Beauty: Top Three Nude Lip Shades

As much as I love a bold lip, my everyday go to is always a nude. I just feel like it is more me, and more 'everyday.' While I find myself reaching for this one the most (I have multiple of this shade), I have added some more to the roster over the last few months.

I really do love them and find myself rotating the from day to day. Ultimately, I do think they all look super similar, but I love them all for different reasons!

Let's take a look at my top 3 nude lip shades! 

Out of my three favorite shades, this Maybelline has been my go-to for the longest. What I love about this, is that it is matte without over drying (like a lot of matte colors can be). 

I also love that it's quick to apply-I don't quite need a mirror when putting it on so it's an easy, 'on-the-go' shade and color!

Belle Beauty by Kim Gravel Kisser Fixer Lip Kit

Kim and I met on my way back home from NYC when I was on the Today Show...my girlfriend Sage knows her from QVC so she stopped to chat with her. Kim and I ended up on the same train and chatted the whole way to her stop (over 2 hours!). She is so kind, a wonderful entrepreneur and is hysterical. 

She has this awesome lip kit called Kisser Fixer that she was kind enough to send me, and let me tell you-I haven't been able to get enough of it. The two kits that are available are True Nude and Berry Nude. I love Berry Nude, but I find myself reaching for True Nude more.

Each kit has a lip liner, liquid lipstick and a lip gloss. For a more matte look I just use the liner and lipstick. It isn't drying, and it lasts-I don't find myself reapplying as much as I do with the Maybelline!

I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of Lipsense overall. I like it but I don't quite get the massive craze behind it. I do really love this nude color though! Like the others, I feel like it's the perfect "gives me a little color but looks like it could be natural" lip color. 

I do feel as though it's super hard to remove-although that just could be me. I am also not the best at reapplying the gloss throughout the day-I tend to forget sometimes so I do a little touching up! (oops!)

BUT! I do love that I can apply it in the morning and just about forget it the rest of the day. I love how it complete's my makeup look but is such a perfect day to day lip color! 

Overall, I think all of these shades are great for various complexions, and at different price points, they are for all budgets! I love how I have a variety of grab and go's, long lasting, matte and gloss! What are you favorite nude shades?


  1. Hey, not sure if I'm missing it, which shade of the Maybelline is that, thrill or flush? It is really pretty.