Mommy in Sneakers

I was chatting with someone recently about how I very rarely wear heels anymore, and that I should change the name of my blog because of that. But, they pointed out that it actually does fit, and makes it kind of funny that my blog is called "Mommy in Heels" when I in fact don't wear heels.

It's funny, because I used to teach in heels-like 3-4 inch heels every day. How crazy was I? Now if I wear heels I have to make sure there is somewhere to sit, or it is to an event where I know I won't be standing for long periods of time-how old/lame does that make me sound?!!? HA!

Because heels don't fit into my life as much as they used to, I am more than likely always searching for a cute pair of sneakers. I seem to wear those more frequently than anything else.

What I love about sneakers is how versatile they are becoming. Gone are the days of just wearing sneakers to work out- now there are so many different styles, which makes them easy to incorporate into any outfit. From a cute, casual dress, to jeans and a tee, they look great!

I had my eye on these shoes since I was in NYC a few weeks ago. I saw them in Anthro, and didn't get them-but they were still on my mind!

When I got home I looked on their website and they weren't there, so needless to say I was bummed. Fast forward a few days later and I was still thinking about them, so I took a chance and googled "tassel slip on sneakers" and I FOUND THEM, you guys. Amazing what Google can do for you!

Needless to say, the price was a little steep for me-I don't typically spend that much on a pair of shoes, but I had been thinking about them non stop, they were neutral enough that I could wear them with a lot, and I had just earned some money from blogging so I figured why not?

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Target /// Top: Old Navy /// Shoes: JSlides via Nordstrom /// Bag: Target (similar) /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker /// Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede /// Jeans: Target /// Necklace: Target /// Warp Bracelet: c/o Nickel & Suede /// Bracelet: Stella & Dot /// Ring: c/o Robyn Rhodes


Best Fall Booties

One thing I typically like to invest in for the fall/early winter season is a good pair of booties. While I love the more affordable stores I shop at like Target, booties are something that I don't mind investing in. I do pride myself in finding items that are affordable for myself and for you all, my readers, but there's something about investing in a great pair of booties-ones that I currently have and wear, I have worn time and time again!

When I look for the perfect fall booties, I tend to stick to neutral, Taupe-like colors. I feel like they go with so much, and can be easily dressed up or down. While I do love the booties that have the cut outs and perforations, I enjoy the basic booties-ones that I can wear into the winter, and even into the early spring!

With all that said though, I've had my eye on these ones for quite some time now. My only reservation with them, like I said above, is that they might be tough to wear when it gets really cold outside!

I am obsessed with these Jeffrey Campbell, but the price tag is a tad bit steep for me! These ones though are great because they are more on the affordable side, but are classic enough that they can be dressed up with a cute pair of booties, or dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized sweater!

I searched the internet for the cream of the crop as far as booties. Like I said before, I tend to stick to neautral colors, so I chose options that do come in my favorite taupe color, but also other options as well! If you don't have yourself a pair of ankle booties, they are a great investment for the coming months!

Happy shopping!!! (Click on the images to shop)


Casual Travel Style

Ryan and I were able to sneak away this weekend for a kid free getaway thanks to my amazing parents and amazing in-laws! With some wrangling, trying to coordinate schedules between us, my parents and in-laws, we were able to enjoy some kid-free time. Between all three of our schedules it was tough to nail down a weekend but we managed to do it! We are so thankful!

We almost ended up not going this weekend, thanks to our old dog! Rocco is 11 years old and has SO may health issues. Let's just say we woke up to a really crappy Friday morning. Like really crappy. Literally. Yep. I'll just leave it at that!

We weren't going to go, but he seemed so much better, so we just ended up leaving mid day on Friday instead of Friday morning. My parent's also had to deal with a little crappy incident from Rocco, but they insisted that we did not cut our trip short! We felt terrible leaving them to deal with Rocco, but they insisted that we not come home!

It was actually kind of nice- we had zero plans for the weekend, so we did a lot of laying around, watching TV, taking naps, eating our weight in food. It was so nice.

