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Even though I do not like the thought of having to put on a bathing suit I know I am going to have to within the next several months. Its inevitable! Thus began my quest for the perfect one piece swimsuit. They do exist, ladies!

Growing up I always thought “mom” wore one piece bathing suits. Ugly, unflattering boring one pieces. Yes, I know I am a Mom, but I like to think I don’t fall into the stereotypical mom mold (think the mom jeans skit from Saturday Night Live).

Oh how my mind has evolved since becoming a mother……

You have got to feel comfortable, or at least somewhat comfortable, in the suit you are wearing. Knowing how I am, I know I will not want to step one single foot out of my house this summer unless I am in a comfortable and stylish one piece- and cover up. Plus, at this point, my girls are still so young I can’t imagine running around with them in a two piece worrying about my unmentionables falling out. Trust me…nobody wants to see that!

I know I will wear a bikini eventually (you better believe its a goal of mine to get myself back into a bikini at one point) but for now its just not practical. Plus, I am well aware that if I prance around in a bikini this summer I will be THAT woman that other girls look at and say “Oh gosh I don’t look like THAT in my bathing suit, do I?!?!?!” Oh come on, you know you do that with your gal pals, ladies!

Let me say I was so pleased with all of the choices out there. Do I like a good bargain? Yes. Would I rather pay $20 for a shirt so I can buy more rather than spending $100 on one? Yes.

But with swimsuits, its something at this point in my life that I do not mind investing in. Why? Why is a bargain fashionista like myself willing to spend $100 or so on a swimsuit? I want to know the quality is good and it will last. After all, the bathing suits I have now have lasted me several summers! I like to think of one piece swimsuits as an investment similar to a good pair of jeans or a good blazer. A staple in your wardrobe that will stand the test of time (or the test of trends).

My search took me to many places, including Zappos. Holy selection!! I was like a kid in a candy shop! So many styles and colors to choose from. With all that I found (both at Zappos and other places), I put together a few different looks which included a cover up and even accessories. For me, a cover up is a must. Not only does it complete the whole look, but lets be honest- it allows you the opportunity to not have to suck it in for a bit! 🙂

     Beach Look # 1

Look Details

Blue Beach

Look Details

Chich Beach

Look Details

One Piece Look

Look Details

Retro Beach

Look Details

You see how cute all of these swimsuits are? They are gorgeous by themselves, but add in a stylish cover up and a few small accessories and you’ve created a whole look! I swear you will feel so amazing stepping out on the beach or by the pool.

Whats also great about these swimsuits is that they will last and are perfect for any age. To me, they are all classic, timeless, ageless styles that you can wear summer after summer.

And if you are not the type of person that likes to hold on to swimsuits year after year, try keeping them around for a few years- switch up the cover up and the accessories or beach bag and you’ve revamped your look!

So my fellow one piece wearing fashionista’s……rejoice! You can be stylish. You can be chic. You can be sexy! Stylish, chic and sexy is not reserved just for bikini’s!

I will leave you with a few other swimsuits that I came across and fell in love with!


Now if I could just decide which one I want…..

Happy shopping, ladies!

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  1. Lindsay Patrick
    May 1, 2013 / 2:28 pm

    I agree! I wear mostly tankinis, but I do love a great one piece. I invested in a really great black tankini right before I got pregnant and I love it! Now if only I can fit into it a month or two of this summer I will be happy :)Great post!

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