Why Didn’t I Think of This?

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully where you are there isn’t snow falling like it is out my window. Seriously, its spring. And its almost April. What the heck? Spring is my favorite season of them all. I am so hoping that Mother Nature doesn’t decide to skip spring and go right to summer. That would blow, especially if it is as hot this summer as it was last summer!

Anyway, I am super excited to tell you about a new Revlon product that I used last week. I saw it on the Today show a while ago and looked high and low for weeks for it and couldn’t find it, until last week! Finally Target started carrying it!

You know when you have used the same nail file and it finally gets to the point where you have to toss it because you’ve just used it too much? Well the geniuses at Revlon came up with this awesome idea…

…this is the kind of thing that makes you kick yourself…why didn’t I think of this?? Yes, ladies, its a file and peel nail file! When you have used the file to the point where its no longer useful, you just peel back a layer where it says “life here” and voila! You have yourself a brand new nail file. It peels cleanly too. I didn’t notice any residue from the adhesive when peeling it off. 

It really is that easy. And as far as pricing goes, Target sells it for $3.99! Its about a dollar more than other nail files, but if you think about it you are still getting a deal. You are paying about a dollar more for four more files that you would typically get. To me, that is still a deal!

It files just as great as any other nail file that I have used, and it lasts even longer than your basic nail file. 

If you haven’t done so, definitely check it out! Its so worth it and definitely will be a welcomed tool to your at home mani/pedi!!

Have a great day!!



  1. Tricia
    March 26, 2013 / 12:30 am

    Yes, why didn't I think of that. 🙂 This is a great idea, and I've never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Kiki
    March 26, 2013 / 4:00 am

    OMG its snowing here too!! hate life!! i just want pretty dresses dang it!!Hope you have a great day!!XOXO

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