High Waisted jeans and Plaid

I noticed the other day that I seem to have a cardigan hoarding problem. It's funny, because I remember helping a client clean out her closet-I made her get rid of so many cardigans! Now here I am, drowning in them. I just love the longer, boyfriend, open style in a lot of the cardigans I have been seeing (and buying). They pair so well with anything from jeans and a tee to your favorite casual dress!

I was headed out Friday night with Ryan and the girls to grab dinner and run some errands. Obviously like most days I wanted to be somewhat comfortable but stylish. These new high waisted jeans are a favorite of mine. They are still a tad snug, but I just loved how they fit! My first instinct was to grab a crop top, but loved the idea of tucking in one of my fave plaid button ups and cardigans! These booties are also insanely comfortable. I love the casual, flatter heel with the pointed toe-a cross between casual and dressy (when it's needed)!

I don't know about you, but there's something about Friday nights. Granted, they aren't as awesome as they used to be, seeing that I work at my store on Saturdays, but Friday nights just have a different energy. I still love knowing that only one more work days stands between me and two days off (I am closed Sundays and Mondays)! 

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Old Navy /// Plaid Top: Old Navy /// Jeans: Levi's via Shopbop /// Booties: Old Navy /// Hat: Target /// Bag: Blair Ritchey


Apple Picking in Velvet

If you follow me on Snapchat at all (mommyinheels) you saw that we were to go to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. I don't know why, but during the day I felt the urge to check out their hours. Sure enough...they were closed Wednesdays! Bummer!

We have been going to this same pumpkin patch for several years, so we quickly shuffled our plans around to go this coming Monday. I know there are others in the area, but we really enjoy this one, and so do the girls. Plus, we really like to go during the week-its less crowded!

Not wanting to totally disappoint the girls we figured going apple picking would be just as fun! While it was a yucky 80 degrees outside, I still decided to break out my velvet leggings. Yes, you read that right. Velvet leggings. I had been waiting for it to get a little cooler outside, but I just couldn't wait any longer!

It would be easy to dress them up with a cute tunic, heels, and a clutch. I obviously chose to dress it down since we were headed to an apple orchard!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Target /// Top: Old Navy /// Leggings: Old Navy (available in store, similar online) /// Shoes: Target (old, similar) /// Backpack: Target (similar) /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Target (similar) /// Necklace: Stella & Dot


My Favorite Loft Sweater, Reworked

You might be thinking "didn't she just wear this sweater the other week?" Yes. Yes I did. I loved the simplicity of pairing it with my favorite jeans and booties. The sweater speaks for itself and doesn't need much as far as accessories.

I knew it was something that I wanted to wear again again. It's one of those things that someone always compliments every time it's worn. Why not wear it over and over if its going to breed compliments? HAHA! It had been a few days since I had worn it, so it was about time I took it for another spin, and style it a little bit differently than the last time (or 5) I wore it. And, in the interest of boring adult budgets and whatnot, I haven't been shopping as much lately (insert eye roll and yawn), so I find myself reaching for items in my closet that I know and love.

I loved pairing this sweater with my favorite utility vest. While sizes of it are limited at my store, I will link several different options below. I loved how well it looked with the sweater-it gave it a super casual feel. Topping the look off with these super comfy sneakers added to the whole casual, comfy look.

These sneakers need more than just a "super comfy" mention. I know I have said before they were a little pricier than what I would normally spend on a pair of sneakers, but they were worth every penny. SO comfortable.

This outfit is a great, I have a long day/night ahead of me outfit. It certainly got me through running around and getting Charlotte to gymnastics. Let me tell you- that is the looooongest hour. Ever. They prefer the parents of preschool age gymnasts (is she even a gymnast? haha) to stick around just in case something happens (ie-they have to use the potty). They have TV's there so you can watch your child.

Other parents probably think I am soooo not nice. I don't chit chat. I just sit. In the uncomfortable chairs. Everyone is just so loud  and overly chatty. For some reason my patience drops significantly while I am waiting that hour out. Ryan and I alternate each week who has to stay. Let me say, I love when it's not my week to stay! I know- this makes me sound like a terrible, unkind, unsocial person. Cut me some slack...after working all day with customers the last thing I feel like doing is making small talk!

Outfit Details:
Vest: Elizabeth & West (sold out, similar, similar) /// Sweater: Loft (petite version) /// Jeans: Gap Outlet (similar) /// Shoes: JSLides via Nordstrom /// Bag: c/o Blair Ritchey /// Bracelets: My Saint My Hero /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker


Versatile Blanket Scarf

I feel like if you consider yourself a basic girl, then you most likely have a collection of blanket scarves, and especially in the plaid print I am wearing.

You are probably thinking 'wait I have seen this scarf on her blog so many times before!" You are correct. You have seen a version of it. This version though is taken up a notch or two though!

Yes, it looks great worn as a scarf. I love it-it's cozy, keeps me warm, and is stylish. But this one also doubles as a poncho! How cool is that? This Grace & Lace scarf/poncho has adorable toggle hooks so you can wear it as a stylish poncho and not worry about it falling off!

