School’s Out for Summer, the Week Ahead (and a Link Up Reminder)

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Yet another great weekend in the books. Its so nice to be able to have weekends here and there where you don’t have plans, isn’t it?

Friday was a big day- Ella had her very last day of preschool. I had mixed emotions. Excitement for her, but sad she’s growing up so fast. She starts Kindergarten in the fall….yikes! Where did the time go??

She even had tears at one point in the day because she realized she wouldn’t be going back to the same school next year. I felt awful for her. (funny side story- I had gotten a spray tan about 2 hours earlier. She was crying on my shoulder and when she lifted her head her cheek was brown. Crap- my tan got all over her cheek, because you can’t shower, sweat, nothing for 8 hours! I wiped it off, patted my should dry, but it was definitely blotchy-some of the color had come off. No big deal until I go and look in the mirror, and the blotch on my shoulder from her crying was in the shape of a penis. Yes, a penis. Needless to say I put a jacket on for dinner. Luckily, when I was able to shower and the tan faded, so did the penis. Nothing like spending the day with a penis on your shoulder!)

How adorable is she? Always posing for the camera.

Another monumental occasion in our house…..Charlotte ate meat ravioli. I know, it doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but Ella is the worst eater for more than one reason, so to have a child who actually eats real, adult food makes me want to do cartwheels!!!

Sunday we went mini golfing. Its something Ella actually enjoys doing and believe it or not she is pretty darn good for a five year old!! Charlotte was not amused though. Probably because she had to stay in her stroller the whole time!

The week ahead: 

So, this week coming up there are some fun things, starting with the second What She Wears link up! Each month, we choose a a theme and each style it in our own way! This month’s theme was maxi dress/skirt! So, link up tomorrow with us and show us your best way to style a maxi dress or skirt! Next Tuesday, we will all choose our favorite looks and feature them on our blogs! 

Besides the awesome linkup happening tomorrow, I have a couple of more awesome posts planned including this week’s Hollywood to Housewife! I appreciate all of the comments and emails I have been getting, so thank you! I will also be talking “suitcase slim down,” and a toss in of another outfit post! 

Linking up today with MollyCarly, and Sami




  1. Liz @ Fitness Blondie
    June 3, 2013 / 8:37 pm

    You are your daughters are so beautiful. I saw you on the link up! XOXO

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