I Will (not) Pack Lightly for Thanksgiving

So I am headed home for Thanksgiving tomorrow like the rest of the country. I, like most women, am not a light packer. I will be the first to admit that. What if the weather drastically changes and I don’t have that one sweater that I wanted to bring? Or what if my mood suddenly changes and I feel like wearing those heels I decided not to pack?

Thats why I just bring it all. There’s just one problem. I have to bring along my 4 year old, my 8 week old and ALL of their junk. Diapers, formula, at least two changes of outfits a day for the newborn, baby monitors, strollers. Oh and my husband too. I have to take him along too 🙂 Not to mention we always come back with more than we went with. My parents send us home with food, paper towels, toilet paper and other random things they’ve so graciously picked up for us.

Soooooo I should probably not pack as much, right? Right. RRRRrrrrriiiiiigggghhhhhtttt. No really though, I should probably not pack as much. I am now making an attempt to plan my outfits ahead and actually follow through with it this time. Like really follow through with it.

One big factor of packing for this trip though is to make sure I pack something that is totally forgiving of all of the food I am going to eat on Thursday. Duh….leggings. This is what I am planning on wearing…

Its really a no brainer. I would consider this a no fail outfit. Check out the outfit details here.



My strategy for packing was to get the most wear out of the staples: jackets (as accessories, obvi), jeans (instead of packing more than one pair), and even shoes.




I wore an outfit similar to this here. I just eliminated the scarf, added my awesome bubble necklace and a pair of heels. Boom. New look. I also like this look too…


I recently purchased a shirt similar to this one at Francesca’s. Can’t wait to pair it with my militart jacket. How adorbs is this outfit?




I love this shirt- just purchased from Francesca’s. I thought the faux fur infinity scarf from Target (although the pic above of it is awful, it really is cute!) would be adorable with it. Outfit details here


With this necklace, you don’t need much else! Can’t wait to rock it! Outfit details.



Oh and this is what I wearing for the car ride. Its supposed to be about 2 hours but Lord knows it will be longer. Gotta be comfy. Have you seen these new cute sweatshirts at Target?


I will be wearing this with leggings for sure.




Ok so I am so going to try and hold true to these outfits. Seriously. Promise. In fact, I will document it with pics (or at least try to). Ok so its settled. I am packing lightly. I mean, going away for 3 days and only taking 4 pairs of shoes is a big deal…right? Right.


So here goes nothing! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hopefully you recognize not just tomorrow but every day what you are thankful for.



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  1. Lindsay Patrick
    November 21, 2012 / 4:19 pm

    I am the same way. I always pack everything, the end taking out a few shirts/etc and then add them back in and by the time I get home I have barely worn half the things I brought! I cant imagine also packing for 2 little babes…Happy Thanksgiving :)LindsayJEveryday.blogspot.com

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