DIY Step Hem Jeans

One of the trends that I am loving this spring season is the variation in hems. I love the look of a raw hem (makes it easier to actually hem jeans, doesn't it?!).

I also love the step hem (shorter in the front, longer in the back. Similar to a mullet, if you will!). While I feel like this particular hem is more on the trendy side, and may be something that won't be around in the next year or two (I could be wrong!) I still enjoy it!

I did try to do some research and the only jeans I found with a step hem were pretty pricey. Since to me this is a trendier item I didn't want to spend a lot of money. That's when I figured I would DIY my own!

I snagged this pair from Old Navy (again, didn't want to spend a lot on a particularly trendy piece) and grabbed the scissors!

If you follow my on instagram you may have seen my instastories when I cut my favorite Levi's into a step hem. I did well, after I realized I cut the one leg backwards. LOL. Only me, guys....only me.

If this is something I can do, so can you! Here we go!



When I did my Levi's a couple of months ago, and with these Old Navy ones, I found it easiest to use a pair of jeans that had a good length as a gauge for the length. I have another pair of Old Navy jeans that are the perfect length on me, so I used those!

~Line up the inseam of your jeans with the desired length with the jeans you are altering. Make sure the inseam is lined up perfectly. I typically start at the crotch to make sure it's lined up well. 

~If you don't have a pair of jeans with length you'd like to use, I suggest putting the jeans on and making a mark with a marker or a pair of scissors.


~Cut your jeans to match your desired length. Be careful not to nip the jeans you don't want to cut! 

~Make sure you have a steady hand! If you don't trust yourself, I suggest making "where to cut" marks on the jeans when you are in Step 1 as a guide. 

Me? I just did it free hand...kind of worked out, kind of didn't! HA!


~For this step, you can modify based on what you want, but I measured about an inch-ish for the front part of the jeans, or the top layer. ***make sure you aren't cutting the bottom part of the hem as well, otherwise you won't have a step hem.

~Ultimately, I ended up having the front part cut more than an inch. I figured it was best to start small and cut more as needed. You can't uncut!


~Line up your already cut leg with the one that has not been cut yet to cute the longer hem (the one in the back). It's important to make sure the inseam is lined up correctly, otherwise one leg will be shorter than the other (believe me...I may or may not know from experience). 


~For this step, I folded back the longer part of them hem, (making sure the legs were still lined up) to cut the front part of the hem. Does that even make sense?! HA!


There was definitely some tweaking that I had to do throughout the process.

~If you are more of a "buy the numbers" type of person I would suggest measuring and marking as you go along that way you get a more precise measurement and cut.

~If you are more like me and more of a "let's wing it!" type of person, I think you would be ok using another pair of jeans, and then the one already cut leg of the jeans to make the cut (again....am I even making sense?!?)

~Take your time! There is no rush, so just take it easy!

~If you are unsure, cut little by little. Like I said, you obviously can't uncut, so it's easier to just cut small at first.



Spring Pastel

I had been sitting on this sweater for a few weeks, waiting for the perfect time to break it out. It's been a little too chilly for me, but this weekend proved to be perfect!

What I love about this sweater (besides the gorgeous color) is that it is somewhat lightweight, making it the perfect spring sweater. The mini bell sleeves aren't too bad either! (It also comes in other colors, too!)

These jeans are the ones from my instastories that I wasn't sure what side to keep-I ended up sizing up. A lot of gals messaged me telling me they will stretch, though. I wore my normal size around the house for the bit a couple of times and they were just not comfortable. Even if they were to stretch, I don't think that it would be enough.  Like I said, I ended up sizing up, but I truly think I am just in between sizes. Total bummer, but you've gotta work with what you have!

I do think though, that if you are looking for a cool pair of vintage looking high waisted jeans these are the way to go! Just be aware that these are button fly-I know some people can be picky when it comes to that!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Loft /// Jeans: AE /// Shoes: DSW /// Sunglasses: Forever21


Cold Shoulder Casual

So, total bummer....this shirt is sold out! But, good news is that Loft still has a ton of other super cute options that I think you would love! 

I wore this outfit over the weekend...it was just an easy outfit to toss together for church, other Sunday things, and an event at my local Loft

I have grown quite fond of high waisted jeans. Even mid rise jeans don't do it for me like high waisted jeans do. They are definitely no longer Mom jeans (although I am a Mom, sooooo....) 

Next week may be a little spotty on the blogging front. I am headed to LA next week for a few days. I have every intention of getting all of my blog posts for the week done and scheduled before I head out, but we will see if that plan actually happens! 

Outfit Details:
Top: Loft (out of stock-see below for cute options) /// Jeans: Levi's /// Shoes: Old Navy (similar) /// Jacket: Loft (similar


Date Night

Like I said earlier this week, my husband and I had a kid free weekend so we took advantage! We aren't super fancy people and we are budgeting, so we kind of limited ourselves to local restaurant options. We were also both craving different things for dinner, so we settled on a new diner that had just opened up!

