Casual Date Night

Ryan and I headed out the other weekend to celebrate our friend's 40th birthday-it was such a great time! While I love when we can have a date night just the two of us, it's always fun to go out with friends and just laugh!

I know I have said numerous times before how Ryan and I are typically pretty casual people, not getting too dolled up a lot. We like to keep things on the dressed down, casual side. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to wear something other than my basic jeans, but not necessarily a dress!

These jeans were super comfortable for the occasion-easy to move in and easy to wear out and about! Unfortunately, these shoes are sold out (although you may be able to snag them in store...my local Loft had a pair in store last week!) I did link several pairs that are equally as adorable at the end of the post, so be sure to check them out! 

Outfit Details:
Top: Loft /// Jeans: c/o Loft /// Shoes: Loft (sold out-see similar options below) /// Sunglasses: c/o Loft /// Bag: Blair Ritchey 
Shop More Cute Loafers:


Summer Maxi Style

I have had my eye on this maxi for a while, and finally decided to go for it when Loft was having their 50% off sale.

I did size down, because the large (my usual size) was just too billowy on me and too long! At 5'4" I do have trouble sometimes finding maxi dresses that are just the right length. The medium is just a tad long in the back but totally do-able. 

Some of the reviews, if I recall, had said the tie was awkward, and I was a little worried about my strapless bra working with it, but it works just fine, and the dress was easy on and off! I also loved how it looked with my denim jacket!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Loft /// Jacket: Old Navy /// Shoes: Steve Madden /// Sunglasses: Forever21 (similar)


Dressed Down Skirt Style

When I go shopping, or purchase something, I like to try and think of multiple ways I can wear it. I feel like I get so much more 'bang for my buck' when I can style/wear something multiple ways!

When I tried on this skirt, my first thought was to wear it with heels and this adorable top-I loved the idea of dressing it up! Although it is adorable dressed up, that typically isn't my lifestyle-I am much more of a casual gal. 

With that in mind, I tried to think of a way that I could rework it into my casual, on the go lifestyle. Easy! Swap the heels for a pair of my go-to sneakers, wear a plain white tee instead of this dressier one, and add on a denim jacket for good measure!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy /// Skirt: c/o Loft /// Top: Loft /// Shoes: Converse /// Bag: Blair Ritchey /// Sunglasses: c/o Loft


Instagram #OOTD Roundup

I like to do this kind of blog post every so often, because there are some outfits that I share that don't make it to the blog. And honestly, it's one less photo shoot that I have to do! I mean, my husband and I have mastered photo shoots to the point where we can get them done pretty quickly, so it's not terrible. But there are some days where squeezing in a photo shoot just isn't in the cards!

Those are typically the days where I will post a quick #ootd to isntagram-those are the ones that don't make it to the blog, so here we are!

Dress /// Sandals (similar

Tank /// Jeans (similar) /// Sandals /// Bag  /// Hat (similar) /// Scarf

Sweater /// Shorts (similar) /// Shoes

Jacket /// Dress /// Shoes

Overalls (similar) /// Top /// Shoes /// Scarf

 c/o Top /// c/o Skirt /// c/o Sunglasses /// Shoes

Top /// Jeans (similar) /// Shoes

Cardigan (similar) /// Shirt /// Jeans (similar) /// Shoes 

Sunglasses /// Sweatshirt /// Sneakers /// Shorts (similar)


Summer Blues

I took a chance with this dress, not trying it on in store. I figured I would try it on at home, hoping it would at least be doable. Needless to say, as soon as I put it on, I loved it!

The length, the color, the style-it was all perfect! I hadn't worn these sandals yet this summer (they were a purchase last summer....or maybe the summer before?), but as soon as I saw this dress I thought how well it would go with these fun sandals

This gorgeous dress also comes in black and a pretty, white print if this bright blue hue isn't quite your thing, and  just as gorgeous!

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Old Navy /// Shoes: Chinese Laundry  /// Sunglasses: c/o Loft (sold out, cute option)


Summertime Maxi with Old Navy

Maxi dresses are a favorite of mine. I love how it's an easy outfit-one that doesn't require pairing and matching more than one piece. Toss it on and you instantly have an outfit! They can also be pretty easy breezy as far as temps go. On these ridiculously hot days, sometimes it feels nice to just toss on a lightweight dress! 

I had my eye on this particular dress for a while, but was waiting for it to go on sale. When I stopped by the store last week and saw it was 30% off I quickly grabbed it (without trying it on-I was in a hurry!). Luckily, the fit was perfect and the length was even great too, especially on my 5'4" frame!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy /// Dress: Old Navy /// Sandals: Target (old, similar) /// Hat: Target /// Bag: Blair Ritchey


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks: Under $100

I know, I know. Tired of the sale yet? I was tired of it before it even started, but here we are. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen me mention this sale on instastories and chat about how I won't cover this sale too much!

