Our Fall Bucket List

Like summer, when fall rolls around we always have high expectations as to what we want to do and all of the fun we want to have during the season.

Per the usual, we never end up doing all that we want. Although there were a few things on our summer bucket list that we didn't accomplish, we did a lot more than we typically would have, had we not had the bucket list. Looking back, we ended up going overboard with choosing things (oops!), which is why we didn't get everything checked off. 

Because of that, we figured we'd keep our fall bucket list a little shorter, more attainable! 


Curvy in Overalls: How to Style Overalls if You've Got Curves

I've shared before how glad I am that I invested in these overalls. They really are super comfortable and great quality. The medium wash I feel is ideal (at least for me!). 

I've worn them before with sneakers and ankle booties but I have become quite fond of wearing them with mules! I think it dresses them up a bit, and is an easy way to transition them into the fall season! 

While it was just a tad bit hot for the moto jacket this past weekend (hellooooo heat wave!), I thought the jacket completed the whole look. Not to mention the little kerchief scarf was the perfect finishing touch!

I hear allllll the time from women who are on the curvier side like me say they can't wear overalls. You know what I say? WEAR.THEM. Gals...who.cares. I've said it before and I will say it again-if you feel good, wear them! 

I think what I particularly love about these particular overalls is how the hug my curves. Give it a try-you'll fall in love! 

Outfit Details:
Overalls: Madewell (similar) /// Jacket: Old Navy /// Shoes: Target /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Old Navy  /// Kerchief Scarf: Target


Basic Blogger Style

I can't tell you how many times I have worn this outfit, or some variation of it over the last several years. I have purchased this kind of vest multiple times as well! I wear it so much, over and over that it just starts to look worn, so I buy a new one!

This outfit isn't anything groundbreaking by any means-because of that I try and put a different twist on it each time I wear it! These leopard loafers are the newest addition to my closet-super comfortable, not stiff at all and easy to get on and off! 

Another favorite way I like to style this vest is with a graphic tee, jeans, and sneakers. Just a classic, toss on and go outfit! 

Outfit Details:
Vest: Target /// Top: Loft /// Jean: Old Navy /// Shoes: Nordstrom Rack /// Necklace: Stella & Dot (cute option) /// Sunglasses: Old Navy


I Threw My Daughter a Store Bought Birthday Party Because I am Not a Pinterest Mom-And I am OK With That

I have never really been super crafty-it just isn't in my nature. I am also not really into interior decorating-I have never had a knack for seeing something and thinking "Oh that will look cute on the shelf in my living room with this knick knack and that!" I have generally had the same decorations in my house since we moved into it seven years ago and I am ok with that.

Sure, I look at Pinterest and see dream living rooms, and even dreamier bedrooms. But that's about where it stops. You see all of that costs money, and requires some sort of creativity and a whole heck of a lot of time-my cups don't runneth over. Because of that, I have come to be perfectly happy and content with what I have decorating my house. 

Also, I currently have fake poop adorning the strategically placed book/magazine pile sitting on my coffee table, so there's that....

Activities for my kids-another thing that I am not creative or imaginative with. I've never been one to think "oh I bet I could cut this up, glue it to this, and have my girls use it to learn their ABC's in a fun, new way that doesn't make it seem like they are learning!" Nope! We will sit here and sing our ABC's over and over until you learn them! 

It's hard enough to be a Mom in general, but add in something like Pinterest and it tacks on an unnecessary amount of pressure. It's so easy to go down the dark rabbit hole that is Pinterest and all of a sudden you've wasted 3 hours of your life and have 177 pins of ideas for your daughter's birthday party that are both unrealistic and expensive (when you factor in your time, yes it is expensive).

You see, I think I am a pretty darn good Mommy. Most of the time. Sure, I have short comings, I lose my cool from time to time, say the wrong thing, let the girls do the wrong thing, but in general I would say I am a good parent, along with Ryan.

I have been a Mommy for 9 years-I don't know it all, nor will I ever. But one thing I think I have a pretty good grasp on is that there is no way in hell I am, nor will even be a Pinterest Mom. I tried early on, maybe when Ella was younger, and begrudgingly realized it wasn't me. 