I always find it funny that my blog is Mommy in Heels because I don't wear heels that much anymore! They just don't fit into my lifestyle like they used to! For our little date night though I figured I would take them for a spin, if only for a little bit! (I mean...I did bring a change of shoes with me just in case!).

A few weeks ago I turned my favorite pair of Levi's that were a tad too long into my new favorite Levi's with a step hem. If you follow me on instagram you saw the little transformation. These jeans I am wearing were my next step hem adventure. I documented this time around so I could share with you in a blog post my step by step.

I will say I had a little bit more trouble this time around. It's funny because for my Levi's I literally was like "I am going to give it a try!" and banged it out in like 10 mins. This time around it took me SO much longer and I had to make a lot more adjustments and fixes!

Anyway, be on the lookout over the next week for a DIY Step Hem tutorial!

Outfit Details: 
Jacket: Target /// Sweater: c/o Loft /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Steve Madden (similar cheaper option) /// Sunglasses: Old Navy /// Bag: Blair Ritchey


Casual, Kid Free Weekend

My husband and I had a somewhat unexpected kid free weekend and it was glorious! I was originally supposed to be in LA over the last several days, but it was pushed to the end of the month. 

Originally, my husband was going to have the weekend all to himself (a dream, right?!), but we were both glad to have this unexpected weekend together. At first we thought about doing something super fun, but local. That thought quickly left our minds as we reminded each other of our budget...womp wompppppp.

We are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University through our church, so budgeting is at the forefront of our minds (and wallets). We ended up just running errands and taking care of little things that needed to be done. The day ended with dinner at a new diner. While we didn't end up doing anything over the top, it was the perfect weekend-I told him I can't remember the last time I laughed and giggled so much! 

I wore this outfit when we were out and about during the day on Saturday. It's so hard to dress this time of year (March is my least favorite month)-my mind is on spring, but Mother Nature is still in full on winter mode. Plus, I know you all are ready to see some spring looks, am I right?

With all of the snow on the ground, but somewhat mild temps, the easiest thing to reach for is my utility jacket. I always consider this a closet staple, and always recommend to my clients that they add one to their closet. This one from Loft is a couple of years old, but they are so easy to find!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Loft (similar) /// Plaid: Old Navy (similar) /// Sweatshirt: Old Navy (similar) /// Jeans: Levi's /// Booties: Target /// Bag: Target (similar


Instagram Roundup

Happy Friday!! I don't know why I am starting my post out with that....I can't stand how everyone seems to start their first snapchat or instastories of the day with "Happy Monday!" or "Happy Thursday!" Lump that phrase in the category with "to the moon and back" phrase, "it is what it is," oh and "go big or go home." Over.used.

Wow I came right out of the gate with guns blazing, didn't I?!? LOL! Don't know where that came from, but HAPPY FRIDAY anyway!! :)

Since we got dumped on by Mother Nature this week with a ton of snow, no new outfit post, but I did throw together a little instagram roundup for you so you can shop all of my looks right in one place!

If you haven't done so already, download the new Liketoknow.it app- you can screenshot or like any photos that are liketoknow.it enabled on instagram and immediately get a push notification to shop the looks right away. Makes it a whole lot easier than having to wait for an email!

Kimono /// Top /// Jeans /// Shoes

Cardigan (similar) /// Top (similar) /// Jeans /// Shoes /// Hat (similar) /// Choker

Cardigan /// c/o Top /// Jeans /// Shoes

Jacket /// c/o Top /// c/o Jeans /// Shoes (similar)

Choker /// c/o Top

Cardigan (similar) /// Top (similar) /// Overalls (similar) /// Booties

Jacket (similar) /// Top (similar) /// Jeans /// Booties /// Necklace /// Bag (similar) /// Bracelet


Waiting for Spring in Stripes

This is about the fourth or fifth time that I have worn this shirt within the past couple weeks that I have had it (last seen on the blog here). It is super comfortable, the sleeves are just right, and it goes with just about everything! 

While I (along with everyone else) am dying for some warmer temperatures, I had to settle and wear my laceup flats with this instead of a cute pair of wedges or sandals. This would also look cute with a chic denim vest instead of the jacket! 

It was a tad cold to be wearing just the denim jacket, but fashion before function, right?!?!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy /// Top: Loft /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Old Navy /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: 


Dreaming of Spring

I thought we had managed to escape the wrath of Mother Nature this winter, but I was wrong. I guess the unseasonably warm temps we had in February were a bit of a tease, and got everyone all geared up for spring. As I type this though, we are anticipating 12+ inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday.

I am anticipating not being able to open my store Tuesday (and possibly Wednesday, depending on when the snow stops). Part of me is like NOOOOOO!! But another part of me loves the anticipation of a snow storm and the possibility of being snowed in (for a day, tops. Any more than that may make me crazy!!).

Anyway, with spring on my mind, I gravitated towards my white jeans and loved the idea of pairing a pastel tee with it. I would have loved to wear these shoes with it, but with freezing temps, it just wasn't in the cards!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy /// Top: Old Navy /// Jeans: c/o Loft /// Shoes: DSW (similar

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