I wore this outfit for our ride down, and then out for dinner that night. I knew we wouldn't give ourselves much downtime when we arrived so I wanted to wear something comfortable for the three hour ride but cute enough to wear out for a casual dinner!

This vest is so great-it also comes in black (which I also have). I recommend sizing up- the arm holes seem oddly small! This type of vest would also look great a little dressier-perhaps over your favorite LBD!

Outfit Details:
Vest: Target /// Top: Old Navy /// Leggings: Old Navy (so old, similar) /// Shoes: Target (similar) /// Backpack: Target (similar) /// Choker: Revolt Style Studio /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker /// Watch: c/o Christian Paul /// Bracelets: My Saint My Hero, Stella and Dot


Perfect-for-Fall Tunic

If I could live in flowy tunics, I totally would. Something about them I absolutely love! Yes, they are comfortable, but they are even more adorable.

I particularly loved this one because of the fall colors. I thought it would look great with a pair of boots (when the weather decides to cooperate, of course). While it's still a little warmer out, I thought my lace up ballet flats from last year would be perfect! The high low, flowy cut of this particular tunic is flattering on a lot of body types.

Lucky for me, my favorite black floppy hat looks adorable with it- my hair was like 90% dry shampoo two days ago, so needless to say it should have been washed....more sleep won though! I'm thankful I have a head for hats, because they help me squeeze another day out of my wash!

Outfit Details:
Top: Grace & Lace via Elizabeth & West /// Jean: Target /// Shoes: ShopBop (similar) /// Hat: Target /// Bag: Blair Ritchey /// Sunglasses: ILY Couture /// Watch: c/o Christian Paul /// Bracelets: My Saint My Hero /// Choker: Revolt Style Studio


Best Fall Outerwear (under $75)

If there is one thing I love about fall (ok I love a lot about fall) it is the fab jackets. It's an added accessory that can change the whole look of an outfit but can also be functional when needed.

If there is one thing my husband has learned over the years it is that jackets can be both an accessory and serve a purpose! There have been numerous times where I have said how hot I was and he simply tells me to take my jacket off. My response? I can't it's an accessory!

Why I love fall jackets so much is because there is so much variety. I realize there are tons of winter jackets to choose from, but because it is still somewhat warm, and only a tad crisp there is more versatility in what fall outerwear has to offer!

Vests are a favorite of mine- whether they are faux fur, a puffer vests, utility vests, or sleek blazer vests, they give a little finishing touch to an outfit.

I just started the whole poncho thing last fall and have no intention of stopping this season. I love them because you can look pulled together (when you might actually not have it together). It's easy to toss one on over jeans and a tee and call it a day!

Bomber and moto jackets are great for adding a little edge to your outfit. I particularly love moto jackets because they are something that never go out of style. For me, the verdict is out yet as to bomber jackets will stick around, but for now, I am loving it!

Trenches and raincoats are an easy add-trench coats are timeless and raincoats are practical! Haven't they come such a long way? I remember hating to wear a raincoat when I was little because they were not cute!!

Take a look at my fave picks...they are all under $75!!


Comfy Weekend Wear

Like everyone, I am a fan of the weekend. Something about the weekend the shifts my mindset into more of a laid back mode. Despite the fact that I work on Saturdays at my store, I still love the weekends. Working on Saturdays just has a different vibe to me than any other day of the week. Maybe it could be that all of my shoppers are in weekend mode? Perhaps!

Along with this laid back mindset is wanting to be in nothing but comfortable clothes! Sure I like to get dressed up, but to me, unless I have specific plans that calls for being dressed up, comfort is the way to go for me.

This slouchy dolman from the Mint Julep Boutique has been a favorite of mine recently (really...I wore it twice in three days. Oops!). I looks great with jeans, like I am wearing but it also looks cute with leggings for a little more of a lounge look. It is a tunic length, which is nice. But I also like how I am wearing it!

The fit is really great, too-slouchy enough to be comfortable but not too slouchy that it makes you look frumpy (there is a fine line!). I would say it's true to size as I am wearing a large and it fits well. I guess if you wanted a more fitted look you could safely size down as well. I love the dolman sleeve look in general, so was please that this tunic had dolman sleeves. I feel like that look is a little more forgiving for someone like myself who has thicker arms!

