Instagram #OOTD Roundup

I like to do this kind of blog post every so often, because there are some outfits that I share that don't make it to the blog. And honestly, it's one less photo shoot that I have to do! I mean, my husband and I have mastered photo shoots to the point where we can get them done pretty quickly, so it's not terrible. But there are some days where squeezing in a photo shoot just isn't in the cards!

Those are typically the days where I will post a quick #ootd to isntagram-those are the ones that don't make it to the blog, so here we are!

Dress /// Sandals (similar

Tank /// Jeans (similar) /// Sandals /// Bag  /// Hat (similar) /// Scarf

Sweater /// Shorts (similar) /// Shoes

Jacket /// Dress /// Shoes

Overalls (similar) /// Top /// Shoes /// Scarf

 c/o Top /// c/o Skirt /// c/o Sunglasses /// Shoes

Top /// Jeans (similar) /// Shoes

Cardigan (similar) /// Shirt /// Jeans (similar) /// Shoes 

Sunglasses /// Sweatshirt /// Sneakers /// Shorts (similar)


  1. Love all your looks, especially those that feature that trendy neck tie!



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