I also love blanket scarves because you can actually use them as a blanket. So all you gals out there that have soccer games, football games, or practices to sit through, snag one of these and use it as a blanket to keep yourself warm!

I love the simplicity of tossing it over a plain white tee. So simply but so chic!

Outfit Details:
 Blanket Scarf/Poncho: Grace and Lace via Elizabeth & West /// Tee: Target /// Jacket: Target /// Jeans: Target /// Booties: Chines Laundry (cute option) /// Bag: Target (similar) /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker 


Loft Try On!!

There are some weeks where the days just get away from me. This week was one of those. Before I knew it I blinked and it was almost Friday. In the same breath though this week has been dragging!

I have been terrible lately with keeping my editorial calendar up to date with what I am going to be blogging about, what the content will be, etc. The end result can only be one thing-you realize it's Thursday and you don't have anything for Friday! Aaaaahhhh!!!

I will say that I do have it on my agenda tomorrow to get the rest of the month-and maybe some of November-figured out so I at least have some sort of game plan as far as blogging goes.

Anything special you'd like to see on the blog? More of? Less of? Not at all? A new idea? I love taking suggestions from my readers!

Now onto the post! I had already planned to stop by Loft to check out some of their newest arrivals, so I figured I would just turn it into a 'try on' post. I know how much you gals enjoy them! I enjoy doing them for you!

It's amazing how much you can try on in such a short amount of time if you just put your mind to it, haha!!

Let the trying on begin.....

I loved the idea of this top, but I didn't like it on me. Peplums are a hit or miss on me, mainly because of my size. I feel like some look ok on me, and some don't. I think it you aren't as curvy as I am it would look awesome on you. But I will say it was super comfortable and true to size! I loved the color, too!
Top /// Jeans

I saw this top in store the other week and made a mental note to come back and try it on. Lucky for me, it was on sale! But. I didn't like the way it fit. I was SO upset! I looooooved this top and wanted it to work for me, but where the lace lays-it just makes me look wider. Plus, I wanted it to fit a little looser, so I feel like I would have to size up. But, I still love it, and still recommend it!

This blouse is so adorable! The cherry print on it is so cute and I love the bow tie detail. This would look so adorable with a cute pair of pixie pants, or even a skirt! 

This sweater was so comfortable! I love it in this color more than the one I am wearing-I feel like this color kind of washes me out. This sweater is perfect for chilly fall days. When it gets even colder it would look cute layered with a long sleeve tee!

Loooved how soft this poncho is. It is true to size as well-I am wearing medium/large. Another great fall staple. Would look adorable with a pair of ankle booties!

Who doesn't love a sweater vest? I have a few from last year, but am always willing to add more to my closet. I loved this one! I love sweater vests because they are so versatile. They look great worn casually with jeans and a tee, or more dressed up with a dress!

I loved this outfit! The pants were massive on me, so I suggest sizing down. I am actually wearing one size up, because that's all they had. But I could tell that I would have to size down for sure. They are SO comfortable though-perfect lounge around the house pants-definitely recommend them! The sweater is just as comfy as the pants. The length of it can be a little tricky depending on how tall you are. I am wearing a large, but you could definitely size down if you wanted to!

This was a definite no! This sweater dress was cute on the hanger but not on me. There isn't a lot of give to it, which made it super snug! If you decide to get it, just make sure you try it on!

I know I say this every year, but you've really got to get yourself an anorak jacket! I loved this one. The fit was great (I sized down), and it was comfortable! Best of all-it goes with everything. 

Shop more of my favorite Loft picks:


Fall Style with thredUP

I'd like to say I wait until the seasons change to do a wardrobe overhaul, but who am I kidding?! I shop all year round! I will say though, that I tend to purchase more when it comes to a season change. I feel like I need to major update with the season, but the budget doesn't always allow.

Without fail, I always get a text from my husband mid month that tells me I need to ease up on the spending- you know, because we have things like mortgage, gymnastics, daycare and other silly adult bills. UGH.

I have found that shopping from ThredUP has helped our budget so much! They have an amazing selection of secondhand fashion for women and kids. It's like a very well curated online consignment shop! I love that I can still shop and update my wardrobe with name brand pieces without spending a fortune.

Can you believe I got the J Crew sweater I'm wearing for only $22.99?! I got it for 74% off retail! My Gap jeans I have on were only $16.99-that's 75% off of retail. I saved a total of $120. $120!!! Amazing, right?! You all know how much I love to purchase items that are budget/wallet friendly. I loooove being able to wear name brand without paying the name brand price because of thredUP. I mean really, with my budget, there is no way I'd spend close to $100 for a sweater....yikes!

Want to give thredUP a try, or already a customer and have some must get items?! Use these discount codes and shop your socks off!

~15% off for existing customers (only 150 redepmtions are available): LNB15
~$50 off $125 or more for first time customersWQA50
~$30 off $75 or more for first time customersYHJ75