulder pads).

Anyway, I love being able to style a particular fashion from decades ago. It's fun to put a modern twist on this. If I were wearing this sweater decades ago, I may still be wearing the same shoes, but with stirrup pants, slouchy socks and a high side pony.

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Elizabeth & West /// Leggings: Old Navy (similar) /// Shoes: Adidas /// Jacket: Forever 21 (similar, similar) /// Sunglasses: Target 


Staying in Style with thredUP

If there is one thing I love when it comes to shopping it's finding great deals and purchasing things that are more affordable. Yes, every once in a while I like to splurge, but more often than not I prefer to purchase lower priced items.

With how often or how little I wear items, and just taking into account our own personal budget (we are pretty much a one income household), affordable is the way to go for me.

Yes, sometimes it does bum me out when I can't spend $150 on a pair of jeans that I know are really good quality and will last me several years, but I can't dwell on that! Luckily though, I don't really have to!

thredUP is the best resource for women's and kids' high-quality secondhand fashion (like a well curated online consignment store). They have a range of brands from Madewell to Zara to Joie, always up to 90% off the original retail price! This is great for gals like you and me that love designer clothing, just not the prices. Do I even need to mention how great it is to purchase kid's clothing as well? Every season I have to purchase a whole new wardrobe for both of my girls- that gets expensive when we are talking full price clothing! thredUP's selection is so great for kids!

Their women's selection is even better. One thing I am trying this year I have sort of made a style resolution- it is to "take control" of my closet. It's funny that I get paid to help other's clean out their closet yet I can't even keep mine under control-clothes everywhere, clothes I have never worn, spent too much money on and wore one time, you name it! (I chalk it up to wanting to relax when I am at home....I don't get paid by myself to go through my own closet!).

Anyway, I want to get it under control-I have been getting rid of things I no longer wear and doing some major purging, even including items that fall under the "I might wear this soon" category. I also purchase things I know will last season after season, closet staples and even basics. I want to purchase intentionally. But. And this is kind of a big but-I do like to try trendy pieces from time to time. With that in mind, I don't like to spend a ton of money on trendy pieces, mainly because it is something I probably won't be wearing for more than one season. That is why I love thredUP-I can purchase these trendy pieces that I love without spending a ton of money. I mean really-how can you say no when something is up to 90% off?

I have been wanting to try the super flare jeans look, sort of bell bottom like for a while now. Wasn't sure how much I would like them, so when I saw these jeans (80% off!!!), I thought they would be perfect to try!

This Loft jacket also caught my eye, because of it's neutral color and classic style. I knew it was something that I would wear season after season. And as if it couldn't get any better, it was new with tags and 72% off retail price!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: c/o thredUP (retail $148, thredUP $39.99) /// Jeans: c/o thredUP (retail: $189, thredUP $35.99) /// Shoes: Dolce Vita /// Hat: Target /// Top: Loft /// Purse: Target /// Watch: Target  

Thank you to thredUP for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Wearing Again and Again

I love when I find something that I wear over and over again. Especially when it was something that wasn't expensive at all. I have worn this sweater on the blog here and here, but have worn it even more off the blog.

It really is the perfect oversize, chunky sweater to just toss on before heading out the door, taking your basic jeans and tee outfit up a notch. It is equally as perfect for lounging around the house-I have found it pairs well with leggings and a graphic tee. 

I love it so much I even purchased it in another color-I am tempted to purchase it in this color, too!

Another new addition to my wardrobe within the last couple of months are the booties I am wearing. SO comfortable. A little pricier than I would normally spend, but I plan on having these around for the next couple of seasons. Before you purchase, shop around a little for them. I refused to spend $220 on them, so I did some shopping until I found them at Lord & Taylor for super cheap. They aren't available at L&T anymore, so just make sure you shop around!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Shein /// Dress: Old Navy (similar option) /// Tights: Target /// Shoes: Dolce Vita /// Purse: Target /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Nasty Gal /// Necklace: Target /// Bracelets: c/o Alex and Ani, My Saint My Hero


Instagram Outfit Roundup

The weather here in PA has been less than desirable for blog photo shoots lately. I feel like we have been in a constant state of thick fog, mist and rain. At least it seems that when when my schedule is free to take blog pictures! 