There were countless times I was stressed because their cakes weren't Pinterest worthy and were made from a box-one time I tried to make Ella a cake in the shape of a bomb for her Spy Kids themed party and it was the most misshaped bomb I have ever seen! I've also felt stressed because my living room didn't look like it belonged in a magazine, or I felt like a crappy parent because there weren't going to be fun games at their birthday parties or even better, perfectly assembled goody bags. 

I don't exactly know when "it" clicked for me, but one day, I just gave Pinterest, and all of the stupid expectations and pressure that comes along with it a giant middle finger (don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest in general-I love a good outfit inspiration or crockpot recipe!). 

I mean, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't envious of these gals who can pin some inspiration to their Pinterest boards and go to town-I wish I had their patience, their crafty-ness, their income. For the last several birthday's, both Ella and Charlotte have had what I call "store bought" birthday parties-I literally buy everything from the store. Typically it's a combo of Target, Party City and sometimes the Dollar Tree. Plates, 'happy birthday' banner, other cheesy decorations that are needed, you name it! And more often than not, their cake comes from a box and balloons your basic latex blown up by us!

And you know what? My girls have the BEST time. Our friends enjoy themselves, pictures show everyone smiling, laughing, making memories and having a great time. That's what I see when I look at all the pictures I took. That's what I think of when I look back on the memories of their parties. I don't think about how the cake came from a boxed mix that I bought at Target, or that I spent a total of $20 on all of the decorations. 

I can tell you my girls don't care either-because I didn't make their parties Pinterest worthy doesn't mean I love them less, or I am not a cool Mom, it doesn't make me any less perfect than the Mom who threw their daughter a party that will be pinned and repinned over and over again. I mean look at Charlotte in the picture above-she is beyond happy that she is having the party of her dreams (which just so happens to be a poop emoji themed party...whatever lol!)

And let me just say-to those Mom's who are the epitome of Pinterest-you keep doing you. Good for you-if it's something you love and you are good at, go for it and keep plugging away! 

Me? I'll be over here, just trying to do my best to not burn the cake, keep the tape that's holding up my $5 "Happy Birthday" banner from unsticking, and not assembling goody bags for the kids that come to the party. Because honestly, they got delicious food and cake and got to play with "new to them" toys for a few hours-that's your goody bag (hehehe). 

Moms- don't be so hard on yourself to be the perfect Pinterest Mom or to throw the perfect Pinterest party. Get over that notion. Get over it, move on, just love your kids the best you know how, even if it's with cheap, store bought decorations!


Fall Sweater Style

While our temps decided to rise again, I felt the need to not give in to them and stick to my fall wardrobe. This particular sweater is a little more on the lightweight side so it wasn't terribly hot when I took it for a spin.

What I love about it-besides the fact that it isn't too heavy and is perfect for these early-ish fall days, is the slight bell sleeve detail. I love that it is subtle but enough to make a bit of a statement. I feel like cream is a color that I can wear somewhat well, so I always find myself gravitating towards it! 

When the temperatures start to dip I will swap my mules for some sort of ankle bootie!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Loft /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West /// Hat: Target (similar) /// Shoes: Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry 


Beauty: Top Three Nude Lip Shades

As much as I love a bold lip, my everyday go to is always a nude. I just feel like it is more me, and more 'everyday.' While I find myself reaching for this one the most (I have multiple of this shade), I have added some more to the roster over the last few months.

I really do love them and find myself rotating the from day to day. Ultimately, I do think they all look super similar, but I love them all for different reasons!

Let's take a look at my top 3 nude lip shades! 

Out of my three favorite shades, this Maybelline has been my go-to for the longest. What I love about this, is that it is matte without over drying (like a lot of matte colors can be). 

I also love that it's quick to apply-I don't quite need a mirror when putting it on so it's an easy, 'on-the-go' shade and color!

Belle Beauty by Kim Gravel Kisser Fixer Lip Kit

Kim and I met on my way back home from NYC when I was on the Today Show...my girlfriend Sage knows her from QVC so she stopped to chat with her. Kim and I ended up on the same train and chatted the whole way to her stop (over 2 hours!). She is so kind, a wonderful entrepreneur and is hysterical. 

She has this awesome lip kit called Kisser Fixer that she was kind enough to send me, and let me tell you-I haven't been able to get enough of it. The two kits that are available are True Nude and Berry Nude. I love Berry Nude, but I find myself reaching for True Nude more.