Consider this the one and only post you will see from me regarding the sale! When it comes down to it, it's the coverage of the sale that gets under my skin, not the sale itself. I like to use it to stock up on basics-things that I know I will wear over and over. I feel like some gals just go crazy over this sale and buy, buy buy. To each his own!

I was pretty strategic in what I purchased-I don't just buy something because it's on sale. I also don't have the budget of a millionaire to be buying and buying and doing instastory hauls day after day (wouldn't that be nice, though?!). I do plan to share these on instastories as they come in, but other than that, my coverage will be pretty bare!

Here are my picks, all under $100, all pretty much basics! Happy shopping-all images are shoppable!

Topshop Ripped Denim Jacket: So this is a pretty distressed denim jacket-I know that's not for everyone! I love it because it is a basic with a twist. Definitely something that I would wear season to season.

Adidas Hoodie: I have been on the hunt for a new hoodie for the last few years. Literally, the last few years! I used to wear them allllll the time in college (I mean, what college student didn't wear hoodies?). I haven't worn them in I don't know how long, but I will say I am excited to start again!

Striped Pullover: I ordered a size up in this sweater. I see this being my "I don't know what to wear" sweater. I plan on reaching for it on those days where I just don't know what to wear, and I want to be comfy. This strikes me as the type of sweater that I could wear out and about, but also lounging at home with leggings and slippers. Being black and white, it is such a neutral basic.

Leith Shawl Collar Cardigan: Do I really need another cardigan? The answer is yes. Yes, I do. I tend to wear my cardigans into the ground. Really...to the point where they start to pill and just look ragged! They are my go-to pieces no matter the season!

Long Open Front Cardigan: Yes, you are seeing this correctly-another cardigan. Another basic. I'm telling you, this will get worn over and over. And over.

Nike Air Max Thea Sneaker: I can't even begin to tell you how badly I've needed new sneakers. That last time I bought a pair was a little over two years ago. Needless to say they are a tad worn in. I like these because they're black and will go with so much!

Kristin Cavallari Capri Mule: I have had my eye on these shoes forever. I could never bring myself to spend $120 on them. They're still not super cheap, but I know they will be something I will wear a lot. I love the camel color-a color that I wear with a lot! I have a pair of Kristin Cavallari shoes and they hold up really well so I know these will last.


Mommy in Heels: All Things Hair

I get asked on a pretty regular basis how I do my hair and what products I use. I wouldn't consider myself super hair savvy. I typically wear my hair the same way just about ever day, and I am not really creatively talented when it comes to cool hairstyles-think braids, or things other than curls!

For you local gals, I go to Rebecca at Midtown Hair Company. I have been going to her since she opened in 2011. She is the owner and is so wonderful and knowledgeable. She and her team are always attending classes to learn and grow as stylists. If you can't get in to see her, anyone else there is just as great. They all do a fabulous job. 

Let's start with what I use in the shower. My hair salon recently switched to Eufora. I started using their Nourish Urgent Repair line because my hair can get damaged just from coloring and from using the curling wand just about every day. 

What I love about it is that it is super concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. That took a little getting used to because I so used to dousing my hair in shampoo and conditioner. 

I also love the Nourish line because it helps remove mineral buildup (that can come from hard water) and it can take chemicals from swimming out of your hair, which is much needed this time of year. 

I also don't wash my hair every day, which is great because this shampoo is technically not an everyday shampoo, but it's safe to use everyday if need be because it doesn't take the oils out of your hair like most clarifying shampoos. 

I also was able to try their Beautifying Elixirs which I love. They heal hair from the inside out and don't have waxes minerals, or silicone in it which keeps your color better, longer. 

Out of all the hair chat I have with my readers, how I get my curls is probably the most common. Lots of dry shampoo, and a really inexpensive curling wand is the answer! You can also see my YouTube tutorial here

I have been using this super affordable Remington Curling Wand for years. It's a 1 1/2 in barrel (I think) and it does the trick just fine! I can't find mine online (not surprised-it is several years old), but I did find a similar one. I wills say that I do not use one that narrows. Mine is the same width the whole barrel.

What I do, which I have found to be super helpful for me, especially when extending my washes is how I use my dry shampoo. As I section my hair to curl it, I make sure to spray at the roots. Literally, each section as I am curling-dry shampoo right to the roots!

What I also tell my readers is that I spray my hair with dry shampoo at bedtime too. I spray it all throughout my hair, then put my hair in a ponytail. Once it's in a ponytail I spray it some more but I do not rub it in. 

This has helped me so much in lengthening the time between washes. I mean, let's be honest. I would so much rather sleep longer than have to wash and blow dry my hair! You can watch my YouTube video on how to get more in between your washes here.

I also love a good texture spray. My hair is somewhat thin and can be pretty fine, which makes it lifeless (at least to me) sometimes. For my hair, texture spray gives it a little grit. It helps give it just a little bit more natural looking volume. It also makes it easier to manage! 

So there you have it-if you have any questions at all just let me know and be sure to check out the two YouTube videos I have linked. They may be helpful!