Frustrating to say the least! Not to mention I can't stand the mist! I would rather it downpour than mist...it just leaves me feeling damp! Ugh! I will say though, that my family loves when the weather affects whether or not we have a blog photo shoot! There is usually a resounding "YESSSSS!!!!" from my girls, and while he doesn't show it, I know my husband is doing cartwheels inside! 

To be honest, sometimes part of me is like "YESSSS!!!" when the weather takes hold, but then another part of me is like "CRAPPPP!!!!" It's so much easier to do outfit posts than come up with content! Outfit posts come naturally to me, I get in a groove when I shoot them, edit them, write them, etc. It's like second nature. Writing a post with actual content (other than outfit pictures) takes a lot more time and thought! 

But really, when your photo shoots are put on hold numerous times, it starts to get old...which is why you all get the infamous-in-the-blogging-world instagram roundup post today. 

Lots of times there are pictures on my phone that never make it to instagram, and pictures on instagram that never make it to the blog! So here you go! Hopefully a little outfit inspiration for you! 

Top /// Leggings /// Purse /// Sunglasses /// Shoes (similar)

Sweater /// Leggings (similar) /// Shoes /// Scarf (similar) /// Sunglasses /// Purse /// Jacket (similar)

Striped Tee /// Sweater /// Jeans (similar) /// Shoes (similar) /// Purse /// Hat 

Shirt (similar) /// Draped Vest /// Jeans /// Shoes (similar) /// Sunglasses /// Tumbler (similar)

Sweater /// Top /// Jeans (similar) /// Shoes (similar) /// Purse /// Hat /// Sunglasses

Jacket /// Scarf (similar) /// Jeans /// Shoes (similar) /// Purse /// Sunglasses

Jacket /// Leggings (similar) /// Shoes (similar) /// Bag


Weekend Wear

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Yesterday was my birthday-it was the perfect day! We did our usual Sunday routine-church, Dunkin Donuts (for Ryan and the girls...I just sit there and drool while they feast) and then grocery shopping! 

My husband asked if there was anything special I wanted to do during the day. My answer? Take a nap in bed! It was the perfect day! He and the girls made me a birthday cake and he cooked me a delicious dinner! Couldn't have asked for a better day! 

I actually wore this outfit to church a couple of weeks ago. I am telling you-this Elizabeth & West vest is perfect. You have seen me where it in black here (and too many times to count that haven't been documented). I have worn the gray just as much! It really is super easy to just toss on over an otherwise simple outfit. It adds the perfect finishing touch.

Outfit Details:
Vest: Elizabeth & West (similarsimilar) /// Shirt: Target (similar) /// Scarf: Target /// Pants: Target /// Shoes: Forever 21 /// Bag: Target /// Sunglasses: Nasty Gal 


My Mom Outfit

I pictured this outfit in my head, and totally loved it. I put this outfit on and loved it. Then, the more I wore it, the more I felt like a Mom in it. Yes, I know I am a Mom, but I feel like most of the stuff I wear doesn't scream I AM A MOM!! And then there are outfits like this one, that totally gives away the fact that I am a Mom, even if I don't have my girls with me. 

I know- it could be a lot worse. I am not wearing Mom jeans, or a sweatshirt with my girls' faces printed on them or anything, but I just couldn't help feeling like a total Mom! Any of you other Mommy's out there ever feel like that when you wear something? 

I even said something to my husband that I felt like such a Mom in this outfit. (I can always count on him to be honest) He said "yeah, it kind of does look like a Mom outfit!"

Outfit Details:
Vest: Old Navy (love this one) /// Top: Old Navy (similar) /// White Shirt: Target (similar) /// Jeans: Target /// Shoes: Nordstrom /// Bag: Target (similar) /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker c/o Simply Stylist