Each kit has a lip liner, liquid lipstick and a lip gloss. For a more matte look I just use the liner and lipstick. It isn't drying, and it lasts-I don't find myself reapplying as much as I do with the Maybelline!

I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of Lipsense overall. I like it but I don't quite get the massive craze behind it. I do really love this nude color though! Like the others, I feel like it's the perfect "gives me a little color but looks like it could be natural" lip color. 

I do feel as though it's super hard to remove-although that just could be me. I am also not the best at reapplying the gloss throughout the day-I tend to forget sometimes so I do a little touching up! (oops!)

BUT! I do love that I can apply it in the morning and just about forget it the rest of the day. I love how it complete's my makeup look but is such a perfect day to day lip color! 

Overall, I think all of these shades are great for various complexions, and at different price points, they are for all budgets! I love how I have a variety of grab and go's, long lasting, matte and gloss! What are you favorite nude shades?


How To: Give Your Feminine Dress a Little Edge

A moto jacket is something I personally feel never goes out of style. You can always seem to find a good selection/variety of them year after year. 

While I think they look great with a graphic tee and jeans, I love giving a girly, feminine dress an unexpected twist with a moto jacket-gives your look a bit of an edge! 

When you toss on your girly dresses, it can be easy, almost safe to reach for your favorite, matching cardigan, or a blazer or even a denim jacket. Rethink the next time you go to toss on your cardigan or denim jacket and grab that moto. If you're anything like me it'll make you feel like a bit of a badass-haha! 

I had seen this dress on a mannequin in Loft paired with their moto jacket and loved the look of it-I knew I wanted to dress it down a bit with these Oxford shoes, but it would look equally as good with a pair of heels

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Target /// Dress: Loft /// Shoes: Target /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Old Navy


How to Wear the Perfect Fall Cardigan

Honestly, if I could wear cardigans all day every day, I would. I love how versatile they are-tossing them over a dress to make it a little more casual or cozy is a favorite of mine, but I also love adding it to my go-to jeans and a tee.

I get a lot of questions about how to wear a cardigan, or how to style a cardigan particularly when the fall rolls around. While it is so easy to just toss it on over a pair of jeans and a graphic tee (like I said, it's a go-to of mine), there really are so many more ways to wear the perfect fall cardigan!

I have so many jersey dresses that I love to wear with cardigans. It also adds a nice touch when you add a skinny belt over it as well-it gives your cardigan more of a polished look! Rompers or jumpsuits is also something that I have been known to wear with cardigans. Again, it just adds another effortless looking layer to your look! I even have some cardigans that I wear a lot at home to lounge in. Not going to lie-have also worn said cardigans out and about too! (HA!)

I had tried on this cardigan in store a couple of weeks ago in the navy blue and loved it. I didn't get it, because I had just gotten a new navy cardigan. Lucky for me though, they had this gorgeous color available online, so I made sure to order it when they were having one of their sales! 

Ladies, this does not disappoint-it is so soft, and the color is basically fall in a cardigan! I'd say it's true to size as I am wearing a large! 

These jeans are also new to my closet! I started carrying jeans again in my store, and I am beginning to wonder what took me so long to bring them back! These are super comfortable and have a great amount of stretch to them! I am wearing the High Rise Step Hem in a 31! 

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Loft /// Top: Target /// Jean: Elizabeth & West /// Shoes: Dr. Scholls (cute option) ///Bag: Blair Ritchey /// 


Weekend Casual + Weekend Sales

I grabbed this sweater last week and honestly thought I would have to wait a few weeks to wear it, but here we are, me wearing it a still a little chilly!

A cold front came through the last few days-I don't believe it barely reached sixty degrees on Saturday, so I figured I would take the tags off and take it for a spin! I knew I wanted to make an attempt at styling it, and not just tossing it on as is. I briefly thought about layering it with a chambray, but I loved how it looked with this lightweight button up!

Loft is currently having one of their super great sales-both the sweater and top are included! See other great sales at the bottom of the post! 

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Loft /// Striped Top: Loft /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West Fashion House (coming soon!) /// Shoes: Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry /// Bag: Blair Ritchey

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