Wallis Fashion Giveaway and Style Q & A Answers

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I have some super exciting things happening in my little corner of the blogosphere today! I will be answering your Style Q & A’s and talking about an awesome giveaway!

Ok, so last week I posted to you, my readers, to leave any style related questions for me to answer! Thanks for all of the questions that I received! Hopefully my answers will help you!! 

How do you like to stylishly carry around all the supplies you need for life with young children?”

Great question! For this, I (or my in laws, rather) invested in a really nice diaper bag. To me, a diaper bag is an investment, because it is something you will use every single day, for several years. With my oldest, I used the same diaper bag for about 3 years. Same bag, every day. Because of that it was something I was willing to spend a little more money on. To me, its not like a purse, that you change every so often. I literally use it every day. Because of that, I wanted something stylish, that didn’t have a “diaper bag” look to it! Here are a few diaper bag options. They may be a little more pricey, but keep in mind you will get your money’s worth- using it every day for several years!

Diaper Bags


“My brother is getting married in West Texas in November and having a post wedding party in December in Vermont….what to wear???? I was thinking of getting some great riding boots (maybe Frye) and leggings and a tunic and maybe even making an excuse to buy a great new winter jacket…..thoughts?? Any and all ideas for the event and additions to my fall/winter wardrobe are welcome!”

You are off to a good start. You can never go wrong with boots in the winter, especially in the North! What you wear though depends on how formal the party is going to be. If its a little more formal than wearing leggings, tunic and boots (which is a go to of mine in the winter!) I would suggest getting a pair of thick, opaque tights to pair with a dress and a blazer. The beauty of it is the pieces can be worn together or separate (one of the many reasons I love blazers). Try something like this…

Winter Wedding


“I have a bach party in NYC and I’ve been trying to figure out what to wear. I was thinking black dress shorts. I got a pair at Target awhile back, they are cuffed and have a tie sash waist. How would you style them? I’ve been told that we are all required to wear heels. Other than that, I need guidance, please.”

Black dress shorts are the perfect starting piece to a “going out” outfit. It’s an ideal blank canvas and can be so versatile- something you can definitely wear to something like a bachelorette party, or just running errands. Here are similar shorts to the ones you already have, along with several options for tops! My favorite is the peplum!

Bachelorette Party


“What is an easy way to transition my closet from summer to fall?”

For me, the easiest way to transition is as simple as tossing on a cardigan over tanks, or even a blazer. Tights and leggings should also become a staple in your closet. I will be getting into this into more detail in the coming weeks so check back for a post dedicated to transitioning your wardrobe! 

“I am a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl. How can I dress it up?”

There is nothing more classic than jeans and a t-shirt! On days where all I want to wear are jeans and a T (which has been rare lately because of the heat! Ugh!) You can dress it up by adding a statement necklace, a scarf, or even a hat! You’d be surprised at how something so small can change the whole look!

Jeans and a T Accessories


And now, onto something I am SUPER excited for!

I wrote this post last week about an awesome opportunity- I was invited to take part in Wallis and Miraval Resorts “Make Time for Me” giveaway! You guys, I have the chance to win a two night, three day getaway and some fab Wallis clothing! I had to create my packing list for my getaway, which was so easy because Wallis has such a great selection! Here is one of my favorite looks I put together:

Now here is where you come in! You can help me win this awesome getaway by voting……


And you can vote every hour until July 31st! No need to worry, I will be reminding you! 

But it gets better…you, my lovely readers, get the chance to win $25 to Wallis! Awesome, right? All you have to do is enter below! And guess what, you can enter to win the gift certificate EVERY DAY, which increases your odds of winning!! I can’t thank you enough for all of your support!!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Cynthia Meyers
    July 17, 2013 / 1:05 pm

    Love your look! And I voted, Good Luck! crossing my fingers for you, what a fun opportunity!

    • Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels
      July 17, 2013 / 2:45 pm

      Thank you So much!!! I appreciate it 🙂

  2. smk053078
    July 17, 2013 / 9:55 pm

    Good luck with the contest!!! Loving all your Wallis pieces!! I own several of them! 🙂 Their quality is seriously the best!!

  3. Jeans and a Teacup
    July 18, 2013 / 7:01 pm

    I voted for you! Good Luck! ~Jessica

  4. Nora S. Fletcher
    July 23, 2013 / 11:44 pm

    I loooove the look you created for me! I feel so stinkin special!!!! Although……now change of plans and I am going to the wedding out in Big Bend National Park in November and the Vermont party is off……so what to wear to an outdoor wedding in the middle of a national park in november?????

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