The Mint Julep Boutique is doing "Slouchy Sunday's" where they offer these awesome tunics for 50% off, but as a special offer to you, my readers, you get this awesome deal every day of the week! They even come in multiple colors, so you have a ton of options to choose from! I also am a fan of this blue! To get this offer just click on any of the links I've provided within this post and you're all set!

I am telling you-it's like wearing a pajama shirt out in public! They are perfect for those lazy, but get-stuff-done weekends, whether you have errands to run or football to watch!

Outfit Details:
Dolman Tuni: c/o The Mint Julep Boutique (also love this color) /// Jeans: Target /// Shoes: Adidas /// Plaid Top: Old Navy (similar) /// Backpack: Target (similar) /// Sunglasses: ILY Couture  /// Watch: c/o Christian Paul


Favorite Fall Looks

With being away part of the weekend, squeezing in time for some photo shoots with my husband proved to be difficult. Soooooo I figured I would pull my favorite fall looks from last fall!

I noticed that a handful of my favorites are still my favorites. Items that I would still wear this season and would gladly purchase again, or some variation of it! As much as I love trends and will definitely give them a try, sometimes it just feels good to purchase things you know will last you season after season!

Here are a few of my favorites from last fall that I plan to wear this season as well!

This outfit was a favorite of mine because I loved this scarf, and still do! Luckily, it is still in stock! I wore this a lot just over jackets, or on warmer days just tossed over a tee and pair of jeans. I honestly thought, several years ago when I purchased the blanket scarf that it would just be a fleeting trend, but fast forward a few years later and they are still holding strong!

I also love a good boyfriend cardigan during the cooler months. It can create such an easy, everyday outfit and is also a pretty effortless look without looking sloppy.

Shop blanket scarves:

Shop boyfriend cardigans:

I absolutely loved this outfit. When it got a little colder I wore this poncho with a long sleeve top and booties just to warm it up a bit. I love ponchos because they can hide so much, without making you look frumpy. While I wore it belted here, I did manage to wear it multiple times without the belt. 

I have found that ponchos are great for those early fall days where you don't quite need to bundle up yet. It's a chic, comfortable way to stay warm on those crisp, fall days!

Shop more ponchos:

Ok so can you tell that I loooooved my cozy Lou & Grey sweater from the Loft last year? And these are only the documented times I wore it! 

This sweater was worn a ton-I am hoping there is one similar to it this season because I will definitely be adding it to my closet. What I loved about it was it's versatility. As you can see, it paired equally as well with jeans/sneakers and a dress and booties. Sometimes it even got some wear around the house- I would just toss it on over whatever comfy pants and tee I was wearing just for some added warmth!

Shop sweater vest picks: 


Easing into Fall in Old Navy

I've decided over the last few weeks that dresses are the way to go when transitioning from summer to fall. Sure, you can easily layer lightweight sweaters or jackets, but dresses just seem so much easier, don't they?

Late fall/early summer is the perfect time to really get a lot of wear out of those lightweight dresses hanging in your closet. Theylook great with your favorite pair of sandals but look equally as chic with your favorite booties and cardigan or jacket.

This Old Navy dress is one of those perfect transition dresses. Although it's long sleeve, it's lightweight enough to wear on those kind of hot days. I particularly loved pairing it with my favorite loafers from last year. Once the weather cools down, the dress would also look great with a pair of black tights and black ankle booties.

I had every intention of wearing this dress when I was NYC over the weekend for some NYFW events, but it didn't make it off the hanger. I wore a new pair of sneakers for part of the first day that just tore up my feet! I had so many blisters that were in all the wrong spots to wear the loafers I had packed to wear with the dress. Plus there was a breeze here and there-I didn't want to have to worry about the dress flying up! Nope!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Old Navy /// Shoe: Target (similar) /// Bag: Blair Ritchey /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Melrose Flea (similar) /// Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede /// Bracelets: My Saint My Hero /// Watch: c/o Christian Paul